Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It was a beautiful evening

Just look at last evenings sunset! I am compelled to start my post today with it. It took my breath away. Today is starting out fantastic....sliders open, front door open and just enjoying before the heat pops up. Yes, we are still experiencing higher than normal temps.  The landscaper finally arrived yesterday (not at 8:30 but around 10ish) and the new irrigation system is in and working, Robert did fix 2 of the sprinkler leaks but today.... well, I do know what should be fixed so I am not concerned as they are minimal.
As a result of Robert coming late I did not attend writing group #2 but it is an informal type of "class" so I am not fretting it. Today I will work on my art class. We have a worksheet of questions meant to help us find our way and an exercise using ink and watercolor paper. Should be interesting. I think I will set up my card table so that it will be available to play on as I wish. 
Alas, poor Alice remained in the corner yesterday. I really must visit with her today. I think I will take her out to the front porch and see if I can not finish the motif at least. Just feeling lazy these past days. I have given myself permission to feel lazy and not put myself on any routine. All is well with my soul....
Once Robert left there was some clean up and then off to the market for sushi which I just had to have for lunch. Tomorrow is return to the doctor and talk about the test results. I positive and for the most part I am.  In light of recent issues it remains difficult.
At the moment, the waterfall sounds lovely falling over the pond, the birds are chatting and the laundry is ready. So my fiends as nice as it has been visiting I must take care of business so I can sit outside with Alice. Thank you for your kind words and for yu friendship.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A beautiful day

I love when I can open the sliders and the door to let in a soft breeze. The air is quite comfortable right now but by noon, well that will be a different story.
This morning's sunrise. We are still in the high 90s.
Robert the landscaper could not make it yesterday so today is the day. New irrigation system and why are there sprinkler leaks? He will be here early so hopefully my whole day will not be tied up. Laundry in the works and open plans for the afternoon. Two more Denny's Angels complete but need to be starched.  Remind me not to wash the car...what a disaster. There are water spots and dust marks and forget the windows. I must get to the car wash this week and one that will do interiors too. I will be getting rid of all that car wash stuff next so it will not call out to me.
The next motif on Alice started. Maybe more on it today.
My on line art class officially began yesterday. Now, I have never taken an on line class before so I can not compare. I think know that I will enjoy this one. An I must mention that Keith stopped by and worked on my email issue. Cox could not solve it but he did. I have a new email,  same account just different set up. So I can once again send emails from the computer. Just need a few lessons from him on this or that.

The Snail Vine is growing daily! It forgets to crawl along the arbor so I will climb up and coax it over. Look at the double bloom and buds ready to open. I am enjoying my garden!
That about covers things around here. Time to get the laundry from the washer and water a few plants. Thank you for taking the time to visit and for your kind words. There are people who pop in and out of your life and then there are those who faithfully stay. Thank you most of all for your friendship which I can count on everyday.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Little blooms

A beautiful morning; window open, door open and the sliders are open......until the sun becomes high in the sky and hot. Lazy morning but then I decided to get a move on. First laundry almost finished and juice poured. I checked the garden
This is Denny's Lantana...this is the plant he bought just before his diagnosis and the plant he kept asking me to be sure to water. I nearly killed this plan 3 times and finally brought it back  and this is the first blooms it has. Lantana are pretty tough plants thank goodness.
This is one of the new ones; Hot Lips Sage. I planted it in the large red container just outside the kitchen window.  It is the first thing I see each day. As it is a shrub, this pot can hold it for some time.

This is Autumn Sage with delicate purple flowers. It is perfect in this blue pot and planted in front of Joey the Frog. I think it will do well here in the shade of the Sweet Memory plant.
 The last new one my favorite; Petite Butterfly Sweet Pea. So lovely are the blooms. This on I can see from my bedroom slider.  Again it is a shrub but should be okay in this tall clay pot.
The other plants are doing well. Lisa's Pink Stripe plant is blooming
She saw this at the nursery and here it is in the garden. Just a few blooms at a time for now but doing well. The Tomato plant has lots of flowers and I am patiently waiting for tomatoes.
I have some seeds to plant for herbs so I did pick up potting soil yesterday along with a new irrigation system. Robert will be here Monday afternoon to install and try to locate the leaks. Luckily the weather has not been as hot so the garden is not getting watered this point it would be by hand....pail by pail!
That about covers it for now. The washer is waiting for a new load and the coffee is brewed. I will enjoy it out on the glider by the pond. Today will be tatting I think. Please keep my dear friend Glenda in your thoughts as she is not feeling well. Thank you for your visit and your kind words. Still unable to send email from the computer.....remember I am between platforms! Thank you for you friendship. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The 2 day Garage Sale

I have not stopped at garage sales and only recently started to go to thrift stores for the cute little chairs. Glenda and Don invited me to bring my goods to their garage as I live at the end of the community and no vehicle traffic save for the one other homeowner who lives in the same driveway. Also, my garage and outside area is in full sun all day. The weather was delightful each morning with a light breeze. We began Thursday and Friday at 7 am and closed at 1 pm. I did not have lots to sell but wanted to rid the garage cupboards and shelves of stuff that I will not use.
The buyers are of all types....dealers, neighbors looking to see what there is and then the ones who want to deal. They drive up in SUVs, trucks, Smart cars and motorcycles and yes the dreaded golf carts. I really hate the golf carts in general. These are the Sun City people who want to drive them everywhere and are generally in the way. Thank goodness they are only allowed to drive on the surface streets and not the main roads.  A few times Glenda and I watched with concern as the buyers drove practically up into the displays. We even had the drive buy shoppers; they roll right up next to the tables  but remain in the car. A couple in a golf cart drove up and bought one of the desk chairs I was selling and loaded it onto the back of the golf was almost too big to bungee cord on the back! One gentleman drove up in his truck and I thought he was a walking bar...the aroma of booze was over powering. I definitely stood by Don while he was around. Then of course there are the people who really want what you have for next to nothing or even for free. The best part of the days, not counting the money we made was the time we sat together and laughed and chatted. Glenda made breakfast and yes supplied fresh coffee. I came home Friday afternoon with a bit more cash and less for the garage. Al took some of what I did not want to keep to charity along with some of his stuff.
I talked with the landscaper Robert who will come by on Monday to trim some of the bushes and look into why I have these irrigation leaks. In the meantime, I plan to do nothing at all today and Sunday. Monday is my ultra sound and fingers crossed that all will be okay. Oh I should tell you...the never-ending -garage of mine is still giving me surprises. I thought I found another hedge trimmer but instead it is a new Toro leaf blower! Denny really was prepared. Guess what I will add to the table at the next garage sale. Did I say next sale???? 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Missing me?

Sorry I have been out of the loop. I spent Wednesday getting ready for Thursday and Thursday getting ready for today. Why you ask? Well I joined Glenda and Don and Al for a Garage Sale over at their place (next courtyard) and so ...remind me why I do not do these sales.
We are ready at 7 am and close at 1 PM.....long day sitting outside. Lucky for us the weather was wonderful and shoppers were okay. Not booming business, but if I can rid my garage of some items then I am okay. The rest will go to charity. Remind me why I do not do these sales.
Glenda fed me coffee and bagel for breakfast and then ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. The best part of the day was the fact that we enjoyed chatting and of course the good weather.
When I finally got back home it was tend to the pond and the garden. By this time it was very warm and I was to tired  so then it was inside for relaxation. So I am off to finish my cup of tea and get dressed for another 6 hours of outdoors. Results posted tomorrow and back to normal by the weekend.
Today is Friday the 13th!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Friends care...

"What were you thinking?
I can't believe you even thought about using the saw!!!!!   That is not a piece of equipment made for a woman to handle.  Stan has all he can do to hold onto his when working for a long period of time with it.  It is extremely heavy and I can see you trying to add the Gasoline to it and even the additive.   Knowing you, you would probably wear it before getting most of it into the cutter.".......this is how the email started. My dear side-kick from Rhode Island, Lulu sent this to me. We worked together side by side for some years before my leaving RI. Thank you Lu I will not try to use said equipment. Always a warm feeling when long time friends still lecture you because they care.
I once again have been awake early today. Yesterday I dozed on and off but not today. Lots on my mind...I will try again to get in touch with the landscapers this morning before going to writing class and finally got my appointment for tests for Monday, and whatever else is floating around my head that keeps me thinking. The sun rises around 6:30am now so it is still quite dark outside. Change in seasons....
Yesterday was another not up to snuff day so I did not plan to do anything. Sue dropped by for a quick lesson in 3 needle bind-off for a cute sweater she has knit. Never had much to eat because I was absolutely not hungry all day....unusual for me. Today I seem to be feeling okay. Maybe the changing weather is my issue. Denny used to blame it all on barometric pressure! Sometime this afternoon I must gather up items for the garage sale; empty the electronic cupboard in the garage and box up odds and ends of things. I found a waffle iron (which I will never use) and some glasses and baking things that are not needed. It will be good to send these things off to someone else.
The Snail Vine is growing and growing. Finally reaching the top of the arbor. I find myself trying to convince it to travel in right direction everyday. Once it fills in the top more it will be easier for it to find its way. I found flowers already on the tomato plant. Wish I could remember if I am suppose to remove these early ones or not. This was something I did not pay particular attention to when Denny planted them. I will try to take a picture of the Fairy Duster plant which has seed pods already as well as blooms. All in all the garden is doing well.
Still having issues with Cox and sending emails. They called to follow up yesterday. I am still "between platforms"...that is what Sarah said! Well dear friends, time for the cup of coffee and something to eat....I am starving! Glad to chat with you today and thank you for the kind words and for your friendship.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Having an off day

Starting my day not feeling myself. Who ever this is best get a move on cause I hate not feeling well especially without specifics. Started yesterday and seems to be continuing today. The weather is starting out fairly cool and a bit breezy, perfect for sitting out but with the way I feel I am not sure if I should.
I managed some tatting yesterday and sat outside for a couple of hours. Friend JeanneG stopped by and we sat outside visiting. The irrigation still has two areas that I think are leaking but at this pint I am not going to worry about it. My concern is the two bushes that need some expert help. I did think of pulling out the
big gas powered thing...first I can barely lift it and secondly not sure about adding fuel and thirdly it is a weapon of mass me. Yu do know the outcome of my using this would not be good. The blade is 24 inches and I can barely hand a little jig-saw. I have been invited to join in with Glenda and Don for a garage sale this Thursday/Friday. Maybe this should go!
I have most of the supplies for the on-line art class
just need to add a few things. Hopefully I am feeling better for the writing class on Tuesday and I must set up a couple of medical tests this week. All in all I am busy. No time for feeling blah. Today will definitely be a slow day...well, I do have to gather stuff for the garage sale. It will require climbing the step ladder and organizing stuff...we'll see. My email is still messed up on the computer, thank you Cox for not getting it fixed. I have been relying on my tablet.
The doors are open and air is breezing through the nice. I will finish my coffee and see what the day brings. Thank you for chatting with me and for your kind words and most of all your friendship.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Trouble in Paradise

Yes, just when I think I have it all settled and all is well in my little paradise, my backyard... Don fixed a bad sprinkler head and now there is another leaking. But, I am not too concerned --- yet. I had to cut down the remaining Yucca plant. It is okay because there is lots of new shoots growing. These plants are original to the property. The new issue is a bug problem with the Yellow Bells and Honeysuckle. I will call Robert (the landscaper) on Monday to see what he thinks. Most likely the Honeysuckle which is a beautiful bush will have to be removed. The Yellow Bells I will cut back if that is what he suggests.
I have  yet to tat or mind just is not going in that direction. I really miss that creative side of my days. I did bake bread yesterday...
This is French Country bread. The texture is so nice and tasty. My house was filled with such aroma last night. So far this is my favorite to make. I do want to get a bread machine recipe book for more variety. I know I can go on line, but baking from a book is so old fashion and nice.
I went to Hobby Lobby to get the suggested supplies for my on line art class. I have other supplies already. Debbie and I are ready! I plan to sit outside this morning to work on my writing class. This is a very casual grades, basically no rules. You will get what you put into it. I have been trying to use my tablet for the writing but I am having trouble getting it to save to my computer. I did manage to figure out how to add my printer and can print from the tablet. My honey friend Keith who helps me with my computer is away on vacation...I know how dare he when I need him! All will be okay because when he returns there will be Pizzelles for him when he helps me...I know the way to win him over! I am sure he will figure out how to write, how to save so I can edit and then send to the desk top. I sure do not understand the instructions.
I found this cute little chair at the thrift shop
It is perfect condition. I passed up on a nice little table and when I went back it was gone...of course. Let that be a lesson to me!
The laundry is finished, my coffee mug is empty so it is time to grab my writing and sit outside until it gets too warm. The temps are still high. Today is expected to be in the upper 90s. Right now it is comfortable to sit out on the front porch so that is where I will head. Glad you stopped by today. Thank you so much for the kind words and for your friendship.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

This and that

Went out shopping yesterday and for lunch with Dianna
found this cute wood has the words Boyds Bears burnt into the back and is about 14x12x15 and has the Fox couple sitting on it
So far it has moved to several locations..... These are the Foxes that we bought last Christmas and they have been cuddling ever since. At least moving this furniture is less painful than my regular furniture. Let's hope I am finally finished with that.
Today I really get to enjoy my new front porch.

That is if by the time I finish in the yard the temps are comfortable. One of these days these 2 Adirondack will be replaced. For now, they are comfortable and will do nicely. I will be adding a few pots of annuals soon.
Now about my writing class...
As you can see, my writing will be in long-hand in class as I do not have a lap top. Then I will put into the computer for editing and or corrections. On the hand out is a quote: "Whenever and old person dies, a small library burns."--Alex Haley. We will start with a life list.....and to wrote a food memory. As I had to leave early this is it for now. During the week I will work on this. Also thanks to or curse friend Debbi Burke for letting me know of an online class, "Into the light" an art workshop, I will have something else to occupy my time. Maybe this will eliminate the furniture moving business. I should mention something here about Debbie. Everyday since the first posting about Dennis' diagnosis and continuing now, she emails me everyday. At first it was total encouragement to deal with the day to day dealing of the eminent prognosis for Denny. Now, our emails share the day to day happenings of what we are doing. Debbie has been a caring friends and a life line for me. Yes, there are others who have encouraged and offered the virtual hugs and I am grateful to them also.
Today I will dig up the grass plant to investigate the leak with the irrigation system. I am not sure if I can fix it myself, but the landscaper has not gotten back to me and this is something I do not want  to let linger. I will get out there early as once the sun rises above my wall it will be very warm. Yesterday the temp reached 100 and today they predict high 90s. I am hoping to pick up Alice today or even my tatting.
Bet you are surprised to see an early post...well, I have been up since 2:30 and I am sure the irrigation issue has something to do with it. I hate to not have a fix to a problem-- right now. So, glad you visited and thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship. Let's have a good day.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

My Trip...

As everyone is aware we just returned from Arizona. Usually I get creative and like to post several times while I am there.

Everyone can see from Grace's posts we had a great time accomplishing much, yet relaxing even more.

First time in the many years that I arrived was bittersweet, for 47 years I have always enjoyed my quiet conversation and movies with Dennis. With his passing comes an emptiness, a deep void, not hearing "the kids" or "your brother" with his dry sense of humor. The Iron Wood box we found is fitting if not absolutely a perfect resting place for him.

As I have stated before Grace is doing remarkably well and will continue to maintain her dignity and sense of humor (did I say we laughed a lot) which pleases me.

We will be traveling back and forth to Arizona more than we have in the past and I hope to once again relate adventures (whether real or my imagination) to all of you.

Thank you for your support that you have given to Grace.

Until next time..........................Alan

Image result for a cowboys prayer

The finish

Went to the writing class but left early. It was just to get started with introductions of who we are and where we are from and why we are there. I probably will email the instructor to see what I miss for the last hour.
It was important that I be here to meet with the crew doing the porch/walkway. We talked about the color the day before and I asked him to tone down the green which was looking tooo bright. And it is exactly as I like it now.
This is how it looked while drying. Again, all is hand mixed and applied. The colors are changeable at the very start but not once the work progresses.
Once dry they wash off the dry haze and then began to add the grout. A crew is usually the leader and one or 2 guys. I had 3 crews and what guys.
When that phase dries the sealant is applied then dry time again. I had them sprinkle some Fairy dust (fine grit) to prevent it from being slippery when wet.
This is how it looks this morning. I was hoping for a not new look and it is just that. I will be able to walk on it later this morning but as I am meeting a friend for lunch it will be later today. I am so pleased with the crew and the company and already sent an email off to them.
Before they left I asked them if I could take a picture and of course they obliged. These guys were polite and fun and very professional. They work well together and their work is only perfect. They set standards and met them.
Tomorrow morning I will enjoy sitting in my Adirondack with a cup of coffee. Now if this weather would only start to cool even is expected to be in the high 90s again. the landscaper was unable to check the irrigation but I suspect he will soon. In the meantime, tomorrow I will dig up the small grass and look to see what is going on. I am becoming adventurous.
Must have my morning coffee and then get a few things done before leaving the house for a few hours. Thank you for chatting with me today and for your kind words. thank you for your friendship.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Part one finished

The irrigation issue is almost solved. I do know where it is but because I have the class to go to this morning, I am not going to dig up the plant to investigate. Rather, I will ask the landscaper to check it maybe later today or tomorrow.
Yesterday the first part of the porch/walkway was started
The guys showed up and went right to work prepping the area. Then another truck came by then a third stopped by. I had quite the workforce.
They were a fun group of guys...this one posed for me while I was taking pictures. There is the supervisor, then the one who puts down the texture and
Because it is all done by hand no two jobs could look the same. They used a special fan to speed up the drying and then it was the design time
Using a tool much like what you would use in pottery, he cuts the pattern of the flagstone. Carefully deciding where to draw the lines and again no two jobs would be the same.
Voila! The flagstone is taking shape. Today they will do a clean up and prep and add the color of the stones. The color is hand mixed to the chosen shades  and then applied and the grout lines will also be added. Once again this will be my unique flagstone because doing it all by hand means no job is duplicated. I hope to be here in time to see some of the work being done. Class is 10 to 12 but I will leave early.....I do have to pay for this job! I think the first meeting will be to explain the program so I should not miss too much. And I do have to talk with the landscaper.
That is about it. Tomorrow I will share the finish and try to be patient before I can actually walk on the flagstone walkway. Thank you for taking the time to visit and for the kind words. Most of all thank you for the friendship.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Just when things seems to be going good.....

Things are going well around the Horton House. Until I discovered that the irrigation system is watering without my help! For some reason it is running on it's own  but with a leak somewhere. I guess I will have to call Robert  to check it for me. This is not a gracie can fix thing.
I did fix the Blue-ray DVD player. Your are reading correctly; well, I unplugged it and replugged it and it reset itself. That I learned for Denny. I did pay attention most of the time. Not looking to spend anymore money right now. Today is the start of the front porch/walkway. It should be completed tomorrow. Ah yes, tomorrow.....I start a writing class at the library. It will run for 6 weeks every Tuesday morning from 10 to 12.
The garden is really looking good.
This is my Cherry Tomato plant and it is nice and healthy. I always have Marigold with the plant. By January I hope to be munching on freshly picked gems. I will take a picture of the Snail vine which is climbing up, up away. Blooms have been opening and I think it will do okay.
The mail brought a few good packages last week
Sis Linda sent me my pepper package is just about finished. I do wish I could get them out here. I know there are recipes to make them but I really am addicted to these. I grew up munching them. I ordered a replacement for a gift that Denny gave me years ago...a Dream Pillow. I was going to replace just the insides, but it was less expensive to just buy a new one.

It is the same company...they have been around in Taos NM for quite sometime.  This time the cover is Celestial but the scent is the same wonderful herbs. I also bought a sachet of Desert ward off negative spirts. It also smells nice. You know this will be put by the doors!
The garage was my work space the other day. I told my sis that I would stop and relax for awhile...but I remembered putting something of Denny's out there and when I went to find it...well, well one thing lead to another. First of all the other day when I rearranged the Kachina/tea cups, I could not find the lighter weight of the 2 hammers out there. Obviously The Brother Alan when he used it put it someplace else. So that was what caused time to completely re-do the tool section. I found 6 indoor extension cords (various lengths), 9 outdoor extension cords and at least 5 outdoor spotlight posts. Denny was going to be prepared for anything.
Look how everything has a place and a label and all is right. I have asked my garage Faery to watch over anyone who opens these doors! Easy to find and easy to put away.. I like to be organized. As a result of this I have gained another shelf in the other cupboard for my crafts. I hate to search for something. Looking for and needing to search are two different things.
Well laundry #2 is in the dryer and I need my morning coffee. Then it is off to the bank early to be back for the workmen for the front walkway. It has been nice chatting with you today. Thank you for the kind words and most of all thank you your friendship. 
There are friends who wander in and out as it is convenient for them but then there are those who are always with you.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Project complete

The rain gutters are complete and it was interesting to see how they are formed.
Ray had a roll of the material on a machine and once inserted it comes out all formed
Ray measures out what is needed for the run, cuts and attaches brackets and then hangs it. I am very pleased with the outcome and the great service received. No more floods when the next rain comes.
I mentioned that I wanted to move a few things around in the kitchen...I said I would wait. I did.....about a few hours then I moved the curio to the tea cup spot and  the tea cups to the curio spot
I like the arrangement much better. Al the pictures are re-hung and the floor washed. I love the way my home looks and feels. I am very content with how it makes me feel. Denny and I worked to make this so and it is a comfort to me to have so much of him still here. Just as my yard is a pleasure to relax in.
Look at the new additions to the garden. They are metal bird houses which remind me of Fairy houses. They at solar and so at night they look adorable
See the tiny light that looks like a flower? This is the red one which faces the kitchen window and there is one at the pond and one which is visible from my bedroom. I love how they are scattered around and add a whimsical touch to the garden. Denny created this lovely garden and it is so nice to be outside day or night. I love how it looks and feels. It really is so complete as it is. Just as I like it.
I must share a gift  I received yesterday
My dear friend Glenda brought this to me. It is so lovely and the picture does not do it justice. The flowers are pastel and delicate. It has been added to my display. I think it may be time for a tea party!
I did get to the market yesterday for bread but forgot the I must leave now as I have not had my morning coffee yet. Thank you for visiting with me and for your kind words. Thank you most of all for your friendship.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Up and ready waiting....

Today is the day the Rain Gutters will be installed. As a matter of fact, I am up, ready and waiting for them to arrive at any minute so I may have to stop chatting any minute. Just because I am always awake so early does not mean I want to be dressed and ready to go nowhere. I have moved a few yard pieces as requested but there are some plants that can not be moved so I will be anxiously watching that they are not damaged.
Okay the truck is arriving...gotta go.....
I am back. That was not too bad. Arrived at 8:30 and truck is pilling away at 9 AM.  I swept the yard and rearranged a few things. I enjoy moving this and that as the mood strikes. I like things scattered and not even and row by row. I have favorite places for little additions and love the free flow of some of my plants. Denny (and I did help) work hard to accomplish the type of yard we enjoy. All the plants and bits of this or that are part of what we created. It is getting a little warm already so sitting outside is not going to happen today.  The House finches and the hummers are happy Ray has left. The temp is 73 but should rise to 99 by afternoon. I think sitting and reading is on my schedule.
Sorry for the visit interruption. I will have some pictures tomorrow for sure. Thank you for the kind words and of course your caring friendship. For those of you who follow my Facebook page, thank you for the caring response to my recent post. It certainly helped the hurt feel better.
I think I need Ray's tool belt. It has plenty of pockets and the holster toward the front is for the drill!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Busy morning

Lately it seems I am not interested in getting out of bed early some days. Oh I still wake at 2 or 3 AM, but then I just lay back and try to find a movie and stay put. Toda was different as was yesterday. The doctor appointment yesterday morning went well except he is unhappy that I am not using the medication as he asked me to, 4 times a day! So, it will be back to 4 times a day and return to him in a few weeks for possible injection. This morning is the PCP to talk about the recent blood work and the edema that I am having. All that said, this morning at 8AM sharp the company for the new rain gutters came to measure and collect half payment and the job starts tomorrow at 6:30 AM. So once again there will be no lazy morning for me. I have a few yard items that need to be moved before they arrive for the 3 hour job. One pot will have to stay put and he is okay with that. they will manufacture the gutters right here so it will be a seamless run.
I have new chili peppers hanging to dry. The last bunch fell during the monsoon storm and of course some birds must have picked at the jute that ties them together which did not help. These are so fresh and the aroma is wonderful. I am still debating whether to bring them indoors to hang.
The Brother Alan had mentioned earlier this year that he wanted to buy a cactus for the yard
It is a Totem Pole and it is the one in the tall pot. This would grow to be a monster if in the ground so I said he could buy it if put into the pot to stunt the growth. My yard is pretty well set with ground established plants. Denny did a great job and I want it to remain as is. So far I am keeping it all going well. I even planted a Fairy Duster Bush that I bought.
It has the cutest fluffy little blooms but do not last very long.
I dug the hole and planted  it myself and even added a drip line for watering. Thank you Don for teaching me how to do that! I will admit to feeling a bit of a backache after the job was finished but it looks nice.
For now this about covers spending money for this and that. Several projects are or will be done by October 3rd. Things it will be set for awhile.
I know Denny is watching and thinking that I am keeping up with what needs doing. I am glad that I learned about our plants and the I have learned how to do a few things. I am feeling accomplished.
Okay my friends, it is time for me to grab some tea and get ready for the appointment across town. Thank you for the kind words and for visiting with me. Thank you most of all for your friendship.