Thursday, August 17, 2017

Need to rest my hand

Yesterday...thank goodness it has gone. I  want will to be positive about today. I picked up the keyboard slide of course after assembling the thing it did not fit. Now do not ask why I did not check this before hand. When it was ordered I looked at the measurements and it seemed to be fine. There is the problem...the measurements are only for the area where the keyboard sits not the brackets. So, that will be going back tomorrow. Today is already spoken for. I will be stopping at the market for bread, flour, eggs and milk and maybe ice cream. I sure need some Tillamook Vanilla Bean. If I had any it would have been perfect for breakfast this morning.
UPS arrived at 1:45 yesterday and it is a good thing I got to the door before he just left my bookcase. I told him to bring it in and after he left I could barely drag it to another spot...heavy!
Once opened I just looked at all the pieces. I decided to spread them out and organize.

Once everything seemed to be ready it was on to the bags of hardware.

Really?! Do I need all these screws and no electric screw driver? So a Philips head screw driver and a hammer and I started to assemble. After a couple of hours I managed to droop the hammer once on my foot, and with a swollen hand I have a bookcase
The 2 doors for the bottom need to have the hardware attached and then mounted as well as the trim for the 2 adjustable shelves for the top half. My hand is quite sore today after all the assembly so it is a wait till later project. I still will need to move it into place in the kitchen area....I know I will be really happy by the end of the day but right now there is laundry to do and the vacuum is waiting for a tour of the house. Oh and the pond needs a bit of attention also. So my friends as much as I enjoy your visit, I must move on. Thank you for the kind words and your friendship. The big reveal tomorrow...I hope.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The bear has a chair

Yesterday was spent with friends Glenda and, or not. We set out for a few specific items but had different results. We did enjoy a nice lunch in Scottsdale at The Gelato Spot and Pizza. I had hoped to find that antique footstool but instead...
my Denny Teddy got a chair! He fits perfectly. What is twice as nice is...
The chair on the left, a people size chair is almost an exact match! It is a chair that was given to me by Tommy, a friend of my sister,  back around 1975....he got it from an antique store in New Hampshire. Sadly, Tommy passed away some years ago. I love my matching chairs! Behind the chairs is my sewing table and my bunny cover for the sewing machine.  She also is an old time gal around 25 years old from a Mc Calls pattern.
I am requesting a standing please get ready ...yesterday I put gas in the car. That is what you are reading, my 3rd time. Not bad seeing that a full tank is lasting a month! I do need practice getting the gas cap off...a bit tricky and also not to drip gas on my toes. Luckily both the toes and the sandals are washable.
I need to go to Staples to pick up my keyboard slide this morning then get it attached to the desk. I will need a drill and screw driver bit...sounds like I know what I am doing right? We all know I have several drills to choose from but to find the bits things is another story as there are a few of them out there in the garage. The bookcase is scheduled to arrive assemble yourself project!  I always find the allen wrenches they include a challenge. I am already tired just thinking of the tasks ahead. Best get some extra rest...glad you stopped by to chat. Thank you for the kind words and your friendship. Let's have a good day!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


The day is starting with bright sunshine and  not rain in the forecast. Temp for today should be around 102 and that is not too bad. No, I did not get out to work on the wall painting...I will be going out this morning with friends and did not want to overdo in the heat. The plan is to start pacing myself a bit differently. Knowing me the way that I do, this probably should be written down on paper and then, maybe then it will be easier to follow.  When I think of friends certain people come to mind. There are those who are touchable ( right here) and then those who although far away are there too.
the other day this lovely card and hand written note inside arrived. It is from our blogging friends Mouse otherwise known as Michelle from the UK and her blog is Tales of a Stitching Mouse.
The card inside carries a lovely poem and an Angel. This sweet Angel rides along with me attached inside my purse. Be sure to click the picture to enlarge and read it. Yes, I do believe in Angels....and this one was sent with love. Thank you Michelle.  I am one lucky gal to have caring and loving friends.
The blue umbrella is out to meet the trash guys but the bottom half of the umbrella is stuck in the stand! I have not been able to loosen the screw that holds it in place..... WD 40 (and I have 3 cans of it in the garage!) will be attempted later today or tomorrow. Two years in place and it won't budge. One of the other stand...there are not in good shape. The screw holding the base to the stand part is so loose and I am having trouble tightening it. Really now, is this necessary I ask you. Simple things to drive me nuts. Time to finish my coffee and straighten up so I will be ready for meeting Glenda and Don. Glad you had some time to visit. Thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Let's have a good day!🌞

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Slow down, you move too fast

You got to make the morning last......ah yes Simon and Garfunkel. This is not the day to over do. Very little sleep last night and a dull head this morning. First let me tell you that last night there was thunder~~~there was lightening~~~there was rain and wind. I hate nighttime storms and finally it all quieted down so off to sleep. At 5 AM it started all over again! Now the sun is out and it is hot and humid. I did go out to clean up the yard a little. Again there is not painting today. But I did manage to get the spotlight on the waterfall
and it looks nice. The light changes from red--blue--white--yellow and green. I will probably keep adjusting it until I like how it reflects. I have it on a separate remote control so it is off all day and on when I click it.
The weather takes a toll on everything out here. The blue umbrella will be meeting with the trash guys on Tuesday. The red and green will stay until I get to replace them; as soon as Monsoon season is over which is mid-end September. It is on the To Do List with several other things. Many items are already crossed off my lists but I am trying to slow down with some that are not on my immediate agenda.
I am pleased with the kitchen area
some minor changes to be made with the storage of items at the desk and the file cabinet.  I ordered a keyboard slide to attach under the desk.  I like it much better out of the corner. There is more natural light coming form the large window across the room as well as the slider right next to it. I also like the tea cups moved
 The bakers rack is just off center on the wall. This has opened this side of the kitchen area.
I should mention the Aquarium and the tenants. They are all fine....well, the 3 little silver and black fish that are schoolers who do not always school like they did at the pet shop, are now slightly orange in color.  The tank has not been too much work. I just changed the charcoal filter and I remember to move the moss ball around. The filter has a water wheel so it has a nice trickling sound.
I am a bit sad this morning as I dropped my favorite pen on the tile floor. Denny bought it for me many years ago, a Diplomat and it writes so nice and had a good feel to it. It will now not retract the refill. I guess it is not so bad as it sits on the desk in my antique pen and ink holder. A reminder that nothing lasts forever. I think it is time to take something for the headache which is now more that dull, and feed my hungry stomach. So nice to chat with you. Than you for the kind words and for you friendship. Tomorrow I will tell you about a friend, a card and an angel. Let's have a good day.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Plans sidelined

Today I was going to paint the pond wall...I stopped yesterday at Home Depot and picked up a few items...paint
to paint 2 stripes on the wall behind the pond matching the colors in this pottery jar that is on the wall. All the supplies were made ready last night
yes, in the laundry basket which is not being used right now. But...earlier this morning there was thunder and lightening and very grey skies along with about 5 minutes of drizzle. So, by the time this cleared up it is too hot and too muggy to be out there preparing to paint. Maybe tomorrow. The nozzle broke for the backyard hose so that made it's way into the cart. I also remembered to pick up a new skimmer
Denny was 5'8" and long at 5' short arms had trouble using the skimmer he had with no handle! This will telescope to 8 feet! It is a guarantee that I will not be leaning into the pond to collect leaves and not falling in! This morning I attached a timer so that if I want to shut the waterfall off I can do so from the house. I am feeling quite accomplished.
Enjoyed my lunch meeting with Vicki-K.
Vicki and Dan
Be sure to stop by and visit her Christmas blog  and also her other blog Being Grammy We had wonderful conversation as well as lunch. Her interests are varied and I am sure you will enjoy meeting her and her sweet grandchildren as well as get some organizational ideas for Christmas.
Remember my rearranging the computer? I had to disconnect several things so I could move it and in putting it all back together I messed up. No speakers! Of course what to do...after spending an hour this morning trying to figure it out, I sent an email to Keith and ....did you know that if you have a green connection it plugs into the green spot on the back of the computer? All fixed. Poor Keith I just about drive him crazy. The sun is shining brightly now and it is hot and humid so no outdoor activities for me. Soon, real soon, I must get gas...I am at the 3 line. It has been a month since my last gas adventure so I hope I remember what does what. Today will be a relax day and just maybe some needle in hand. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. Most of all, thank you or your friendship.
❤Special note: Today is the funeral back in Rhode Island for my dear gentle cousin Rocco. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Glenda's Teddy

The pond waterfall is finally all set and if only the weather would cool so I can sit outside and enjoy it! I have not gone to Home Depot yet for the paint but that is the plan for this afternoon. I will be meeting AZ blogger Vicki-K for lunch today and will pass right by HD.  Baked a fresh apple cake yesterday .. yum with a small scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. My morning and part of the afternoon was spent rearranging the kitchen. My kitchen area is an L shape...galley area for cooking then a good size rectangular end. In one corner is my computer and the other my Bakers rack with the tea cups and pots. I got tired of the corner computer desk ... I also have a nice desk against the back wall. So, out with the corner desk and moved the regular desk on the side wall and the baker's rack along the back wall and the Kachinas across from the desk....I ordered a keyboard slide as this desk does not have one. The task then became where to put this and that and what-have-you.  I really need to clean out the files in the file cabinet drawers. So far so good. The walls got cleaned, all the Southwest pictures had to be moved to the other wall and the floor was washed. To say that my back and hip are killing me is an understatement. Just a bit too much work. I really should take pictures since it all sounds so jumbled.
I guess you would like to meet Glenda's Teddy ~~~~~
this will be a gift for her great-grandson. Made from a pair of her jeans with a special message on the left hand. Glenda was pleased with the bear....makes me happy. I really enjoy creating these bears and dolls. Knowing that someone is going to love them is best.
The morning air is a little cool and a light drizzle is falling. I love a misty rain. The temp is a cool 79 with temps expected to reach 106. Really need the cool weather so I can clean the yard thoroughly and the lanai. Most of all so I can be outside more. This monsoon season has been very active with lots of winds and with that talcum powder like dust that gets in everywhere! That about covers my last couple of days.  It is always a pleasure to have you stop by. Thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Let's have a good day.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Special bracelets

Dennis loved lighthouses and we often visited them while living in Rhode Island

.the fat one in the back is Old Saybook CT, a beautiful area, the red one is Southeast Block Island , The tall one is Boston Harbor MA. So of course when I received an email from Alex and Ani, my favorite bracelet company, I was happy to see a lighthouse.....

I knew I had to have it. Then I read the description...It is a charity charm with 20% of the dale going to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Denny's diagnosis as you know wad Lymphoma.  It is named Lighthouse. The card with it says:
"A lighthouse is a welcoming structure, a reassuring sign of steady ground ahead, and an optimistic symbol of hope for all looking to move forward safely. It is an emblem of strength located at the edge of unpredictable tides as it provides navigational guidance and bright light in a storm. Resilient and immovable, this shinning beacon encourages perseverance even in the darkest times."
When I got to the boutique and spotted the next one, it came home with me also...
Live A Happy Life! I simply fell apart. This is also a charity charm with 20% of sale going to Up Beat Cancer. On May 24th during one of our conversations, Denny said these exact words to me. The accompanying card says;
"The path to living a happy life is inherently paved with hopefulness, and the journey offers no shortcuts. Hope cannot be fabricated or counterfeited - - it is manifested in only those who first believe in its existence. You can find hope and you can give hope; we must always remember: as long as hope exists, the road to a happy life awaits."
I can not say more ....time to sit back and sip a cup of tea even I on this very hot 100 temp day. Time to wipe my tears.
Thank you for visiting and the kind words and most of all, your friendship. 💔

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Horses, a bear and a frog

Prediction is for a 107 temp day but it is quite nice right now at almost 7 AM. I will grind the beans and brew some coffee and sit at the sewing machine
and sew Glenda's teddy bear. I really enjoy creating these bears and always loved to make cloth dolls. There is that special satisfaction when you make something and then see the smile it can bring to someone. Speaking of cloth dolls, the doll is refreshed and back in the rocker..
pig tails all fluffed out and smelling of Downey. I was asked for the measurement of the the high point of the backrest it is 19" and the seat is 7 wide and 10" deep....just enough for a little body.
When I bought the chair and then the curio, the furniture place gives you a stuffed critter for spend $100 or more....
The small horse is about 16" high and came home with the chair and the taller at 20" came home with the curio. You get to choose from a few different animals that change throughout the year. There was also the gold or white tigers but the horses were my choice. The brown one is sporting one of Denny's bandanas.
The pond needs some finishing landscaping but this guy has been sitting here for 12 years and before this he sat at our pond edge in RI
Each year Denny would paint him to bring him back to life and he has sat at various places along the pond edge. Somewhere along the years he lost his left foot...but still poses comfortably.  I will need to paint the trim at the top of the wall before I can add plants and such around the pond. Most likely I will head to Home Depot tonight or tomorrow for paint and a new nozzle for the hose.  Yesterday morning Dianna and I spent time roaming around and then lunch. I started not to feel too well so I came home early and sure enough my blood pressure was a tad high. Feet up and plenty of iced water. I hadn't really drank much all morning.  I am feeling much better today. I had thought about early yard work but no, inside and sewing will be my task. I am so glad we had this visit. Thank you for the kind words and most of all your caring friendship. Lets have a good day.

Monday, August 7, 2017


I was going through one of the garage cupboards... again ...and came across a calendar with beautiful I flipped the months I came across this......
Denny the artist tracking his haircut on the 4th and recycle on the brought a smile to my mind this morning. Just another moment and memory to cherish.
Ta-Da...the waterfall is working
With much thanks to Don and Glenda for all the help. However, I think there is just one more spot to secure. Oh, maybe I am being paranoid...but I would rather take care of it now. So the water is not falling today to allow the area to dry out. This  feature was put in when the home was built so there is expected to be weak spots in the cement after all these years.
I have cleaned the area best as I can and will now think about the landscaping around the pond. The turtle planter is back and the wall pieces will remain. I need to take the frog in to repaint.....Denny did that every year. I will need to reposition the spot light also. Not sure what I will do about the Yucca plant which has gotten spindly. It has been there since the late 70s I was told. I may cut it back and hopefully let it regrow stronger. A few pots of annuals soon will add some color. I just need the weather to cool down before trying to work out there.
Yesterday this rag doll got a shampoo and laundered back in the rocker. I will be off today to get a few supplies for a special teddy bear that I was asked to make and I am still looking for a foot stool for my chair. My list of ~~~To Do~~~Must Do has a new cell phone. Seems for everything I  can cross off, there is a new item added! The cell phone does not seem to keep it's charge as long as it once did. Just a simple AT&T phone that Denny got in 2012. Guess it is upgrade time. Since I do have a land line it is not an immediate need. Then again, I think it may also be time to look at new land line phones...just another item for the list. Well, I have had my coffee while we visited and some toast to start the day. Need to vacuum and Swiffer here and there before heading out later. I do appreciate the kind words and emails. Thank you for your friendship....let's have a good day.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

What time is it ? !

It is 2 AM...that's right...what am I doing up and drinking a cup of tea at this hour? I am sure me myself and I will be very tired later today.  Thank you for those who wondered where I was...last post being on Thursday. I have been who knows where....Friday was a lawyer's appointment midday which pretty much was my day. Saturday I had coffee with dear Glenda and then
her hubby Don came over to work on the waterfall. We had discovered  a few weak spots on the top causing the water to disappear so Don figured what to do and today...later today I will turn the water back on and hope that it all works. I made Pizzelles in the morning and shared them and of course will be making more this week. I usually get about 36 from the recipe. I had topped midway and found that the batter did not like being left unattended so not that many this time, but still had to share with a few friends or I would eat the entire batch.   Last evening Dianna invited me to join her and Bobby for Shrimp Scampi which Bobby cooked for us. And that brings me now where ever that is at this hour. Poor Tilly...some have found her to be, shall I say a little strange. She is certainly different and I smile when I look at her. I should mention that Dianna is the gal behind her outfit (I did the rest!). Dianna makes such lovely doll clothes for 18" dolls if anyone is interested in ordering and she will ship anywhere. Let me know and I will pass the info to her. There are two new bloggers I would like to introduce you to. The first is my neighbor and friend Keith. His blog is Last Bite and it is showcasing his embroidery by machine quilting. You will also find that on occasion he will talk about his trips and food. The other is LaShawn who can be found at Boutique Stitches. Be sure to stop by and visit. So no that we chatted and my tea cup is empty I will return to bed and maybe fall off to sleep. My head is full of "I want to dos" but we shall see what happens later today. I still have my Water Sangria
  in the fridge for later today and a dish of Pizzelles for snacking. For now I say thank you for the kind words and for stopping and for missing me these couple of days. Thank you for your wonderful caring friendship. 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Meet Tilly

Once again the day is starting very overcast and still humid. Had a busy day yesterday...Don came by and hooked up the pond for the waterfall and it works. Now do not, I not get excited. We thought there might be a leak problem and of course there is. The good news is that we know how to fix it. So for now it is now working. I met up with Dianna and Bobby for pizza last evening. A new place that opened very close by. Good pizza but more than that good friends to chat with, We even sat outside to eat. I know it will be my new pizza place.
Introducing Tilly! Isn't she a pip! This is a collaboration between me and Dianna. One of the days that Dianna was visiting we talked about tilly. At that point all she was wearing was bloomers. That is right and this is how she had been for 2 years. Once made I just could not decide on anything. I bought the pattern but I knew there would be changes. First ...
let's start with her body is square. Then she has long skinny arms and legs. and you saw her big round head. This is exactly as the pattern is. But I love her. Dianna thought she needed to be special and offered to dress her. So she has lived with Dianna for a few3 weeks now. A good place as Tilly was with someone who makes beautiful doll clothes. I said just do what you want. Dianna wanted to feature Tilly's odd body and she did just that. Once home with me I decided to add a few touches....the knot in the center to break up the flowers.
We talked about bows for her hair and applique for her face. So, at midnight I was still awake and took tilly in hand...voila! Face and ears and a butterfly tattoo. The bows were fun...
Adding to the bows on her shoulder, using them for the hair is perfect. Keeping them spaced is the only hairdo that is right for her. She is a fun gal to look at. With so many traditional dolls in my collection this makes me laugh not just smile. I love creating. I was asked to make a memory bear for someone and receive payment too. Who knows, a new sideline for me. Thank you Dianna for the great clothing and for sharing your creative ideas.....

I am having a lazy day today...fell asleep around 3 and woke up at off kilter.  I am tempted to get the cement for the pond but probably should wait for Don. I really am eager to finish it close to a working waterfall!
Right no however, I best get a cup of coffee and a bowl of cheerios with banana slices. It is so nice to introduce you to Tilly and have you spend time with me. Thank you for the kind words and most of all for your wonderful friendship. Let's have a good day.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A new Teddy Bear

Another morning starting out with heavy cloud cover...and although I know how important it is that we have rain here in the desert, right now I do not want rain...I am trying to get the pond working and the rains have put me two steps back fro every step forward. Today I will go to get the supplies to get the waterfall in the pond ready before any more rain. Next week rain may be okay...
Yesterday Home Depot came out to quote me a price to replace the rain gutters in the back and add them to the front. More than I anticipated, but then less than another quote. I have to make a decision soon. I was surprise to learn that they will only do the job if it is over $750.00. Something to think on this week. In the meantime
this teddy moved into my bedroom. This is for me to keep. It is made from 3 different Denny jeans and a some special embellishments. It is a medium size; sitting at about 15" and 20" standing.
First his heart...made from red velvet and tattered and broken. His right hand has the Levi tag which were Denny's favorite jeans--505 to be exact. Then his left was the hand that I held when we walked so it has hearts for our love. The back pocket will hold a special note and a trinket or two. A black velvet nose just because and the simple embroidery on the arms and legs. Denny loved when I made teddies for gifts.  The last one was for my great niece Natalia back in 2014 when she was born.  There is always something special about a teddy!
I have a special gift to make so I may make an attempt later or then again tomorrow. This morning is research a few garden plant that we have to find out how to care for them. This was my Denny's domain and I never paid too much attention, I just enjoyed. This bush is doing well....
It is Firecracker and currently is about 6 feet high. So nice to have this summer bloomer. Bright red/orange and full of them. It is actually considered a shrub but we always trimmed the base to train it to grow more like a small tree allowing space to plant below it. The hummer loves it. This year the heat and humidity is taking a toll on the garden. I am really looking forward to some cooler temps.
I was asked the other day about the size of the pictures....if you click on any picture it will open in a preview of the pictures and then clicking on them will enlarge them.  I just usually add them in the smaller format for space purposes. Well my friends it is time to do some vacuuming and maybe a laundry and of course dusting. Always a pleasure to have you visit. Thank you for the kind words and of course thank you for your friendship. Let's have a good day.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Teddy and a rocker

When I woke this morning the temp was 90 at 4 AM...well, not I knew that I was not going to be working on the pond. So, I thought well I can get an earlier start on sewing my teddy bear....all was going well until I broke the needle. Of course it was the only one that I could use for the denim and then I could not even find my other sewing machine needles! When 9 AM rolled around I drove to the quilt shop and bought the required  needles. Home I arrived to find the other we have plenty of machine needles.
Here is a peek so far. Needed to take a break so that I could cry and not on the teddy. I am listening to music and one of these songs just set me off. Typing through tears is a little easier. Almost every CD in this house will do this to me at one time or was all the music we loved to listen to. Okay...enough of that.
Glenda and Don advised me on how to properly clean my little  rocker.
It looks so nice. I used Murphy's Oil Soap first and let it thoroughly dry. Then I used Howard Feed -N-Wax...Beeswax and Orange Oil. I put 2 coats on it. Buffing it out seems to be a problem as it still feels a little oily. I guess a bit more elbow grease before anyone can sit it. Yesterday I washed my many tea cups   and tea pots.
There are on my baker's rack...for now. I am thinking of getting another curio for them. For now, they look fine here...
Memories for each of them. Across the room are a few more

Some of these date back to 1964 and forward. the last 2 are the Dragonfly that Denny bought me and the bright red poppy on the top shelf that has my name and was given to me by LisaW.
I guess it is time to think about lunch.  A few days last week I skipped lunch and I am trying to keep to at least 3 meals a day. I think a simple sandwich will do with a glass of fruity iced water. 
Can not believe this month has already ended...where has the time gone? I am happy that you had time to visit with me today. Thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Let's have a good day.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

It's all about the curio today

Last evening came the pouring rain and a bit of thunder. I do not like these storms! Today is beginning with very overcast skies and muggy. Actually there is a light drizzle falling. Now I have dirty rain water in the pond...and that means another morning (not today) cleaning it out and I better finish the cleaning this time and get regular water back in so this will not happen again. I am hoping that the waterfall connection is clear and I can figure the rock formation so that it will fall properly. For now, I may have to just put it back as a fountain. Two steps forward and one back. But, what I want to show you is my new curio
Doesn't it look lovely next to my chair? On Saturday Don took me to get it  and yesterday Glenda  (they are a team) and I arranged this and that for the shelves.
It is a perfect size; 59"x32"x13". This is the top of the curio. Both the angel and the dragonfly piece at the far right have a battery candle. So very pretty at nighttime. The stitched piece of violets  and the ornament is a piece of turquoise and copper.
 Remember to ignore reflections...mirror backing can be difficult! This is shelf one with angels, fairy and angel wings with a piece of tatting. On shelf 2, is my Cinderella...a couple of glass blown pumpkins as well as the coach and glass slipper and the Disney glass coach pin. Of course my stitched coach too.  In front of the Angels is a glass ball sitting on frogs. The front left is a Lenox dragonfly and sitting on the velvet slipper pillow is a beautiful hand painted needle box that I received as a gift from KimM.
On the third shelf is my needlework doll and the two Victorian ladies that Mr H bought for me when I first visited Arizona. They look lovely with the mirror to reflect the intricate back of their clothing. I decided to put the rose trimmed mirror here to help preserve it. In front of the ladies is a lovely dish with raised roses around the top from Italy. It was given to me 47 years ago ...a gift from Denny's cousin Tootsie that I treasure.  On the bottom of the curio are two Faeries sitting pretty and in the center is a fairy  atop a glass bubble. So pleased with this curio purchase as well as how Glenda and I filled it. Totally feels feminine with my treasures.
This weather has me feeling tired. I was ambitious yesterday morning and I made delicious Pizzelles. Today not ambitious at all. Maybe some teddy bear sewing as it all ready for the machine. Right now I need to finish my coffee. So glad to chat with you today. Thank you for the kind words and for your friendship. Let's have a good day.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Making friends

The sunset last evening was usually is. Stormy looking but beautiful. It certainly has been a busy week around here. So much has gotten done and it feels good. I am one of those people who sees or knows something needs to be taken care f and does not rest until it is. I am so lucky to have the friends that I do. Yesterday was a trash pick-up day. They do not come the same time each pick-up so I got organized early. I moved the car out of the garage and found the jig-saw. Hooked it up to a long extension cord and then turned over 2 of the Home Depot buckets to put the length of wood on to cut. Then I went to the pile of wood and thought I got this. Well, never having used a jig-saw or any electric saw before, it was not that easy. I seemed to have trouble keeping the blade in contact with the wood. I managed to cut 2 of these in half so it would be in the 4 foot length that is required. Along came one of the guys with his rolling barrel...let me explain. There are "runners" as I call them that come along with these large barrels on wheels and empty your trash into hem and then meet up with the truck and empty into the truck. Anyway, along comes this guy who stopped in his tracks and gave me such a look. "hello" he said and then reminded me to take my grip off the handle to stop the blade from running. I explained that I was trying to get as much cut for the pick-up and that they were early this time. He looked into the yard and saw the pile. "I will leave your barrel right here in the drive and when the truck comes they will come over and you can tell them what you are doing". So, the truck did stop and he returned with the 2 guys who came over and explained what I was doing. "We will take it as is for you"...oh my thank heavens because I was not accomplishing a lot. I said "thank you so very much because I really do not know how to properly use this saw". The one in charge replied , "yes..." with that look when you do know this person is dangerous with an electric saw, even if it is a small one. So all my wood is gone. I offered them a tip and at first they refused but then I insisted. I must have been quite the sight to them. I kept forgetting to let go of the handle so the saw was almost always in motion. I so the same with the electric drill ! I think I will stick to the needles and pins and non electric tools. On the pond is now drained and dried and I need to clean out the top portion then I can see if the waterfall feature still works....that is next weeks project. Yesterday I cut out another teddy bear and have it ready to sew. This morning I plan to make Pizzelle and organize my things for the curio. Never a dull moment here...glad you visited and we could have this chat. Thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship...friends, I am so lucky to have good friends. Let's have a good day.
Tomorrow it is all about my new curio....