Saturday, May 21, 2016

I think I got it!

Just in from watering the potted plants....beautiful morning; sun shining, birds singing and gentle sounds from the wind chimes. I visited with my friend Lil yesterday morning...she is amazing because she helped me and gave me confidence to ....
thread my needle correctly, hold the needle and practice punching. This is one of a few kits she gifted me and seeing that it seems less, I decided to start with this. Now, try not to look too closely as my start was a bit shaky but I improved as I kept at it. For those of you who already do this, many times the outline is done first. This pattern states to do the large open areas first and I am not about to go against the least not this time. Also, this piece is not outlined.
Here is the front side....looking good if I say so myself. I think know that I must keep my fabric taut. I am using what I thought is a hoop that will keep it tight, but I think it would if I did not cause it to loosen up. I may wrap the ring to see if it helps. The screw is as tight as it will be. Practice at keeping it taut will be a key in my success. Lil as I mentioned gifted me with a couple more patterns and a needle to use with lightweight yarns and some needle threaders. I spent just over an hour with her and here I started this by myself this morning. So, another I wish I knew how crossed off my list! I must get on with doing a few finishes in the sewing room this weekend....I must, I will, I hope so. So glad you visited today...thank your for your friendship and kind words. Have a great day.

Friday, May 20, 2016


Yesterday I took all those beads that I post about back on May 6th and this is what I came home with after the class
I love it and finally know how to encase a bead/stone. I now need to decide how I want to finish it as a necklace.....what to use for the hanging. I can not wait to make another. Bead shops have come and gone in  our area and I do hope this one is around for a long time. The owner/teacher Zina is a lovely gal with patience and knowledge. This morning I will heading out to visit with a friend, Lil who will attempt to show me how to do Punch Needle. One can only hope! I guess I should offer an update on the Dove nest. They were here for days sometimes adding twigs to the nest and now they seem to have moved out. But our Ficus tree "sounds" like there are a few homes among the branches. Yesterday the Mocking bird made it clear that I was not to enter...I had no intention of climbing a tree....can you just see me, a 69 year old with a bad knee and hand climbing for a look see?! The Raven was back moseying about the pond area yesterday loud as ever and the Woodpecker is still stopping by for a sip at the Hummingbird feeder.  Definitely a busy yard. Today, just as yesterday is starting out very cloudy...but yesterday the sun finally decided to grace us and with it the temps rose into the 90's. Forecast of strong afternoon winds today...time to check and wind proof the yard. right now however it is the laundry that needs attention. Thank you for stopping by today...and thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Valley of the Sun...not today

Storm warnings fro last evening that did not happen but this is today...and a bit cooler at 71 degrees. I do not has been hot so a nice break. Mr H and I had our PCP visit yesterday....his BP is a bit low and mine is a bit I will be having lab work. HIs pre-surgical labs came back okay so that is good. I would make this a pajama day except I need to pick up a few prescriptions.
Even without the sunshine this quartet of pots brightens up the spot. Marigolds and Zinnias....there are lovely blooms inside as well...
The Cyclamen is so velvety pretty this morning. I have made a start on June....
It seems to be going slow...but it is me going slow with my mind causing is all over the place! I have yet to get into the sewing room and do some finishes. And now that I am here at the computer, I am reminded of so many notes here on the desk...some for crafting some for appointments and some I have no clue. I need to write a note following what I write to explain what I wrote.....neverthemind. Well, I guess it is time to remove the towels from the dryer and get back to my stitching chair and ... oh I hear the sweet sound of the hummingbird in the yard.....yet another distraction! So happy to have you visit today. Thank you for your friendship and kind words, have a great day without too many distractions!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

It's a wrap

Okay...corny title and it is 91 in the shade but I could not resist showing you my Fan and Feather shawl completed.
This is  Interplacements Rick Rack yarns and knitted on size 9 circular needles. The final measurement is 86 inches...I told you I like my shawls long.
the blocking really shows the design....I have a fair amount of yarn left over...what to do with it?
Now I will start to work on June SAL and my Christmas in July the meantime, a glass of wine and some Midsommer Murders.....