Friday, February 6, 2015

Thank you

The friendship I share with you is are there when I need a hug, you are there with the stitching encouragement, you are always here.  Thank you for all the loving birthday wishes. I worked on my birthday (Tuesday) and when I appeared at the fabric counter one of my co-workers wished me a happy birthday. An "older" lady called me over and I thought how nice, maybe she wants to wish me a happy birthday....wrong....she wanted to tell me she had a birthday too. She told me it was last week and thought I should know. So with that I wished her a happy 74th birthday and told the other customers and so she got several good wishes which made her smile. The day started out with a sign put up on the kitchen door by Mr H wishing me a happy birthday. There were a dozen or so balloons floating around the living room floor.  I came home from work to the smell of stuffed peppers and garlic bread, and a tossed salad. My dessert was Strawberry topped cheesecake. Later I enjoyed freshly cooked shrimp drowning in butter..... all in all a very nice evening. This guy is a real keeper!
Now for some stitching....
Pink lady is coming along....I know, it doesn't look like I have stitched much, but I have, just lots of pink changes.As for Red Riding Hood...
a bit more of her cape and more forest.....I hope to stitch more on her today. Maybe sitting outside as we are expecting temps in the low 80's today. Sorry for those of you in the cold snow. So pretty to look at but dreadful to shovel and drive in. I do not miss that! So, if you are in my area, let are welcome to share my sunshine. Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the February--Valentine-- Card Exchange.....list goes out on Sunday. Once again, thank you for all your kind words and your friendship....have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Very Merry Un Birthday to you----to me!

Joining me today for my birthday is Lynda...I will send an email soon to be sure I have a correct mailing address. Thank you to many of you for the birthday  I am 68....I remember when I thought that was an old age. Now of course since that is where I am, I dismiss that thought! A friend who just recently celebrated her 73rd special day told me it is just a number..... except on the days of aches and pains. I have received lovely cards in the past few days and many good wishes on Facebook. Friendship is one of the most valued feelings. I spent time stitching these past few days making good progress on Red and Pink Lady. What I have not worked on is the ornament... I really must try to do some stitching on it. Keeping this short this morning as I am trying to loose a headache before I go to work. Glad you could stop by and thank you again for the kind words and birthday wishes. Have a good day....

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Misty grey and damp
Visions disappear quickly
quiet surrounds fog
Erie sight this morning as fog swept into our Valley. I looked out and could not see the drive across the is not often that my morning looks like this. Cautions on the news to drive slowly and carefully. Yes, we are under a DENSE FOG ADVISORY.
That's okay, my plans are to sit quietly and stitch with Red this morning.
 With this fog I am glad she has the start of her cloak. At least her shoulders are covered! I probably will work more on the forest area.
After work last evening, Mr H and I did our grocery shopping and stopped for gas.... the car was on the 3 line! Gas was $1.59!  really must enjoy these prices while they last. We had gas points from Fry's which saved us $ .20 cents per gallon. Look what I have
Arizona grown and fresh picked....lemons and oranges. No, I do not have the trees, but my friend Jeanne's daughter has and I am lucky enough to receive them. Yum! and I will say it again, Yum!
I started an ornament....
it does not look like much yet.... hoping to get several made before November for mailing. I am not sure if I will like doing this one, but it is started and I will finish it. I did like the picture after all. So nice to read that several of you want to celebrate my UN Birthday...still time before I draw a name on February 3rd....and the February Card Exchange...let me know if you want to be included on the list by February 4th. Glad you made it through the fog to visit. Be careful leaving my place....have a wonderful day.