Sunday, February 1, 2015

Misty grey and damp
Visions disappear quickly
quiet surrounds fog
Erie sight this morning as fog swept into our Valley. I looked out and could not see the drive across the is not often that my morning looks like this. Cautions on the news to drive slowly and carefully. Yes, we are under a DENSE FOG ADVISORY.
That's okay, my plans are to sit quietly and stitch with Red this morning.
 With this fog I am glad she has the start of her cloak. At least her shoulders are covered! I probably will work more on the forest area.
After work last evening, Mr H and I did our grocery shopping and stopped for gas.... the car was on the 3 line! Gas was $1.59!  really must enjoy these prices while they last. We had gas points from Fry's which saved us $ .20 cents per gallon. Look what I have
Arizona grown and fresh picked....lemons and oranges. No, I do not have the trees, but my friend Jeanne's daughter has and I am lucky enough to receive them. Yum! and I will say it again, Yum!
I started an ornament....
it does not look like much yet.... hoping to get several made before November for mailing. I am not sure if I will like doing this one, but it is started and I will finish it. I did like the picture after all. So nice to read that several of you want to celebrate my UN Birthday...still time before I draw a name on February 3rd....and the February Card Exchange...let me know if you want to be included on the list by February 4th. Glad you made it through the fog to visit. Be careful leaving my place....have a wonderful day.


Cindy's Stitching said...

I am glad you will stay in and stitch Gracie. The lemons and oranges look so good. I can only imagine how good they are. Nothing like home grown. Gray outside today here to. Will get some stitching time in I hope.

sew.darn.quilt said...

love the fog unless I have to be driving or a passenger in it. I like the feeling of solitude and quiet. Nice progress on your stitchery.

Anne said...

Great progress on her so far Gracie! Be safe in the fog!! We have fog here too and you can't see two feet in front of you!

Vickie said...

A very, very white day here! Snowstorm for over 24 hours.
Those lemons and oranges look fantastic!

shirley flavell said...

Happy stitching. Safer inside than out driving in the fog. Here in the district where I live in N.Z. in the Winter we get real "pea soupers". Quite often stays all day. Love staying indoors and stitching when we get that weather.Hugs Shirley

butterfly said...

Lovely fruit .
Stay safe in the fog I really don't like fog.
Lovely start on your stitching.

Julie said...

Red is looking lovely as does the homegrown fruit.