Saturday, August 31, 2013

I love a rainy

We had rain late yesterday and now it is sprinkling...lovely soft rain and no wind. I am happy that you enjoyed my sunset pictures....I was so tired last night....busy day at Jo Ann's... that I never looked out to see what the sky was showing.
Here is The Witch..

 I have several more rows to finish her dress....down to the green thread marking the last row. I have everything at the ready to complete her. These patterns are a delight to stitch... I hope there will be  more to come. I bought an already made felt witch hat but I am not sure it will fit. That's okay, because I have the felt to make it according to the pattern if not. I still have the apples to add to the basket. i love when I get to the finishing of a project...
My Halloween project is coming along...almost finished with the stitching part. I kitted the Traveling Pattern...
I put a white envelope in so you could see that the linen is not white, but rather a pink shade. I dyed it with cherry pie filling syrup. I do have to iron it but like the linen to sit for time before using it when I use food to dye it. Yes, I do wash it with cold water thoroughly...although smells of cherry pie are good. My goal is to stitch this over the weekend and then send it off. Do you want to stitch it next? Just leave me a comment telling me so and I will put your name in the drawing.
I am planning a pillow finish...
Enough about me and my plans. Glad you had some time to spend with me today... thank you for the kind words and emails. You really help top start my day with a smile! Smiles are smile! Have a good day.

Friday, August 30, 2013


I love our Arizona sunsets. I watch as the sky changes every second from one look to another amazing sight..

I become lost in the beauty of it all....One minute the sky is grey and foreboding with the hope of rain and then this fireball appears. The dept of the colors ... just when you think it can not be any more beautiful, the clouds move and the sun drops again behind the clouds. This was facing West. Then I looked to the Northwest sky and look what was there... another amazing sight.
The constantly changing colors and it is the same sky! only moving my eyes to the right and  this appears.....
It is hard to see, but the center of the sky has colors of green, blue, pink and soft white. A rainbow in the clouds only in a cluster not the arch. Mr H and I just stood for the longest time to watch this unfold. A wonderful start to end our day. Our monsoon season will end shortly and although the sunsets are always amazing, they are more so with this time of year. So many clouds to add drama to the sky. Today is starting with clouds, but high humidity and the prospect of rain...we can only hope! When we lived back East we would complain if we had cloudy days...they seemed so drab. Instead now, we welcome them and the chance of a rain storm. Although the storms can really play havoc out here with thousands of lightening strikes, the storms are beautiful to watch. The rain is so needed but we are in the Low Valley area and do not get as much as other areas. Hope this was not too boring for you.... I just want to share what makes me happy other than stitching. Glad you stopped by and hope you have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Tatted Christmas Wreath

A lovely day today....the temp is only 98 at the moment but expected to climb to 103 and with it the heavy humidity. I really miss sitting outside on my days home. Had a nice morning at the dentist office. Routine cleaning. Are you ready for a traveling pattern? I received this this week from The Easily Influenced Stitcher,  Shirlee  

 and I will get to it today and then hopefully post to pass it on again by the weekend. So......if you are interested please comment or email me . Look at the pretty needle threader she sent to me. I think I have just the right piece of linen... then again, once I open that container, I know I will ponder this and that. Then it will be "do I want to stitch colors as is...maybe I will change..." that is just me.
Tomorrow I hope to post some pictures from our stitch group class. I did not take it as I am not fond of Needlepoint. Wait until you see how pretty there all are.
Oh, the wreath. I did finish it and now have to starch it, but take a look

I really am happy that I added the last round. Still want to make it as I posted the other day, just the first round. I love how the beads in a  cluster of three look like berries. I know my goal was for 12 ornaments/motifs, but maybe a few more. Actually, I will continue to make them just because!
I added a few more stitches to my Halloween exchange piece... as well as to The Witch. How I wish for a few more hours in my day! I will get to the Post Office this week and mail out the magazines that I posted... time, just need more time in my day. I made the mistake of looking into the craft closet... I must wear blinders when I enter! I think I kitted up another to do!
Well, dear friends, Thank you for spending some time with me and for the kind words and emails. I send you all a hug today....speaking of hugs, one of our lovely friends could really use some tight hugs....Libbie (And This Little Pig)  is not having a good time right now. So if you have time, drop by and send her a hug or two.

Monday, August 26, 2013

A change of plans, sort of...

Another morning of grey skies.... lovely clouds intermingling. We had some drops fall yesterday but not even hit the ground. The temps fell but it was humid. If I were still in New England and this was the third day like this I would be complaining, but not so here. It is okay, just wish it would rain. There was a change of plans yesterday...The Debra and I had conflicting notes on on day so Mr H decided to take the ride instead. Very disappointed.....Sweet Salvage was closed! We did find another  place to browse.  We then headed to a garden shop in Scottsdale, then went to Pei Wei for lunch...yum. All in all it was a nice day. If I should go to Sweet Salvage again I will definitely call first.
I decided to add the outer ring to my Tatted Wreath. Well actually, Mr H  thought I should and then I could make another with just the first ring...he always has an opinion. But he is right. I should at least make it as directed and I will make a first round one also. It is a nice pattern to follow.... listen to me... the pro! This morning I am off to our monthly stitch group...maybe some pictures later. Time to catch up with the ladies. Our snowbirds will soon return and our numbers will double. By the way, I did cat nap for an hour yesterday...all of a sudden I was so tired, but the short nap did the trick. Mr H has a doctor appointment this afternoon so it will be a busy day. I hope to have this wreath finished soon...
So glad you stopped by today and thank you for your kind words and emails.... hope your day is great.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

An early post

I am asking myself...What are you doing? The answer is posting at 4:30 AM...why? well I have been wake for a couple of hours.... I am debating on whether to add the next round to my tatting....
 This is what I needed the green thread for. There is another round according to the pattern. At this point is is 3 inches and it has not been blocked yet. If I add the final edging, it will grow to almost 4 inches. I think I want it to remain as is. I really do not want my tree motifs to be too large. What do you think? I love the way the seed beads form a berry cluster.  One it is washed and blocked, I will post another is a little early even for m,y camera! I could make another one as the pattern calls for. It also showed this mounted on a white circle ornament...that could be what to do with this one.
Today is The Brother Alan's birthday. We have always called one anther on our special day...began to do that a little while ago...but we even as we are 3 hours earlier here in Arizona than the East coast,  it is still too early...don't want to wake him. Better to wait till later. The Debra and I are going on a road trip...not very far, and then for lunch while Mr H enjoys football on TV. So not much stitching will get done today. Now that I think about it, I have not even had my coffee yet! Goodness, no wonder I am feeling in a fog! Guess I better put the pot on and then settle back and instead of stitching, take a nap....glad you came to visit, hope you have a lovely day. I would invite you to stay, but it would not be polite to take a nap while you are here and I feel one maybe happening.....but hope to see you tomorrow.....