Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last day

I feel like I never went to bed. Once again I was awake so early that I finally just got up. I have had first cup of coffee and already had shredded wheat. Laundry is swimming in the machine and the sewing machine is waiting.
The other day when I went to the market to get a few things I spoke to the manager. I wanted to tell him about the chestnuts that I bought and every one was bad. I thought they should know. He insisted that I take a credit. I refused and said that was not what I was looking for or I would have talked to him right after Christmas not a week later. He actually followed me for a few minutes talking and when I got to the register he had the cashier take almost $13.00 off my amount.
I love chocolates as you may know...but I also love fresh popped popcorn. I usually buy the single serve microwave packages but have not enjoyed them. The popcorn does not have a nice crunch and forget the butter used to season it. So, when I saw this
I figured it was worth a try. I love gadgets of all kinds. Well, it makes the same amount as the packaged kind or you can make a large serving. The salt is to your liking and the butter actually tastes like butter. The best part is that it tastes great without any seasoning too and has the fresh crunch. Okay, commercial over.
Befor I go to the laundry corner...
This is waiting for me on the sewing table. You will hopefully get to meet her real soon.
The last day of the year.....sounds sad but for me it also sounds nice. I will spend some time today and tonight remembering all the good things of this 2017 year and then move forward to think about 2018. I am sure there will be some moments tonight that will bring tears to my eyes and I will allow them to fall as they must.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the caring and encouragement you gave to me and I know you will be there when I need it in the coming year. Your friendship is so important.
We cannot change what has happened or caused us pain but we can look ahead to make things better for ourselves and those around us. I wish you all the inner peace of a New Year.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Arizona icicles

The mornings start chilly but by afternoon we reach the high 60 to low 70. Love Arizona winters! To be honest, I did love the early morning walk through freshly fallen snow and the glisten of icicles newly formed in the sun when I lived in Rhode Island. But--- and here is the thing...I do not miss the cold. So, if I did want cold and snow I could drive 2 to 3 hours north to the high country for it or just tat my own snowflakes and icicles
this pattern is by Carolyn Craig who designs lovely tatting patterns and I have a couple of her books. This is a fun pattern and quick with many beading possibilities.
Look at this beautiful variegated Poinsettia
I bought it just before Christmas and it is still looking pretty...just a small plant but lovely colors. I love having blooms in the house...we always had fresh flowers on the table. Today I will be tossing out the fresh greens that I bought just before Thanksgiving...they certainly lasted a long time and this will replace them on the table. This morning when I went to do the check the garden thing...
The alien Snail Vine has definitely grown some...the center is hanging almost 2 feet below the center of the arbor! It is everywhere. It does love this cooler weather rather than the 110 temps of the summer. Still waiting for more tomatoes...they seem to be at a halt. Meanwhile I did tie up the beans so they are not trailing across the pathway. Looks like a handful so far.
The little doll pattern has been cut out and now to find the fabric and get it made. My hands are in so many directions! I did find the outside wall hook for the Rain Chain so it will hang from the wall and catch rain...if and when it comes. For that I will need to ask Don for help...not sure about drilling into cement.
It has been so nice visiting with you but the bed needs making and the Bissell and Swiffer are waiting. Thank you for your kind words and your friendship.
I looked at the calendar this morning....there are only 3 days left to this year. So much to put to rest and time to try to move ahead. 
"Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering 'it will be happier.' " - Alfred Lord Tennyson

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Beans and Pansies

A nip in the air this morning but if it is anything like yesterday it will be in the low 70s by afternoon. The coffee and Cream of Wheat are finished and the second laundry is swishing in the washer. the sun is still rising ever so slowly. But in the garden
there are beans sprouting! Yes indeed. Here and there they at appearing. I may get a salad from them. And new and waiting for a pot are these pansies
I bought them yesterday and have not decided where they will go. Probably by the pond as there is a pot that is lonely for color. I love pansies...they are the Ladies of the Garden. I am still amazed that here it is almost January and I have flowers in bloom. Vegetables growing. Fruit to pick.
I am still working on an tatted icicle pattern and think I just may try to create my own pattern. A break today while I think about it on paper. In the meantime there is a doll waiting to meet me so I will cut out the pattern and find some suitable fabric from the fabric bin and see who appears.
One of the packages that was mailed in early December finally found it's way through Canadian customs. Who thought I should have mailed them in November!
Yesterday I spent time completing my Shutterfly book. I should have it by January 13th. This is the first time creating one and it will not be my last. Using the coupon from Dianna saved me $ just pay a minimal fee of around $14.00 S & H and tax. This is a special book for me. Ideas for others already forming in my head. I did complete another snowflake yesterday, this one without a gem in the center. Still want to make more so they can travel here and there --- wherever they may be wanted.
Time to make the bed and check on the laundry. So nice to chat with you today. Thank you for your kind words and your caring friendship. Hope you have a relaxing day.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Bread, a gift and tatting

I managed to tat a bit yesterday but got caught up with this and that but did make bread. The entire house had a wonderful aroma. A plain bread but the extra virgin olive oil adds a distinct taste. It can also be made using regular or light olive oil. Today I hope to at least try to tat the icicle pattern so I can figure out what beads I need. With all the beads I do have most likely they are not the right size!
There is another gift to show you...
this beautiful lacey scarf made for me by Debbie. Hard to tell but it is a lovely variegated yarn, and oh so soft. This was only part of the package....
A wonderful mug mat and ort catcher filled with delicious hard candies and a candy bar...I love chocolate and Lindt is one of my favorites. Thank you my friend....not only for the gift but for your continued daily emails...yes we chat everyday.  She has offered so much encouragement to me over these last 6 months.
So, today they say our temp should be in the low 70s....sorry for those of you out there in the snow and cold. I will just continue to tat snowflakes and icicles for the winter feel. I must work on my Shutterfly book as the coupon will soon expire......just as the year will soon change form 2017 to 2018. I make no resolutions for the New Year because I would never keep them.
I am off to finish my coffee. So glad to visit with you today. Thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship. 

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The day after

Today is Boxing Day in the UK....for me and many of us it is the day after Christmas and all through the house it is probably a mess. If not a mess it still is lots of holiday decorations and the thoughts of when to take them down and the thought of putting it all away. I have always waited until after New Year's Day and even though I have minimal decorations this year that is still my plan.
I received some lovely gifts this year
Dianna and Bobby gave me a Rain Chain...I love it. Of course with the new gutter system, there is no corner to catch the rain....then again we do not have much rain. It will however hang outside the lanai and possibly find some rain drops to channel. Dianna also found
These lovely "sisters" by a company we both have come to like...Blue Sky. Dianna also has the same set. She and Me. I enjoyed my Christmas Eve time with them and their family. Dianna and I sat outside chatting after we ate and it was a nice relaxing day.
Yesterday was a quiet day and I nursed a headache most of the day. Today will be a regular do the laundry and Bissell the house and take the Swiffer by the hand. I am half way finished with another tatted Snowflake and now, I found a tatted icicle to try. I need to find some beads for that. Oh I have toms of beads but they are probably not the right ones..... I think Jo Ann's is having a string bead sale.
Fresh picked Arizona Sweet Oranges from Al/Keith's tree and lovely lemons form Glenda/Don's tree. Just the fragrance is wonderful but they taste so good. Remember the chestnuts....not one of them is good so they will be going back to Safeway. They seem to be old and not edible at all. I am not returning them for the cost but that they should be made aware of a bad product.
I hope everyone had a terrific holiday and thank you for the caring emails for me. I am so very lucky to have you for my friends.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve 2017

Today is another first witout Dennis....but I choose to think about our first Christmas Eve  together.  That was in 1970. We lived in a very small house out of the city area.  We decorated our tree with multi-colored lights and ornaments and Hershey Kisses...that's right, Hershey Kisses.  Whenever we passed the tree we picked one.  At that time we had a wonderful mutt named Harry who ate all the Kisses from the lower branches...never got sick from the chocolate but had very colorful poop with silver paper. We did not play Christmas music but instead it was The Beatles and The Animals. We spent Christmas Eve at my parents home with my sis and her family and The Brother Alan. There was lots of Christmas music. Lots of Italian food.
Today I will join friend Dianna and her husband Bobby for an afternoon celebration. Later when I return home I will have a shrimp and pasta dinner. I will cook a lobster tail smothered in butter ...Dennis' favorite seafood. There will be cookies made by neighbors Robyn and Dave, and Keith and Al. I will toast the evening with Verdi Sparkling wine. My focus will be on the happy years not this one.
Whatever your plans for this Christmas Eve...enjoy and be safe if out there on the roads. 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Chestnuts for Christmas!....

It is a chilly morning but oh so beautiful.  I have been awake since 1:30 AM not able to fall back to sleep so I tatted and finally got the snowflake to start the next one. But first, I need coffee, toast and a fresh orange to start my day. 
On Monday I found out that the Stitching Retreat that I was going to attend in January down in Tucson has been cancelled. So disappointed. Seems they said they wanted one close to home here in Arizona then they did not commit. I may find something else to do and go to in January or maybe February.
Yesterday I worked on my Shutterfly book...long way to go but all the pictures I want are in just need to finish up the pages with comments. Very time consuming but I am sure I will love it when I have it in hand. I also decided to make a special wine bottle

The bottle was a favorite of Denny's....from the Frances Ford Coppola winery. Just battery lights in the bottle with the cork to hold them in place and a cluster of grapes. Looks nice without so much light except it would not photograph well because it is a green bottle.
........and look what I found in the market....
I did not get to have them for Thanksgiving but I will have them for Christmas. They were $6.99 a surprised to find them in the market. Now I will hope that they are good.
I really must get that coffee ground and brewing and the toast in the off I go. Thank you for coming by and for your kind words and most of all your friendship.
*****Il mio cuore e pieno d'amore****** (my heart is full of love)

Friday, December 22, 2017

A new angel in the house and a barn

Very nippy weather.... actually it is winter finally here. I had no plans to leave the house yesterday but I decided to and came home with
tis lovely glittery angel to top the tree. She is about 12 inches end to end. Of course there is glitter everywhere now. Along with the angel, I found something that we looked for last year and did not find..... a barn
Last year Denny began to find farm animals...just little ones and decided we needed a barn for the holiday. We never found what we liked or very many for that matter. Now there is a barn on the mantle with chickens, pigs and a cow and geese. I will continue to add as I find more. I saw this on Vonna's blog and loved would be just what wanted. I got it at Cracker Barrel and it was half off as was the angel.
Windows 10 decided to do an computer has been crazy since yesterday afternoon! "Oh Honey....let's hope I do not have to bother you!"......poor Keith, I think I drive him crazy. Well, that is it for now. I actually have not had my coffee yet and I am really needing it..... it is after 7! My tatted Snowflake is almost finished so I will be starting another today. Once again this desk looks shabby and not in a pretty way so it will need attention. The Bissell is still standing around with Swiffer. I thought by now they would have done their thing. I guess I will lead them about the house in an attempt to show them what needs to be done. They are quite lazy with a push from me.
Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your kind words and your friendship.

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Okay...I have to say I am really chilly this morning. Robe and socks on! The high today may be in the upper 50s....brrrrrrrrrrr.  The good news is that I have no place to be and that is fine with me.
Last evening I had dinner with friends Robyn and Dave....across the courtyard. Delicious soup and salad and of course a glass of wine. Robyn and I actually email almost daily...yes, they are just across the courtyard. Good neighbors and caring friends. Speaking of friends....a visit from dear friend Glenda yesterday brought me
this beautiful glass pedestal plate...and it is such a lovely soft  lavender. A few times that we were out shopping I looked at and commented that I wanted to get a pedestal plate but many were so big and just did not hold my attention...but this perfect. It measures about 7 inches across. We will be having a Holiday Tea after Christmas!
When I sent out Denny's Angels, I did so to the many friends near and far that have been right there for me from that first terrible news in May right to the loss of my Denny, just 34 days. I am so touched by the thank you, my dear friends I thank you for being there for us...for me. Today is 6 months and I am still trying to come to grips with it all. The encouragement and kind words have been so touching. There are no real words that I can say. Thank you seems so little. I just received a request from someone and I will gladly send one to her...I am touched to think so many would like an angel to honor Denny's memory.
It will be a lazy day but a tatting day as the new project....Snowflakes has begun! And yes, sis Lynowl you will get one soon. And to answer someone's I do not sell what I make I share.
Off to curl up for a while and then to tat while staying will be a socks day for sure. Thank you for your kind words and most of all your encouragement and friendship. My heart is warm thanks to you.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

More mail deliveries

Quiet day yesterday...chilly but nice once the day moved on. Spoke with the local post office supervisor about slap shot deliveries. He agreed the "fragile" marked boxes should not be tossed over a 6 foot gate!...really?!?
I though I should organize my Denny's Angel basket. Found a couple left so I guess they will need to find a home. I have received such kind words from those who did receive one. It is my pleasure to share them.
This beautiful bracelet arrived from my RI friend Joan...very New England with the sunset, shell and star fish with a piece of beach glass in a pretty gold sheer bag. I love my bracelets.
The other box was from Lu and Stan, also in RI, and of course it was Annalee...not one but 2!
Look at this little baker.....I have a special tree for all the Lu/Stan ornaments. This little baker will help today with the  Pizzelles. I did finish my tatted snowflake
It is a very nice pattern called Bloomin' Ice Drop by Diane Cademartori. Really enjoyed this one and plan to make a few to send out for the New Year. I may not want real snow but these are just fine with me. While getting ready to make this I found that I have misplaced some of my shuttles.....seems with my recent moving and rearranging the craft closet a few things are someplace and I have no idea where. Guess I have a new task the beginning of the year.
The Bissell came in from the garage yesterday but so far has not moved. I guess I will have to guide it around the place along with the Swiffer today. I need a maid......
In the meantime, I will get busy with a laundry and house things before anything else. I thought the A/C people were coming, it is today. I will be enjoying dinner tonight with Robyn and Dave across the courtyard so I do not have to plan anything. Off I go to the laundry corner. Glad you stopped by today. Thank you for your kind words and friendship.
ps....the bite on my neck is healing....whatever it was!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mail Delivery

It is finally feeling like winter with the nighttime temps in the 40s and daytime in the mid 60s. Of course the sun remains very warm and in The Valley here we do not get any snow, but it does feel like winter. Yes, I had to wear long sleeves the other day!
Sometime today I must go to the Post Office...the dreaded place this time of year. This time to speak to someone in charge (?) if there is anyone. I received a package from sis Lynowl yesterday clearly marked fragile and it was thrown over my security gate.
The package did not contain breakables, but this was a good test after the last broken gift. These are chestnuts that sis found and thought to send to me. On Sunday...yes Sunday the bell rang but of course the mailperson did not wait. Instead the package was left outside the back gate.
 My Christmas gift from sis .... this is a book we had talked about recently and now I have it to read. I am very superstitious and not entirely sure about ghosts so this will be an interesting book for me. Also in the box was this lovely chime. I can never have too many of them. This is has ...yes, buffalo medallions at the top and on the hanger. It will hang in the kitchen because I love having chimes where I can casually ring them.
The mail also brought me yesterday
a Christmas card and a lovely stitched ornament from Vickie. A sweet friend who even when she was not feeling well always has time to visit my blog and send me encouragement. What a great finish for this ornie.
Ready for another picture....
My niece Elyssa managed to get her daughter...Natalia to posse with the ornament I made and sent but she ran off with the doll so at this point there is no picture of that.  She is adorable!

Here  is a sweet Christmas  picture of mother and child. Elyssa is a pre-school teacher. Alan is the dad/granddad of these two.
Speaking of The Brother Alan
Last Friday evening he and Lisa went to a Christmas party and sent me this picture. We may live 3,000 miles apart, but I am totally in touch with my family through pictures and now with Skype. Lisa modeled this dress for me last week on Skype! So much fun...See and Chat!
Sis  Lyn and I have been having lots of laughs with Skype too. It really has been a help this holiday season to be able to "be with them".
Well my friends, I need to get the laundry done and house in order. I have the A/ people coming to once again try to find the loud strange noises in this 6 month old Air conditioner. Of course while Brent will be here it would never make any noises! Hope you enjoyed the photos...I enjoyed having you visit. Thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship.
PS the other day when I mentioned Debbie Burke...I forgot to add her blog link....

Monday, December 18, 2017

Chilly days ahead

Bright sun but definitely into the winter temps. Socks on in the morning and barefoot by afternoon. Not complaining mind you, but finally into the normal temperatures for this time of year.
my neck is no longer feeling the burning and is not sore to touch. Whatever got me or caused this is healing. Everyday it is looking better.  My friend Keith helped me check the entire chair area for signs of a scorpion and we did not find any. He also got the mouse and keyboard finally working.
Yesterday friend Sherry and I went to Scottsdale for the morning...we originally intended to go to Tombstone but with the forecast of rain we changed our plans. Enjoyable company makes for a fun time. This morning I went out to
pick tomatoes...can not wait to enjoy them in a salad. The plant still has many more still in the green stage. With the temps dropping to the low 40s at night I may cover them to help keep them warmer. I am hoping some of the plants can take the cold nights. But there is the Geranium
 Hot pink and bright with a bloom and buds ready to open
Autumn Sage fully in bloom with it's purple flowers
The bright red of Hot Lips
and blooms on the Alien....I mean Snail Vine. So for December it is so nice to see the color and cheerful garden. Today is a few errands kind of day and then some needlework and there still is the closet I have been working to rearrange/organize. Had a fun gift opening time on Skype with sis Lynowl last evening and I will show you my gifts tomorrow.
Thank you for the lovely words for my Denny on his birthday both here and on Facebook. Thank you for your friendship which continues to give me encouragement. Right now I need my coffee......have a good day my friends.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Happy Birthday Dennis

Today is the birth date of Dennis, as everyone who follows this blog, will notice his picture in the top right of Grace's homepage. I have not spoke to Grace as of yet today, but thought she might want to take the day off and reflect. No Coyotes, fresh tomato plants or scorpions here in the Northeast, but we have snow and cold temperatures.

The holiday season is upon us and as look out my office window the people braving the outside here in Boston are scarce. My mall is in downtown Boston, and if you think it is stressful and difficult to be in malls during the Holiday Season, you should try going to one everyday. People are short tempered, stressed and as we go into the final week, beat up.

Copley Place is a  Luxury Mall with stores like, Neiman Marcus, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Christian Laboutin, Tiffany's and Burberry to name a few. We do not open up on Midnight on Black Friday we don't extend our hours past 9PM during December. We have many international travelers that come to the city and many are drawn to these stores. The mall is directly across the street from the subway / commuter rail station which brings us many thousands of people cutting through the length of the mall to work or many other final destination. We are attached to two large hotels, Marriott and Westin which generates foot traffic and customers.

Grace has large following from all over and I would like to invite anyone reading this to share any personal or national ways you celebrate the Holiday. Or even how individuals have their own traditions. Let us all take a positive look today and share..........until next time....Alan

Friday, December 15, 2017

I was tatting when it happened

A beautiful nip in the air this morning that will only last until this afternoon when we will feel temps in the mid 70s. All is well in the garden
This is ready for my salad tonight. I know, only one at a time, but that is okay...there are lots on the plant. No beans yet...but they look like a good crop coming. Let's not talk about the Alien Snail Vine...
It was a nice morning yesterday. I was sitting in the living room recliner tatting when all of a sudden...a sharp burning pain on the back of my neck. I touched it an jump with pain.

I looked  in the mirror and it was instantly bloody red. A short time passed when Glenda stopped by to get something and she looked and said need to get it checked. So I went to the Urgent Care and saw a PA on staff. after a few questions she announced that it appears to be a insect bite. She could say it was not a mosquito or spider and thought it could be a scorpion. Not all scorpion bites cause extreme problems. Nothing to do but watch it. This morning is less of an area that is red and not as red as yesterday. It is less painful so I will just keep an eye on it.  Before you ask...yes I did search the area and the chair for signs of any bug but found nothing. My life is so exciting! But it is.....later as I s
at in the same chair tatting...I saw
yes, a coyote walking in front of my living room window...around 4:30 PM.
He scratched up the grass a bit and looked at me through the window before strolling by. I returned to my tatting which is coming along if I could only stay focused without distractions!
So, that was yesterday...I can only hope that today my only distractions are how to get the computer mouse working properly. I have tried so many things I am about to give up. Typing is a challenge when you can not find it on the screen. So, I will stop typing and enjoy my coffee and a piece of toast. Glad we had time to visit. Thank you for your kind words and you friendship. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Problems with a mouse

Oh not the run around cause problems kind, although this mouse is causing me frustration at every move! I still have  this issue and tried everything . The setting are the same, the battery replaced and still it disappears and is not right.
Last evening the sis Lynowl called and we talked about my Skype fun with The Brother Alan...she said...I have Skype ----I said good we must try it...3 hours later.....yes we did Skype. Lot of fun and thank goodness we are sisters because neither of us was photo ready! Speaking of photos....
A package arrived was from my niece Tonya..."just because" and this beautiful angel was broken. Tonya did bubble wrap and mark the box fragile, but remember it is the postal service we are dealing with. I sat and cried....fro her, not me.  I emailed her this picture. The angel is about 12 inches high and so pretty. I love her for the thought.
Laundry finished...only one today...the bedding. Already in/out of the shower and hope to sit and tat. The tree is lit and I will soon have Christmas music playing. I stepped into the garden...
The Snail Vine has become an Alien! It is rapidly reaching out everywhere...spreading now on the ground and has no desire to climb the arbor. I must get the step ladder later and convince it that it is in the best interest to follow the rules.
The Heirloom Beans are doing well
I probably should attach some garden twine and try to have them climb but...they are probably as defiant at the Alien Snail Vine. All in all the garden is holding it's own with little help from me. I did loose the Parsley and the Basil plants...but that is okay. One of these seasons I will get an herb garden to grow.
That about covers my day so far. I do need to have some breakfast soon.....maybe tea, toast and peanut butter. So nice to chat with you today. Thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Just got to get this mouse to cooperate!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

You read it first here

Of course it would be my fault...The Brother Alan has caught a, as he said my cold. That's right. When we Skyped the other night my cold transferred to him...think he has been out in the cold too much. But, the good news is that the Skype issue is resolved thanks to Honey who spent time to investigate and fix the problem. So, last night The Brother Alan and I were able to finally see, chat and all without the telephone. Guess I will have to look my best at all times in case someone Skypes me! This morning however, my mouse pointer arrow seems to be confused and gets lost and it is difficult to direct it! Never ending computer issues.
Some lovely mail arrived
This pretty card and pattern along with angel buttons is from June. A lovely message inside the card form her as well. Then this arrived
The card is from Debbie Burke with a pouch that is both knitted and crocheted. Perfect to hold some needlework accessories. The also arrived a box which will wait until Christmas to be opened. Thank you ladies for your thought gifts.
Some of my packages have arrived and a few are still in transit....but at least all will should arrive in time for Christmas. I did the laundry yesterday and today will be to check the yard. The monthly Pest Control will be here in this morning so I usually get the yard swept before they spray. Had my coffee so now I will get outside. Glad to chat with you today. Thank you for your kind words and for you friendship. Let's hope I can get this mouse to cooperate soon. Think it will help if I put a mousetrap on the desk?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

At least we laughed

Early and dark morning here and the 50s to start but as it did yesterday it will be warmer by afternoon, in the 70s. Socks on my feet this morning for sure.
My finally Post Office visit yesterday and a complaint. I mailed a large manila envelope to my niece Tonya...clearly addressed and guess what? It was delivered to me! It was never cancelled. So I brought it to the Post Office and told them to handle it and get it to Tonya. they were puzzled?! But mail did arrive from The Brother Alan and Lisa last week
Yes--- a Web Camera so we can Skype. Simple enough. Plug it into the computer and get account and settings and you are ready. Not so! Last night we decided to try it out. We could see one another but I could not hear him...yes, he heard me.

My goodness we had so many laughs....and we won't repeat some of the words out of Alan's mouth...I could understand  even if not hearing! Anyway, he finally called me via phone so we could chat. Now, I totally blamed his end of the set up for the missing volume.....probably something from my end! Tonight Honey (Keith) will stop by to check it out for me. While we chatted, he and Lisa opened the gift I sent as I told them they did not have to wait until Christmas unless they wished to. So it was fun and nice to see them open the box. Lisa bought a new dress and she even modeled it.She will be wearing it this weekend to a matter what, we had if we can only fix this....
Today will be a quiet day here...laundry and hopefully a tatted snowflake! I will try a different pattern and I plan to succeed. I checked with my friend last night and the procedure went to wait for please continue to keep good thoughts. It has been nice chatting but the washing machine refuses to work without me. Thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

I think I am I think I am

Yes, it just may be that I am over this thing called The Common Cold! Let me tell you, it was not common to me. It is a week today that it began and just might be ending. About time because I still have a few things to do and today is the day I must get at least 2 items off the list.
Just outside the kitchen window is the tomato plant...almost ready and there will be a few to enjoy. Glad the plant is on the system or it would be gone by now. I have not venture into the yard all week. I did stroll out there yesterday and then spotted
The beans have flowers! Yes indeed, we will pick beans. There are plenty of these sweet blooms on the plants. These are also on the system! By the Spring a few more plants will be hooked up to the irrigation lines which will be helpful. So far all is well out there. The Snail Vine is a beautiful "weed" that just continues to spread everywhere since I have not been out there to tame it.
Yesterday I decided to try the Italian Herb Bread again
this time I substituted Italian Seasoning mix for the individual herbs and it does taste better. I had it toasted this morning with some butter. Will I make it again...not sure. I also used Light Olive Oil instead of Extra Virgin which gives it a milder taste. The best of course is just the regular simple breads.
Most of you know how much I love the coyote encounters. The sounds of them in the evening when they are out hunting to survive is quite the thing to listen to. The sight of them strolling into the courtyard or out on the street is nice. At all times I do remind myself that they need to survive and that is with the rabbits. Having said this....
last week I found this part of a bunny tail on the sidewalk. Now...please do not get upset...this is just a partial of the tail also the bunny still lives. Sad as it may seem, if the coyotes did not hunt them we would be overridden with the rabbits in the neighborhood. there are several large hutches just within our property. The bunnies get away more times than they are caught...they are very fast and get into the many underground homes quickly. A few of their homes are built under the Prickly Pear cacti and the coyotes just can not fight the spines. A Navajo women told me once that we must respect all creatures and not interfere. When I look up at my wall of Native art, there are pieces of fur from many animals incorporated into them. Using the fur tufts this way honors them. So this little tail tuft will find a place with my Native art in honor of the nature around me. So glad you visited with me today. Thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship.
Today a friend, "Bobby" is having a medical procedure so I ask that you keep him in your thoughts for a positive outcome.