Saturday, April 6, 2013

Baker's dozen.....and the winner

It is a lovely Saturday morning... a nice cool start. Yesterday was very warm. Mr H and I took the car in to have the driver's door adjusted and then we spent my Saturday off relaxing. Mr H found another egg in yet another plant!

Quail sometimes drop these eggs and move on. This is not going to be a new nesting site! Quail can be very vicious with other baby quail so we will not allow 2 families in our yard. That being stated, When I saw Mrs Quail fly off  leave this morning, I checked on the nest and there are 13 eggs! Quail rarely fly as they prefer to scurry about. Amazingly they will leave the nest for most of the day sometimes.   In  21 days or so the eggs will hatch. Then the drama begins! Did you know that baby quail are fully feathered when born and follow the parents about when they are about  7 days? They are shown where and what to eat.
I finished cutting all the right threads for my Hardanger piece yesterday.... what a task. This is the most involved piece I have done. Next step is the woven bars and dove eyes. I will need to pay attention the the path of my stitching as the doves eyes are not in every space. I think I will map it out in tailor marking. I did not take a picture  but I do want to show you something....

Every so often I have sent EvaP (mom) a project to do. These are 2 of 4 dinner napkins that she sent to me. Now I do not plan to use them as such so what to do? I have this wall basket so I thought these 2 look very nice displayed this way. A nice way to think of mom during the day. It is stamped embroidery and her choice of colors.  She is coming along nicely. Brother has set up safety alert for her so it will be good to know that if something happens again, she will get immediate help. She is still having pain in her shoulder and is using a walker. I arranged with Brother to get her a nice walker with a seat and basket locally so I do not have to have it sent. Anything to make it easier and safer for her.
Off I hope to go today to a rose show with Mr H. We went a couple of years ago and enjoyed the magnificent display. When we were living in Rhode Island, Mr H had several very nice rose bushes. Here, he is having difficulty growing them. One of the homes nearby has   a row of them that look like they get minimal care and they are huge and flower all the time. Maybe a few pointers today from the experts. I am very happy that you decided to spend some time with me today. Whatever your plans, have a wonderful day.
The winner of the bunny pattern is...............Lee! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

11 eggs

Yesterday for a brief time Mrs Quail left the planter and I counted 11, yes 11 eggs.
She is living in the planter on the far left of the picture. It is 24 inches high.The plant in it is called Elephant Food. Normally quail lay their eggs on the ground in a shallow dirt spot... no nesting fluff. For some reason she likes this planter. When the babies finally leave it, they must jump off the rim and I get so nervous if I am there when this happens as I have been for one of the 4 times. I won't even go into some of the mishaps we have faced which is why Mr H is not happy about Mrs Quail. The first time we were excited to have them until the problems began. They are adorable to watch and the parents very attentive. But and it is a bug But!
On the stitching front, I am still cutting the threads on the Hardanger piece. Still stitching on my BBD exchange so I can not show you that.... and next week will help as she needs it, my lovely neighbor start a cross stitch project. Jeanne is a wonderful quilter who is getting ready to stitch a sampler from Milady Designs. I do not think she will need much help, but I do enjoy sharing when I can. I have not mention this but, before I caught this cold/flu and have spent weeks trying to feel well, Shirlee sent me the name and telephone number of a tatter right near to me. I plan to call her this weekend now that I am over hopefully free of the cold/flu. I admit to not even picking up any sort of tatting recently, but I am hoeful that I can get some expert help.
Recently I found that several emails/blog comments were sent to my junk folder?! I never think of looking there.... but I will now. So if I have not responded to you, that is probably why. I usually just empty it and never check it. I promise I do so. I will draw the name for the bunny pattern this Friday... and post the name and get it into the mail by Saturday. It is always so nice to have you visit with me.... hope you have a great day. Thank you for the kind words and emails....

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

First cut is always the hardest

This morning I picked up my tiny scissors
and made the first cuts of many. Once I start, I do feel better but I will not relax until I see all the threads cut and correct. I took the time to press the linen only to start to get it all wrinkled again. I just had to stop at this point so I could catch my breath..... and relax. I will work a little more in the wee hours tomorrow. In the meantime an update on Mrs Quail...there are now 9 eggs...I think...well, she is in there so I can not be sure. As of yesterday there were 9 eggs. It now is the wait game. I am off to work shortly and must have my breakfast so I will say thank you for visiting with me and have a great day.

Monday, April 1, 2013

It's foolin!

Can you believe another month..... turn the calendar.... it's April 1st ! Yesterday Mr H and I had a very nice quiet day. He is feeling so much better so that means I am too. Well actually, I still have this cold/flu thing, but not worrying about him helps me feel better. Honestly I am feeling better. Mr H cooked hame and topped it with pineapple slices with brown sugar..... yum.
I finished my new bag
I love how it looks. The fabric was a quilt bundle from Jo Ann's. The layout and then sewing was interesting but I followed the directions and voila! I tried some of my machine's embroidery and think it was okay. My sewing machine is a Kenmore that is about 25 years old and still sewing well. I am thinking of having it serviced as it never has had to have any work done on it. I keep it oiled once a year and clean and never have a problem. I dread the day I will need to purchase a new one. This was top of line when I got it and now they are so much more expensive.
I have a nice easy week..only 2 days at work so my stitching plans are already forming. Look what I found yesterday in our yard
this little petunia growing in the crack of the  walkway.... there are several others that will bloom if Mr H does not step on them! Of course they are right in the path so......
Welcome to a few new glad you have found me. Some times there is no way to contact you, so maybe you will send an email ? I am pleased to have you visit wit me and for the kind words and emails..... you brighten my day! Whatever your plans for today, I hope it is a wonderful day.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

A quiet day.....

Mr H and I are having a quiet day... day 2 of relaxing. On Friday he called me while I was at work to say he was having trouble breathing and could I come home and take him to the ER....well, of course. So off we went and a few hours later we were home with Mr H rushing to the bathroom to be sick. The problem seems to be a very severe sinus infection that affected his breathing. It scared us both. He is now an antibiotics and feeling a bit better. It seems lately that we are both having issues. For me, I think I am on the mend finally...oh and mom...EvaP, (that's what I call her), she is doing better also. She has a visiting nurse  and sounds very optimistic.
I have just finished all the eyelets on my Hardanger piece but it is so wrinkled, I did not take a picture... now for the part that always causes me deep thought.... the cutting of threads! I thought it might be wise to continue once I am feeling good so I am concentrating better. I have been reading. Have you used BookBub? Many free books and discounted prices for the tablet or eReader. I am working on a BBD exchange due for May. Did I tell you that I began sewing a shoulder bag...La Borsa? It is finally to the put together part now. All the squares have been sewn together and the lining is ready as are the straps....I have a short work week so maybe I will get it finished.
That's about it.... as I read back what I have typed, I have been busy! I would like to welcome a few new friends and hugs to you all for the kind words and good wishes you have sent my way.
 Enjoy your day.
Mrs Quail update----- we now have 8 eggs in our her plant! and she is now back in the yard...maybe 9? by the end of day......