Friday, October 12, 2012

Lost in time

Where did this week go? It seems that I am getting lost and not in space! Where is just a blur. I did hurt my hands. Well, I should clarify that statement. I did a bit of raking in the garden on Monday. I have a blister on my left hand and index and middle finger of the right hand minor abrasions. It really is not easy to stitch with band-aids on. I finally was able to stitch on PattyC's first design again... no pictures yet. It is adorable. If you have not discovered her etsy click here to see it. I did find some nice fabric yesterday before leaving work...
Why and what for...does the word sale tell you why and the what for...because. I think the medallion print will make a nice pincushion and the butterfly print just smiles to me. I am very fond of quiet prints and I think the green one will make a nice backing. I may have to pick up a few more before the weekend and the sale ends. 50% off...can't beat it.
Met a cute little boy yesterday who told me that he loves Halloween ... not because his mommy is making him wear some costume, but he is thinking about all the candy he will get. Meantime his mom is behind him nodding no no! Some of the costumes these people are making! /what happened to the days... never mind, I know; it was so long ago.
I will leave you with this picture....
Since they stopped by for breakfast, I think I will feed myself.
Thank you the kind words and the emails. So you see, I did not disappear, but thanks for checking.
I will be at work today and tomorrow, but then I will be stitching for the weekend. Our weather seems to finally be cooling down some. At least we are out of the triple digits! I am just about finished with my current book.... so a trip to the library is on the agenda. Enjoy your day.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Let me introduce you ... again... but for the first time as Lady Clara. Yesterday, Dear Ziz and I pondered over the names sent to me. Thank you all for the suggestions. We changed our minds a few times, but in the end, we liked Clara. The suggestion came from SoCal Debbie. I will be emailing you soon.
I spent early this morning out in the back yard... cleaning. Racking up some of the fallen blossoms, the hulls from the birdseed and general stuff that seems to find it's way into the yard. Then the yard got a good hose down and then I came in to hose me down! A nice warm shower and now I am ready for---- what? Well, the newspaper is here, but I do not feel like reading it now. I have my book to read and stitching to do. Have you all visited PattyC's Etsy Shop yet? I am loving her first design. I met Patty when I first began to blog. She was looking for a pattern for her new eyeglasses and I had one. Imagine, an eyeglass case pattern and poof, we are friends. You just never know! What I do know,is, that she is a sweet person. Well, I am ready for my cup of coffee and reading and stitching...not at the same time of course, but somewhere with each other. Think I will sit on the glider and enjoy the cooler temps this morning. It is only 71 right now! Can it be we are into Fall? Probably not, so I better take advantage while I can. Thanks for stopping by and do have  a wonderful day.