Friday, December 15, 2017

I was tatting when it happened

A beautiful nip in the air this morning that will only last until this afternoon when we will feel temps in the mid 70s. All is well in the garden
This is ready for my salad tonight. I know, only one at a time, but that is okay...there are lots on the plant. No beans yet...but they look like a good crop coming. Let's not talk about the Alien Snail Vine...
It was a nice morning yesterday. I was sitting in the living room recliner tatting when all of a sudden...a sharp burning pain on the back of my neck. I touched it an jump with pain.

I looked  in the mirror and it was instantly bloody red. A short time passed when Glenda stopped by to get something and she looked and said need to get it checked. So I went to the Urgent Care and saw a PA on staff. after a few questions she announced that it appears to be a insect bite. She could say it was not a mosquito or spider and thought it could be a scorpion. Not all scorpion bites cause extreme problems. Nothing to do but watch it. This morning is less of an area that is red and not as red as yesterday. It is less painful so I will just keep an eye on it.  Before you ask...yes I did search the area and the chair for signs of any bug but found nothing. My life is so exciting! But it is.....later as I s
at in the same chair tatting...I saw
yes, a coyote walking in front of my living room window...around 4:30 PM.
He scratched up the grass a bit and looked at me through the window before strolling by. I returned to my tatting which is coming along if I could only stay focused without distractions!
So, that was yesterday...I can only hope that today my only distractions are how to get the computer mouse working properly. I have tried so many things I am about to give up. Typing is a challenge when you can not find it on the screen. So, I will stop typing and enjoy my coffee and a piece of toast. Glad we had time to visit. Thank you for your kind words and you friendship. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Problems with a mouse

Oh not the run around cause problems kind, although this mouse is causing me frustration at every move! I still have  this issue and tried everything . The setting are the same, the battery replaced and still it disappears and is not right.
Last evening the sis Lynowl called and we talked about my Skype fun with The Brother Alan...she said...I have Skype ----I said good we must try it...3 hours later.....yes we did Skype. Lot of fun and thank goodness we are sisters because neither of us was photo ready! Speaking of photos....
A package arrived was from my niece Tonya..."just because" and this beautiful angel was broken. Tonya did bubble wrap and mark the box fragile, but remember it is the postal service we are dealing with. I sat and cried....fro her, not me.  I emailed her this picture. The angel is about 12 inches high and so pretty. I love her for the thought.
Laundry finished...only one today...the bedding. Already in/out of the shower and hope to sit and tat. The tree is lit and I will soon have Christmas music playing. I stepped into the garden...
The Snail Vine has become an Alien! It is rapidly reaching out everywhere...spreading now on the ground and has no desire to climb the arbor. I must get the step ladder later and convince it that it is in the best interest to follow the rules.
The Heirloom Beans are doing well
I probably should attach some garden twine and try to have them climb but...they are probably as defiant at the Alien Snail Vine. All in all the garden is holding it's own with little help from me. I did loose the Parsley and the Basil plants...but that is okay. One of these seasons I will get an herb garden to grow.
That about covers my day so far. I do need to have some breakfast soon.....maybe tea, toast and peanut butter. So nice to chat with you today. Thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Just got to get this mouse to cooperate!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

You read it first here

Of course it would be my fault...The Brother Alan has caught a, as he said my cold. That's right. When we Skyped the other night my cold transferred to him...think he has been out in the cold too much. But, the good news is that the Skype issue is resolved thanks to Honey who spent time to investigate and fix the problem. So, last night The Brother Alan and I were able to finally see, chat and all without the telephone. Guess I will have to look my best at all times in case someone Skypes me! This morning however, my mouse pointer arrow seems to be confused and gets lost and it is difficult to direct it! Never ending computer issues.
Some lovely mail arrived
This pretty card and pattern along with angel buttons is from June. A lovely message inside the card form her as well. Then this arrived
The card is from Debbie Burke with a pouch that is both knitted and crocheted. Perfect to hold some needlework accessories. The also arrived a box which will wait until Christmas to be opened. Thank you ladies for your thought gifts.
Some of my packages have arrived and a few are still in transit....but at least all will should arrive in time for Christmas. I did the laundry yesterday and today will be to check the yard. The monthly Pest Control will be here in this morning so I usually get the yard swept before they spray. Had my coffee so now I will get outside. Glad to chat with you today. Thank you for your kind words and for you friendship. Let's hope I can get this mouse to cooperate soon. Think it will help if I put a mousetrap on the desk?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

At least we laughed

Early and dark morning here and the 50s to start but as it did yesterday it will be warmer by afternoon, in the 70s. Socks on my feet this morning for sure.
My finally Post Office visit yesterday and a complaint. I mailed a large manila envelope to my niece Tonya...clearly addressed and guess what? It was delivered to me! It was never cancelled. So I brought it to the Post Office and told them to handle it and get it to Tonya. they were puzzled?! But mail did arrive from The Brother Alan and Lisa last week
Yes--- a Web Camera so we can Skype. Simple enough. Plug it into the computer and get account and settings and you are ready. Not so! Last night we decided to try it out. We could see one another but I could not hear him...yes, he heard me.

My goodness we had so many laughs....and we won't repeat some of the words out of Alan's mouth...I could understand  even if not hearing! Anyway, he finally called me via phone so we could chat. Now, I totally blamed his end of the set up for the missing volume.....probably something from my end! Tonight Honey (Keith) will stop by to check it out for me. While we chatted, he and Lisa opened the gift I sent as I told them they did not have to wait until Christmas unless they wished to. So it was fun and nice to see them open the box. Lisa bought a new dress and she even modeled it.She will be wearing it this weekend to a matter what, we had if we can only fix this....
Today will be a quiet day here...laundry and hopefully a tatted snowflake! I will try a different pattern and I plan to succeed. I checked with my friend last night and the procedure went to wait for please continue to keep good thoughts. It has been nice chatting but the washing machine refuses to work without me. Thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

I think I am I think I am

Yes, it just may be that I am over this thing called The Common Cold! Let me tell you, it was not common to me. It is a week today that it began and just might be ending. About time because I still have a few things to do and today is the day I must get at least 2 items off the list.
Just outside the kitchen window is the tomato plant...almost ready and there will be a few to enjoy. Glad the plant is on the system or it would be gone by now. I have not venture into the yard all week. I did stroll out there yesterday and then spotted
The beans have flowers! Yes indeed, we will pick beans. There are plenty of these sweet blooms on the plants. These are also on the system! By the Spring a few more plants will be hooked up to the irrigation lines which will be helpful. So far all is well out there. The Snail Vine is a beautiful "weed" that just continues to spread everywhere since I have not been out there to tame it.
Yesterday I decided to try the Italian Herb Bread again
this time I substituted Italian Seasoning mix for the individual herbs and it does taste better. I had it toasted this morning with some butter. Will I make it again...not sure. I also used Light Olive Oil instead of Extra Virgin which gives it a milder taste. The best of course is just the regular simple breads.
Most of you know how much I love the coyote encounters. The sounds of them in the evening when they are out hunting to survive is quite the thing to listen to. The sight of them strolling into the courtyard or out on the street is nice. At all times I do remind myself that they need to survive and that is with the rabbits. Having said this....
last week I found this part of a bunny tail on the sidewalk. Now...please do not get upset...this is just a partial of the tail also the bunny still lives. Sad as it may seem, if the coyotes did not hunt them we would be overridden with the rabbits in the neighborhood. there are several large hutches just within our property. The bunnies get away more times than they are caught...they are very fast and get into the many underground homes quickly. A few of their homes are built under the Prickly Pear cacti and the coyotes just can not fight the spines. A Navajo women told me once that we must respect all creatures and not interfere. When I look up at my wall of Native art, there are pieces of fur from many animals incorporated into them. Using the fur tufts this way honors them. So this little tail tuft will find a place with my Native art in honor of the nature around me. So glad you visited with me today. Thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship.
Today a friend, "Bobby" is having a medical procedure so I ask that you keep him in your thoughts for a positive outcome. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Almost but not yet

I have been knocked for a loop. This cold has kept me down since Monday evening...a whole week! It has been so long since I have had a cold I had forgotten how miserable it is. Yesterday was the first day that I felt almost normal. Still with the cough but hopefully there will be even less of that. At least I am not walking around with a tissue to my nose all day. So, I have not done anything...nadda...nil...and it shows. The Bissell really needs a walk around the place as does the Swiffer, but it may not be today. Yesterday I wanted needed a cup of tea. As soon as the 3 minute brew time was up I promptly knocked the mug over spilling tea all over the counter, down the cupboard and onto the floor. After the initial whining was over, I made another cup of tea and then forgot to drink it...that has been my week. I managed to drag myself to the Post Office yesterday to get my packages mailed with the exception of one which will go out probably Monday. I do have to make a quick run today to Staples and then to JC Penny for a pick-up but definitely not the PO as I am sure being Saturday it will be busy.
I have 3 maybe 4 tomatoes that are almost ready to pick. The first was delicious with sliced cucumbers and celery. The weather over-night has been I wake with the temp around 44. Brrr....goodness, I had to put socks on!. Not to be concerned because by afternoon they say it will be in the mid 70s. I appreciate the concern because I had not posted for a few days...your emails were so nice. Typing with one hand while containing a runny nose with the other hand was rather difficult. I will catch up on reading blogs over the weekend. Right now I think it is time to curl up and keep warm until I must venture out for errands.
Thank you for caring and for the get well wishes which I am sure have been helping. Thank you also for the kind words and your friendship. Hoping for a better week coming.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Out of commision today

The day began okay...just a little sinus issue. Glenda and I went to see Murder on the Orient Express. It was okay....will not say it will be my favorite version. Came home and decided settle with a cup of tea. I felt chilly even though the temp inside was the same as it has been. Finally just before it was getting evening I decided to string the lights on the lamppost in the courtyard. I had done one earlier in the day. I had the lights in my hands, head down as I walked out the door. Why...well they were a bit tangled. As I got to the end of my porch, head still down, I found myself walking into a coyote. There he was ... were looked at one another, I say a quiet hello and he began to walk away. After a few paces he stopped and I said goodbye and off he went. This is not the first encounter  have had with the desert dogs. Each time the experience is just as exciting. Never a dull moment for me.
Drum roll * * * * *...the first tomato picked. Now don't expect me to share because it is only 1-1/2 inches and it will be delicious with a mini cucumber (pickling size) and some sliced celery. A couple more are beginning to turn light orange! Still waiting for signs of a bean or two on the plants that are growing nicely.
I added a bit of Christmas décor to my growing palm tree in the backyard.....
these are about 6- 8 inch or so big. A bit of something in the back too.
I think this will be the extent of my 2017 decorations...some out front, the sparsely decorated tree and the village with a few wreaths here and there.
I would love to continue this chat but it is difficult to type and concentrate with tissues in the left hand held to the sometimes stuffy, occasionally drippy nose and the occasional coughing does not type well. I think it will be pjs and rest for the day. I do need a cup of tea.
Today was going to be market day but it can wait. More Post Office too but that will definitely wait. If you are looking for me today, I will be the one curled up in pjs and robe and the tea pot full. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

And the day went well

Everyday seems to be starting out as a cloudy cool day...then the sun makes an appearance and we are off to a warm day even setting or matching records. I love this year round weather of Arizona. Did you see the Super Moon last night? I gazed at it from my backyard....
Lots to share today...
Love getting mail more specifically packages....don't you?
Sis Lyn knew I was out of my favorite Rhode Island Pepper sticks so  my supply is replenished....but she also sent me the seasoning for the best hot wiener sauce made ... now it is not the same as going the NY System but it will do. Besides food...
look... 3 more yellow ducks swimming in the pond!  Thank you everything is ducky in the pond.
My telephone was busy yesterday. There was the call from my niece Tonya "Pafazzo"..long loving chat. There was the weekly call form sis Lyn ...always a long chat. Amazing the things we find to talk about! Oh and a call from The Brother Alan and Lisa. They called to chat while they decorated their tree
It looks lovely and so don't they! there is even one of my tatted ornaments hanging there somewhere. My day was pretty complete thanks to my family.
I finished my ornament.....but only a sneak peek. It will be mailed this week and then I can show you 
what it really looks like.  Lots of mailing to do this week. I was hoping to tat a few snowflakes, but have not started yet. It is the only snow around here for me.
I have been awake since 2 AM....and since I could not fall back to sleep I thought wee, get up, blog and make coffee. So before I head to the coffee grinder I will leave you with this
The Brother Alan......watching me from afar. Oh there is the Angel I made with sheet music paper!
I am lucky to have my family caring...there is no distance with love.
Thank you my friends for your kind words and friendship.  

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Advent Blog Hop 2017

Every holiday, Jo from Serendipitous Stitching host blog hops. This is her Advent 2017 Hop.
We are asked to post a festive picture and answer a question. This year...."How do you plan to spend Boxing Day and any special traditions with this day."
Living in the USA we do not celebrate Boxing Day. I did check out what it is all about though. It seems that on December 26th ----
"the first week-day after Christmas-day, observed as a holiday on which post-men, errand-boys, and servants of various kinds expect to receive a Christmas-box". This box could contain a bonus and even food to take to celebrate with their families.
So, the day after Christmas has always been a quiet day to enjoy what we were to busy to notice on Christmas Day. We would usually have music playing and just relax and "pick" on the left overs ... no cooking no cleaning just relax. Of course before moving to the desert of Arizona there might have been snow to clear away when living in Rhode Island. Here we would probably enjoy a day sitting outside. One year we went for a hike on the trails of the White Tank Mountains wearing shorts and T-shirts. That quiet different for us coming from the cold climates.
Boxing Day is 23 days away.....what will you be doing?
For today I will finish my ornaments and listen to Christmas music...maybe Sinatra and Johnny Mathis and enjoy the package I received yesterday...I will show you tomorrow.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Yard stick electrician

The end of the week already. Days are disappearing. Each year I subscribe to Jacquie Lawson's Advent Calendar. Denny and I would click on the ornament for the day together each evening after dinner. It was strange sitting here at the computer clicking it myself. Just another one of those days. I did get the village down and on display....

 When I rearranged the living room area I also lost the usual table for the display. It was just a few adjustments but it looks just fine. It is a small village but one that each item meant something to us through the years. Once, a long time ago we had a larger set up but that changed when we moved here.
There are only 3 front is the Knit Shop...for me and in the back is the Sweet Shoppe for us. Various people just because.  The tree in the center is one of the oldest pieces, about 30 years old and standing about 14 inches. The lights on it are the original and still all working.
This building in the back is the nursery .. of course for Denny. We each had our favorite pieces so there are wonderful memories of each item. Of course once the snow was added to the scene it was everywhere and the Bissell handled it for me.
Don re-set the irrigation for me yesterday and showed me how to change it when I am ready the next time. Remember the kitchen light issue...
This neon yard stick was used by me, myself and I several times to strike the light box which cause the light to come on. Who knew? So far I have had to whack it a few times but it is working. Eventually I will have to climb up and check it out. My expert opinion is that it is a loose connection up there.
Thank you for the emails regarding my doctor appointment. It was because a week ago Sunday , in the wee morning hours I woke with terrible pain in my calf area. By days end it was swollen and the veins looked like they would pop. On Monday I had a bruise along the side of the knee and it was painful to walk. Glenda thought I should phone the surgeon on Wednesday so I did. The gal who answered the phone did not think it was necessary that I should be seen as the insurance would not cover it. After I firmly insisted to be seen she gave me an appointment for this past Thursday. When I was seen by the doctor I told him about that and he was not too pleased. He assured me that I should have been seen that day or as soon as possible as I could have had a blood clot. I did say I mentioned that to that gal who told me she did not think so! He ordered an Ultra sound right then and there. As it turns out I have Superficial Thrombophlebitis...." an inflammatory condition of the veins due to a blood clot just below the surface of the skin".  As it turns out, I did rest the leg up and applied ice and took care not to rub it at all...all the right things....but it could have been more serious is what the doctor told me. Not to worry, I am doing okay. It is painful and still swollen and black and blue even after a week of doing the right thing. So, let's not tell him that I did lift a large plant to move it, and did climb the step ladder and ... and... I am now following orders of rest and ice and Naproxen as needed. Today is my day off!
Plans are to do only the essentials and do some crafting....found an adorable ornament to make and what else I find in the craft bin to work on.  Thank you for your kind words and emails and caring friendship. Let's have a restful weekend.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Did I hear thunder ?

A nippy morning as has been the morning normal recently. Yesterday it lasted most of the day with lots of clouds. I actually think I heard thunder during the night.
I spent time yesterday with the Shutterfly book...finding pictures and navigating around their site. I think I have the front and back cover ready...very time consuming. It is also slow going as the memories get in the way.
The other day while I was out and about I bought something I have wanted..
Just like the real cooks ... on TV anyway. A salt and pepper cellar. I found a nice spoon for it also in case I do not want to use my fingers to grab a pinch.
It does not say what type of wood but it is very nice and solidly made. The attached lid has the magnetic closure.  It would really be nice if it came with a chef.
 Look, a tomato almost ready. The interesting thing is that this one is not the first one to appear on the plant. As for the beans
Nice and bushy and yet I do not see beans! I read the packet which says they are Heirloom Beans..... all well and good but where are they!?
 Lisa Adams from The Tatting Corner offered a Black Friday Sale and I ordered these and they arrived so quickly...yesterday. They are for measuring the little loops (Picots) on the tatting. I am pretty  good at eyeing them but this will ensure they are perfect.  The products offered and the service are great. Now to make a fob for them.
 Tomorrow is December! The days seem to be a flash. Still have not fetched any decorations from the garage or fixed the kitchen light yet. I think it will be a weekend thing. Later today when I return form the doctor appointment, I will be decorating the courtyard lamp posts. They are newly replaced this year and have electric outlets so I will be adding lights. Another Post Office visit is necessary.... think it will be a busy weekend. I need to finish my coffee and so I will say thank you for stopping by and thank you for the kind words and friendship. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It's still dark outside

Here I am not only awake but up and out of bed at 5 AM and the washing machine is swishing . My coffee began with an issue...I should say that there would not have been half ground beans all over the counter if I had not lifted the grinder lid while the beans were still whirling. So it was start over and now I am enjoying my first cup of the day. I think my love of coffee comes from my dad who loved his coffee. He had a wood burning stove in the basement and would pour water and coffee (already ground) into the pot and bring it to the boil. Not my kind of coffee, but I do enjoy fresh brewed coffee. I tried tatting yesterday afternoon but I have a small cut on the index finger that got caught few times and do that ended. Instead it was back to the computer to ...well, let me start from the beginning. Friend Dianna makes beautiful picture books with Shutterfly. She offered me a coupon for a free 8x8 20 page book. Yes, I want to make a book. So yesterday she brought the coupon and gave me a crash course on how to navigate the site. We took a break and went for a hamburger and then I returned to ...let me just say it took quite a time to upload and scan photos. Guess what I will be doing for the next week.
The Sweet Memory is in bloom
Do you see him hidden in the blooms? Lots of blooms to enjoy right now out there. I think there is a tomato getting ready for me. Those beans...they are growing but yet to see beans.  Remember the fluorescent light issue? Late yesterday it was working just fine. Last night and this morning...back to only half a light. Just when I thought I would not be playing with it...I think (she says with a note of know-it-all) it is a loose connection. We shall see later today when I attempt to check it out. The residents in the aquarium are having a spa day...adding water and a shot of water treatment so it will be a later breakfast for them. Amazingly they are doing well.
Still have not gotten into the Christmas storage cupboard to find the village...right now it is take one wash out and put another in. So, hate to leave you but today is the maids day off. Thank you for chatting with me and for your kind words and for your friendship. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Early start today

It has been awhile since I have been up and out of bed at 3 or 4 AM. I woke hungry so I have had toast  ( the Black Olive bread) and tea and now ready to go...actually no where to go at this time especially but ready to do laundry and vacuum.
Yesterday I headed out to get a few items for gifts and then I decided to go to the mall and to Macy's for a special ornament.

I wanted a special ornament in  remembrance of Denny. Isn't this lovely? It is simple yet elegant. When I put it on the tree and the light came through, it was delightful. The back is brushed with silver and that gives it that soft glow. If you shake it, the "snow" falls down over the reindeer. Yes the tree is up but not decorated ...

well except for a few ornaments that are special this time. It looks so pretty from outside...and indoors also. Not sure about putting the usual lights out front this year. I did put the tree from the kitchen, a thin style tree out there
The addition of a few boxes and red poinsettias brighten up the porch. I have the wreaths to hang on the house and that may be all.  Getting all the boxes from the top garage storage was always the both of us. Oh I can do it by myself but I had a little fall in the yard this past week. My fault for using a chair to stand on instead of getting the step ladder, so I am being extra cautious.
Speaking of the step ladder, last evening when I put the overhead lights on in the kitchen,
one of the them is not working. So, I guess the step ladder will be used soon to check on the light. I have the replacement fluorescent lights so let's hope this is easy. Did I ever tell you that I hate ladders?
I began some tatting yesterday but just could not get it going. I was sitting outside enjoying the mild temps when it began to get cooler and very overcast. I actually thought it would rain a few drops but of course not. We have not had any measurable rain her in The Valley since October. A couple of drops did fall one day last week.
Since I am awake I should get the laundry in and because it is only 4:30 AM I will wait to seems a bit early to clean house don't you think? I could try the tatting again or maybe read for awhile. Big decisions! I am glad to have you to chat with. Thank you for visiting with me and for your kind words and most of all your friendship. Maybe I could hold off on the laundry and reading and just take a short nap.....

Monday, November 27, 2017

Feeling lazy today

I woke very early but then dozed back to sleep for a short time then just did not feel like want to get out of bed...lazy. Finally here I am up and having toast with the bread I made yesterday...
it is Olive Bread. I used regular black olives and Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil. the recipe tells you that the olive oils used as well as the olives will change the taste. The texture of this bread is nice and not dry. The only thing I would do differently is add the sliced olives a bit later to the mix than I did which will result in larger pieces. Just had it toasted with butter and not bad. I think this would also make good rolls.
I began to tat, well actually on/off tatting. I paid partial attention to the Patriots football game and then a Christmas movie on Hallmark. I did skim the pond. So much easier caring for the pond. Oh I know, Denny never minded all the work when the fish lived here. For me it was torture trying to keep it clean. I am feeling happy about the plants...
If you remember this plant, it is the one that I have killed 3 times and now it is nice and green and blooming. It the plant that Denny planted just before going to hospital and the one he asked me to really take care of....I have named it Denny's Lantana. I did move it from where it was and it is now on the irrigation line so I do not forget to give it water or I should say enough water. It is so nice to have blooms around the garden and out front in November.
I did put up the tree late yesterday and one outside on the porch area. I will take pictures when I finish them.
I need to get out for a few things  for this or that but need to get the ambition first. It may be better now that the big sales weekend is over. Need the Post Office too. I really think I should do some of this today. So, I think then that I should say thank you for stopping by and thank you for the kind words and for your friendship and then get going!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Are the crowds gone yet?

Nippy in the morning and then...boom! hot in the afternoon. I guess we will wait until December (which is just days away) for the normal temps. We certainly have missed Fall temperatures this year. I do not mind because I still get to sit outside and enjoy the nature around me. While sitting on the front porch I had the woodpecker screaming from the palm tree because he would not come to the hummingbird feeder while I say there. Then this cutie....
do you see him in the shadow of the palm tree? He played hide and seek around the tree. With the weather so warm the Prickly Pear cactus is still having occasional blooms...
The massive plant is outside my driveway. All the plants are being fooled by the weather. We have not had any measurable rain in The Valley since October and that was not enough to remember!
Last week our HOA re-did the front of the property in Xeriscaping.
All the what remained grass was removed and the rocks brought in. This was a few days work as it was all done with manual labor.
 There were at least 6 guys and wheelbarrows and shovels and the job was done. Final landscaping will be later. We have the 2 courtyards to also transition and that will start next year.
I did not enter the sale crowds at all this weekend. Instead I remained comfortable in my home/yard tatting.

This is a Tiny Tatted ornament (1 inch) and is a pattern by Linda Gravois. I plan to make more. Before I settle to tat today it will be skim the pond morning before the heat of the day. I also will be making a Black Olive Bread today. Sounds good so let's hope it tastes good.  Time to get glad you stopped by to chat. Thank you for your kind words and your friendship.
If you are out with the crowds shopping, please be careful. There are crazies out there!

Friday, November 24, 2017

No Black Friday here

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving day. It was quiet and relaxing and of course a hard day for me but I did get through the day.
I made my dinner and sat to eat around 3:15. It was a small turkey breast, sweet potato, stuffing and gravy as well as cranberry sauce with an antipasto. A glass of sparkling wine to wash it all down.  Dessert was homemade biscotti, Pizzelles, and Glenda's chocolate chip cookies.  The weather was a warm 87 and the sun was shining.
I finished the Swaddled doll #2
 I am hoping the recipient likes her. She is ready for a box and mailing. I picked out some of the print flowers to embroider and did not want to over do it.
I added the blooms to her hat for some color.  The simple embroidery looks good. I like the raised leaves which add texture. as do the French knot centers. Looking forward to making a few more.
I do not do the Black Friday shopping thing, never have. I will venture out on Saturday to just one store to get a few items for my Christmas gifts that need to be mailed. My goal is to get everything in the mail beginning of December. Key word is goal. I need to get into my Christmas decorations to find the tiny glass ornaments to do some tatting around. A gal shared her pattern and I would like to make a few. First I need to get the Bissell and Swiffer out today before I can play. I really should tackle some yard work but it can wait.
An update on our friend Lynda Ruth. She did finally have the shoulder surgery and spent 4 days in hospital but is now home recuperating. That is about it form here. It was good to visit with you and I thank you for the kind words and emails and your friendship.