Thursday, April 27, 2017

A new kit arrived!

As I mentioned yesterday the mail arrived and this is what I found
when I opened the envelope. Carefully wrapped in pretty tissue with a wonderful what is it? The distinct lavender smell. Hurry to open and find
a kit for French Boutis Scissor Fob. A new challenge to learn....I must say the quality of the supplies is wonderful and such complete directions. An there, do you see it? The sachet of lavender....oh so lovely.  Let me tell you about Averyclaire NeedleArts. You really need to visit and meet and see the work of Karen Jablonski. This is French Boutis, an old form of quilted needlework.  Karen's service is quick and the kit is perfect. this will be my weekend project so I will be able to devote my time to learning and doing. So be sure to visit her blog and Etsy shop. (this is my own opinion and not sponsored by the designer).
I want to thank you my dear friends for the caring kind comments and emails. Yesterday was one of those lost days and I am sure today will be better for my Mr H. I found myself waking at 4 AM today....I needed that sleep. I am raring  ready to go today. I am just ready to finish the yellow Victorian Thread Bag...should have been completed yesterday but just never got that far. My friend Al sent me an email to say that the Black Molly is adjusting to his new home.... happy about that. My tenants are also doing great. I may rent out some more space this weekend, not sure who will join us. I managed to change the living room drapes yesterday and have the laundry all caught up. The garden was watered and today a bit more housework before The Brother Alan arrives...did I mention he was arriving on May 9th...oh yes I think I did! Each year it is a celebration to have him visit with his friend  Lisa. The kid brother who in reality is like my big brother. this visit will be a bit laid back for us, but nevertheless will be a great time spent together. I will need to reorganize the sewing room and get all ready next week.  Yesterday was my great-niece Natalia Rose's 3rd birthday
she is so adorable. We have not met her in person ... yet.... but my niece Elyssa posts pictures which keeps us in the know. I am proud of Elyssa for being a loving mom.
this is such a cute picture of Elyssa and Natalia.
MR H and I now have 3 special ladies in our world; first was Tonya, then Elyssa and now Natalia....all special in their own way. We have beautiful nieces! This day is starting out cloudy and around 70 (6:30 am) and may reach the low 90s. Best get the garden care done early. It is always nice to visit with you. Thank you for your caring kind words and emails. Most of all thank you for your friendship. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A different anniversary date

In the past I have posted lovely comments (I thought they were) about my wedding anniversary.  Yesterday was the most different of all 47 years that my Prince and I have been together. It was spent in a medical facility for him to have several tests.....he is once again having great difficulty with swallowing and stomach issues. We spent the last week in prep for our anniversary date and it was not easy for him and at times for me. On the big day I had to wake him at 1 AM to start the last of the prep and continue to keep him awake until 5 am then back up to get ready for an 8:45 check in. I did not dare to sleep at all because, well, he tends to forget now and again and sure enough at 6 am he was getting something to drink. Not on my watch! Not after all the reminders to drink this, drink that, take this for 5 days...I sent him back to bed and really stood guard over the kitchen doorway. So we arrived at a medical building instead of the beautiful church as we did so long ago and after half an hour in he goes and then all of a sudden the receptionist announces that they were having a computer glitch and things will fall behind, a bit...finally after another half hour the connections were fixed and thing moved along. At 12:15 were left for home and Denny off to sleep. Me? I was so tired but could I fall asleep, of course not, well finally I fell asleep around 10 pm. I woke at 2:30 this morning starving as I hardly ate anything yesterday. This man; Mr Horton, Mr H, Dennis or as I call him Denny, is my everything. I am keeping positive thoughts of good test results ( although there may be a minor issue to deal with). We took our vows on April 25, 1970 and told each sickness and in health and so it will be. Today we continue our journey together. Did I mention on the drive home he stated, "well all that and it only took 10 minutes"....we must have been in a different facility! I truly love this man. Sorry nothing crafty to talk about today although I did work on my Victorian Thread Bag and will finish it today. I may try some smocking later....or something else. Thank you for stopping by and for your most caring kind words and valued friendship. Have a great day and I hope to show you a new project that I will be learning real soon as it arrives.
Count down ...The Brother Alan arrives in 14 days. "I'm so excited, I just can't hide it" .....

Monday, April 24, 2017

Eviction !

I have little tolerance for some things and bullying is one of them. The newest tenant , the Black Molly began to constantly chase one of his neighbors. It drove me crazy. So, on Sunday he was evicted....that is right had to go. What? did you think he went into he trash or flushed?! No no....he moved to my friends Al and Keith's home. He even got to ride in a golf cart! I feel better and my other tenants are more relaxed with no bullying.

I began to crochet another Victorian Thread Bag yesterday, this time in yellow (the wrapper is missing).  This is a small bag that I made a few years back and it is just perfect for my crochet. A couple of inside pockets to hold needful things and a large cotton ball fits perfectly. It was part of a Christmas exchange and the gal picked out the pattern and the fabric so all I did was to embroider and stitch together . Anyway, I had hoped to get more crocheted, but life gets in the way...Mr H.
Tuesday he will be having 2 procedures and this week has been the torture "prep" week. Yesterday I thought about evicting myself instead of the fish! Today should be really fun, liquid diet. Now here is a man who hardly eats but you can bet today he will want gourmet meals! Fun and games will really start at 2 PM so do not expect to hear from me other than mumbling in the garage. You know, going someplace to let it out so as not to offend poor Mr H. I feel sorry but.... I will get through this is my mantra. Do you follow me on Facebook? Here is the post yesterday:
     I absolutely love my husband. As I am crocheting, I hear a TV program in the background. Me: what is that that you are watching?! (The TV station when I look up is Viceland)
Dennis: just waiting for the next program. Something for you.
Me: are you kidding me?! I do not watch Viceland!
Dennis: oh I don't know what this station is, but it said Needles and Pins. Isn't  that a craft show?
So, we check the program description, it is about erotic tattoos in Japan. No my dear husband it is definitely not a craft program. Channel changed!

Now do you understand? He really is a gem! This all in between keeping track of meds and what to eat or not to eat.  I would be lost without him. We are still in the countdown for The Brother Alan's arrival. Transport from the airport has been arranged and all info sent to his friend Lisa for safe keeping. It is much easier to sent a transport to pick and then take back for departure as we hate the long drive and traffic. Do not even mention if there is an accident on the way. Well, time for me to have my coffee and maybe a piece or two of toast. I will feel very guilty eating today so it will be sneaking away to eat. Please keep my dear Denny in your thoughts today and tomorrow. As much as you want a doctor to find the problem, you are also worried of what may be found. Thank you for your kind words and friendship and I know you will think of us these next few days.....hugs to you my dear friends.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dissatified tenant!

Well, there you go. You offer a safe home free room and board one of the tenants decides to up and die move out. There are plenty of fish in the ocean and it was not long before
a velvety black molly moved in. So far the others like him and all is well. There is one problem though------when you pass by the tank (it is in a pass way out of the living room to he kitchen) they all swim to the front waiting for food! How did they learn this so quickly? Do not even think of stopping to look for a second they really put on a show.  I must say, this isn't the puppy I thought about but it is certainly very soothing when I am feeling a bit stressed. Of course I do keep my hands and some sort of needle together and this is what me myself and I with the crochet hook have done....
oh right, you expected a variegated lovely blue lavender...change of plans. I just did not think I would like the busy colors and the delicate pattern. So, this is the first one....
I added a couple of tatted dragonflies and voila....I love it. The pattern confused me in a couple of places (my mind is not as it once was!) so I adapted it to make sense to me. I also reinforced the wrist band so it will stretch out less. This will make a nice gift .....or two.  I just went out to water the garden and it is a bit hot out today...the news predicts out first triple digit on Sunday. I noticed a couple of tomatoes that are just about ready for a salad.  Plans for the rest of the day are just to relax...that is what I am saying. No needle in hand no creative juices just relaxing. As always it is so nice to spend time with you. Thank you for the kind words and for your wonderful friendship. Enjoy your day.
Counting the days.......

Monday, April 17, 2017

New tenants and project

I had a relaxing and quiet weekend. On Saturday the new tenants for the Aquarium moved in,,,

I forgot their names but we have 2 of each. So far they seem to approve of the swimming area and the hiding spots. I know the picture is not too clear, but it is the best I could do with glare and such. I added a backing to the tank which reflects a blue ocean and coral, looks better than the wall.  The soft sounds of the water bubbling are really nice. I did some tatting...
With this bauble I did use a balloon to round the shape. The "gems" are lovely bronze beads and bronze crystals. Not sure if I prefer the squashed version or this rounded look....what do you think.  I think these will look pretty on my tatted trees this Christmas.  While visiting blog for the Easter Blog Hop, I found one that had some lovely work and a pattern that was for a Victorian Thread Bag. It had been a freebie but when I went to search for it, it was not found. I emailed Sheryl from Sewing After Seven and she looked and found her copy and kindly emailed it to me.

Traditionally it would be crocheted using white or ecru thread, but I wanted a more modern look so I started mine with Aunt Lydia's Ocean size 10. I think it will be nice to use while tatting to keep the ball from going here and there and also clean. Seems strange to be crocheting! I do like to vary what I make.  Sometimes I am my own worse problem child. I want to do so many things and try so many things that I give me myself and I a headache!  Of course since my blood pressure is still a good number, we will do nothing to cause stress or a headache.
this sweet vase is so cheerful on our table. Bright yellow tulips and orange daisies....absolutely glowed for Easter. I must tell you...Mr H found that the Doves were back in the planter on Saturday but guess they decided that his stares through the kitchen window were enough to have them move on...we think! One week has passed and the countdown continues to the arrival of The Brother Alan----3 weeks to arrival! Not sure of the plans but I do know he will have some ideas. Hopefully Mr H will feel up to some outings. The important thing is that we spend time together whether out and about or here at Horton House. Soon I will vacate some of my sewing/craft belongings from the front bedroom (sewing room) and turn it into a proper room for the visitors. So happy that you had time to stop by. It has been nice chatting with you today; thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

At 3 O'Clock in the morning-------

Yes, I was up and awake once again in the early of course I must be doing something right?
Another Sun -catcher for the window....or....this time  with a variegated light green and green glass gem in the center. I did manage to doze off once this was finished so now I am ready for the day. A visit to Petco is the plan because we have an addition to the Horton House..... I would have liked a puppy, but not happening so how about
we are adding an aquarium.... a 15 gallon. Years ago we had one and very much enjoyed the sound of the water and the gentle gliding of fish. This has a day light and an evening light. We will be adding a backing to the glass and maybe one other hiding feature for the new residents.  I had the glass shells and starfish as well as the real clam shell. Yesterday I decided to make something new for the front entrance outside wall...
just a simple 8 x 10 frame without the glass or backing and the addition of some flowers and sphagnum moss. Hopefully the birds will not decide to rest here or pick the moss from here. Time will tell I guess. Speaking of birds, the Mourning Doves are once again trying to convince the last baby to leave home. I do think today will be the day as it sat on the edge of the planter on/off yesterday. Could we finally be finished with nesting at Horton House? Mr H would not mind it if it is so. Beginning to be a maternity ward here. I forgot to tell you, my blood pressure has been down considerably....and I am feeling less tired. Still missing my coffee during the day, but the caffeine withdrawal headaches are over now. My thumb was doing nicely until I seem to have another small cut on it....have no idea when or how, but I need my thumb! Always something around here. Still trying to find someone to install the kitchen faucet...I just may be attempting this one. Guess the job is too small and since I already have the parts, well, they probably know they really can not charge high cost to the job. I found 2 more people to call before getting under the sink! It is going to be a beautiful weather weekend but we will not be doing any Easter egg hunting with our ailments, so the hard boiled  (not colored) eggs are in the fridge. and the tatted ones on the display branch. That about covers it dear friends. Glad you had some time to visit. Thank you so much for your kind words and caring about us here at Horton House. Than you for your friendship. Have a wonderful day.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter Blog Hop 2017

Time to begin this fun adventure hosted by-- Jo ---and here is my offering

yes, it is Digger, a rabbit I stitched a while back. Seems like his basket is filled with tatting thread this year and 2 tatted eggs. It also appears that he is going to try to tat with that lavender he knows I could not tat  on Thursday since I cut my thumb (right hand of course) lifting the large calendar page to mark a doctor appointment for Mr H. Now naturally I did not want to blame me for being careless so I said ...see what you did Denny (that is what I call my Mr H) I bleed on the floor . So today it may be back to tatting and stitching...feels better without a full day of use. Anyway back to the blog hop. did you notice the green letter--- L.....that is my letter for the phrase and now you should visit with Lenore at Needles Pen Word for her special picture and letter. Thank you Jo for once again organizing the of many throughout the year. I will be back Saturday with what has been happening around  Horton House.....where there are very few dull days!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The day can only get better....right?

Not the best start to any day....woke at 3 am and promptly spilled a glass of water all over my nightstand and the rug. Dear Mr H quickly came to sop up the mess. Off to the kitchen where I made a cup of tea for both of us and easily spilled the milk over the counter and floor...again Mr H came to help clean it I stood there and began to cry! Silly me.... in my craziness I added sugar to the tea which meant I had to toss that out (too sweet) and now onto a glass of Gatorade. My knee is cracking but that its alright as I will be getting my last (of three) injections this morning. Waiting for the sun to rise and brighten my day.
Will not be too long before I will be picking tomatoes again from our garden. There are 10 more stating to ripen. and the flowers are looking great as is this
Crown of Thorns which is full and lovely. An update on the Mourning Doves....the parents are spending more time out of the nest and the 2 kids reach up and flex their wings so it will not be too much longer before the fly off. Can this be the last for a while? I did some, but very little on Alice....
Shamefully, not really much to show. But, as I have just picked up my new eyeglasses with the new prescription it should be less tiring to stitch on the 32 count linen.  I managed to tat a new ornament...
It should be round but I was unable to get it to be so, so here it is in a different form and I like it. I am trying it again and maybe it will be round! It really lends nicely  to this shape though. I mailed one package for Easter and tracking tells me it arrived safely....well my dear friends, I really need to have a cup of fresh ground hot coffee....I do believe the dropsies have ended. Thank you for stopping by and for the kind words and of course your wonderful friendship. Have a good day.
I am officially in countdown to The Brothers Alan's visit...arriving May 9th. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hello...I forgot to post!

Not that I am that busy, but I am definitely loosing time and some of my mind. I tat, stitch and sit. On the good news front, my blood pressure is coming down! I am only having 1-2 cups of coffee a day instead of 4 and no added salt.( most of the time) My 2nd injection on my knee went well yesterday with some soreness today so I wore my beautiful leg brace when I went to needlework group this morning and for a few errands. Rubbed the jell medication in and feeling pretty good right now. I forgot to post a lovely scented gift...
Sweet cousin Janice sent me homemade soap and it smells divine. I want to tell you about the "box" it came in. Last week I sent her a tatted sun catcher and could not find a suitable box and then saw this sandwich storage container in the dollar store...perfect size! So when Janice sent me the soap I got it back...I think this may be our new mailing box!! I am not one for saving so soon this will be in my soap dish for daily use. I love homemade soaps and buy them often. A nice surprise on Tuesday...the tatting group leader asked if they could put my pink tatted egg in the Spring display window....of course I said. Did I mention that we are replacing the kitchen faucet? Well, it is bought but I am trying to find someone to install as Dennis can no longer get down under a sink. The first guy wanted $250 (I have the faucet), the second guy wanted $169 (I have the faucet), just got an email for the 3rd guy and he "thinks" maybe $75- 100 (I have the faucet) I am very tempted to do this me, myself and I but figure I would have to do this in the middle of the night while you know who is asleep, and I am guessing I would run into a problem. Oh, I did managed to change the filters for the drinking water...of course I messed the the hot water flow, could not get the water to flow into the drinking faucet, but in the end I fixed it all. Soon, I will be changing the refrigerator filters...I promise to keep the yelling down. Now today I could not get my printer to copy 2 sheets of paper to one...I have done this before but it is not working today! I am taking a mental vacation for at least the rest of the day. Sorry for the rant today, but thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Have a good feet are going up and my recliner back!
A pretty bloom from the garden

Saturday, April 1, 2017

No fooling, it International Tatting Day

Of course I will be tatting....
I started a blue Easter egg using size 20 thread in a light variegated blue, Lizbeth 163. I love my Origami Bag, a gift from wonderfully talented Lelia of Stitches of Life It is my take with me bag and surprising you can stash lots of necessities in there. Amazing that I have recently started to collect shuttles and still go to the Clover brand!
These are all Sterling Silver and if you look carefully down at the very bottom is a tiny shuttle that actually can be used! zone of these days I will pick one up and tat with it---- not the tiny one!
then I have a wooden one, a shell and bone shuttle. The framed motif is from my original learning pieces. I started to shuttle tat in 2013 and when I look back I see just how far I have come. I really enjoy tatting so much. I am proud to celebrate International Tatting Day. Tatting gained popularity during the 1860s / 1880s with intricate lace embellishment for clothing. Today it can be found on greeting cards and ornaments as well as doilies and such. Shuttles range from inexpensive to pricy and are made from all sorts of materials. I am happy to have joined a local ( quite small) tatting community group that meets once a week and to be part of 2 on line groups,; Ice Drop Addicts and Tatters of Lace. Both of these groups are made up of novice tatters to designers and many share their designs and tips. So, off I go to tat for a bit. By the way, I did go for my knee discomfort but I am "aware" of the knee so I will be careful in what I do today. The next 2 Wednesdays I will have the injections for a total of 3. I am trying to avoid surgery!
I leave you with another bloom form the garden...
a flower from a beautiful geranium simply named Regal. Each flower is tri-colored and so delicate. Oh I almost forget to tell you...Around 8/8:30 last evening I heard the call of one lone coyote....haunting  but at the same time you just wanted to listen....
Thank you for visiting with me and for your kind words. Most of all thank you for your friendship.

Friday, March 31, 2017 egg and shopping

I started out to get my eye glass prescription filled  (wish they were not as pricy as they are). Between the new frames for regular and sunglasses and the lenses, well I may have to return to work soon. Of course going to Dillard's did not help the checkbook.
When We entered Dillard's from the mall entrance, we travelled through the jewelry department and these silver and turquoise earrings just caught me eye. Long and dangly  and now mine. Then we walked to the handbag department. After all they did send me an email with lovely bags.... I love leather bags with a nice design element. This has nice pockets in and out and a touch of turquoise on the end. Then Mr H found some great shoes and once I tried them on, well they had to come home with me. Of course we did stop by See's candy to get a pound of assorted chocolates.....all in all it was a lovely shopping day and we will not discuss the total $$$$$ spent. Today is only a doctor appointment for me to get the first injection for my knee. No shopping today for me, it will be back home to rest the knee and stitch. I finished the Easter egg...
this is what it looked like before adding the plastic a giant star fish! I lightly starched it and then ...
Voila! I can not wait to make a few more....I may tat in a different thread color. Remember the angel from last week...I decided to tat it in a larger thread....
I think I should have made her dress smaller, but it did turn out nice. So I will make another to see....the larger size makes a nice size as an ornament. Maybe even add beads along the bottom. If my week long headache goes away, I will work on these projects. Not sure what has caused this but I have taken everything I can and the headache subsides just for a while. This has not happened to me in some time. It may actually be allergies with all the wind we have been having and me sitting outside is probably not the smartest thing. Speaking of outside....
I was taking pictures of some of the flowers and found myself standing just a foot away from the nest and was able to capture this...look at that staring eye. She never even flinched. I think the eggs will hatch next week.  Dennis is hoping that they will not make another nest once these babies arrive. I think they are going to become life long residents.  They are really no problem; they do not bother me at all. As for the flowers, I love my pansy's...

this is a small clay rectangular pot that is loving sitting in the shade under the gazeebo where I sit. When I was a little girl a neighbor used to call them the painted ladies of the garden so that is still how I think of them. My chair is right next to them so I can keep my eye on them. Guess you have had enough pictures for one visit....and I am glad you did stop by. Thank you for the kind words and for your friendship. Have a wonderful day.
This is on the opposite side of the planter....

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Change in holiday

What was I thinking?! Starting Christmas and skipping Easter! I started an Easter egg, sort of. This is the first of 5 strips to decorate an egg with...the plastic kind. The original pattern used size 80 thread....not for me. This is size 20 and it will fir onto a plastic egg. I have to admit I had a bit of trouble with this simple pattern at first, but once my mind settled down it worked just fine. The angel is still in the plans as I want to make several as I mentioned for gifts. Yesterday morning we had a community meet and greet coffee and donuts. The weather was perfect and we had a nice turn out to meet some of the new residents. AI behaved myself and did not have any coffee. As a matter of fact, later yesterday when I checked my blood pressure it was down a little....very pleased. Hopefully this progress will continue. Here it is not even 9 AM and I am craving shrimp....I love shrimp. Except raw. My mind is in one of those modes...wandering aimlessly. Better get back to the stitching chair and tat the other legs of the egg piece. Anyway, there is a Sherlock Holmes movie on and I so enjoy them. Thank you for the kind words which really help when feeling off kilter and worried. Thank yo for the friendship and caring souls that you are. Hope you have a great day.  

Friday, March 24, 2017

Irish Lucky Pennies

The ten Irish Lucky Pennies are finished and I found the extra thread! I was not sure I would have enough of the Iris Pearl Cotton thread and could not find more until I spotted the last of it at Jo Ann's. My friend Mary Ann is giving these as gifts so she wanted them all to match.  Mary Ann brought the coins back from her trip to Ireland. Today we have a doctor appointment for Mr H.....and a few errands to accomplish. I visited with my Alice yesterday morning and hopefully I will soon have pictures to show. Right now, they would not be too interesting.  I would like to begin the next Brooch from the Tatted Ovals booklet and would like to start on Tatted Angel ornaments for Christmas gifts. Tuesday evening we had very high gusty winds and then the rain. The temps have fallen out of the high 80s low 90s for now so it is feeling chilly...I know, some of you are still with snow and still waiting for Spring weather. What can I say, we are spoiled. I picked 2 more tomatoes yesterday....they ae delicious when fresh from the plant. Tomato cucumber basil salad today on the menu. I am feeling better and my blood pressure is still up there but lower than last week. The doctor has requested  told me that I can have only 2 cups of coffee a day not the regular 4. I will be having some tests done soon to rule out additional issues. Your messages of good wishes have warmed my heart. In the scheme of things, I am lucky with my health.  Now if we can only settle Dennis' issues.....anyway, that is about the story for today. Glad you had some time to stop by. Thank you for the kind words and most of all for your friendship. Have a great day. Now where did I leave my shuttles......

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New Broach

Well, the blood pressure is still high and today I am off to see my PCP. She called me late yesterday concerned so a visit and a chat and med adjustment. Since I am not feeling all that right, I think it is a good idea to see her. I finally made it to Jo Ann's yesterday for a few items and managed to finish another tatted broach
the flowers are tatted from the new book, 3D Flowers by Carolyn Craig...(love them all). Actually, these are a combination of her design and a little bit of my adaption.

Here is another view to show you the pearl inside the flower bud. Carolyn has lovely designs and I want to just make them all! I have been unable to purchase the type of backing she suggested for making them into pins, but for now I will just tat and scout on line for them. Here is what I have so far
Really enjoying these projects. I finally got the right thread to finish the Lucky Irish Pennies for my friend Maryann. That means these Broaches will be on hold while I finish the pennies. I have 6 to finish. It happens to be 2 little sleep so I am hoping that I will get tired enough to fall back to sleep....maybe a bit of TV and off I will slumber.  So, it has been nice chatting with you but I really need to doze off. Thank yo for the kind words and for you sheep, two sheep, three sheep.........💤💤💤💤💤💤

Sunday, March 19, 2017

How quickly a day changes

Well, I never tatted from my new book, I never enjoyed sitting outside....instead it was several hours in the ER for me. Remember the visit with the doctor for my knee? When they took my blood pressure it was sky high and they did take it several times. So it was suggested that I follow up with my doctor if it remain high. I took my pressure later that evening and then again yesterday morning...more than once, and it was still very high. Do off to the ER Mr H and I went. After time spent with the monitor hooked up, an IV inserted, chest x-rays and blood work, they found nothing wrong...not to worry but still follow up with my PCP. They did give me another BP med ( I already take 2 a day) right there and an RX for it to take for 14 days. So.......when we arrived back home I was too tired and sore...did I mention that I have the bruise of bruises at the IV site?, and just felt out of sorts. Not a good day at all. I am starting this one with a headache and still a very sore right stitching/tatting arm. Even though the temps will be in the 90s, I hope to sit outside and tat after I get my new med at the pharmacy. As Dennis sat with me in the ER room, he said "we should have brought your new tatting book". I looked down at my right arm...IV, then to my left arm...BP machine and yes, the right index finger attached to a gadget...."Denny ( that is what I call him) now how would I even hold the book". "Oh you could manage" least he was thinking of me. About those Mourning Doves...there are 2 more eggs. Things look so pretty with flowers blooming and everything nice and green.  As I sit here and type, I just realized that this computer desk is still a mess....maybe later. Thank you for the kind words and for taking time to visit. Thank you most of all for your friendship. Let's all have a good day!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Garden of flowers

It arrived! It is wonderful to order something and it arrives promptly...great service from The Tatting Corner....thank you Lisa. Of course without Carolyn's fine designs.....thank you Carolyn! I guess you know what I will be doing with my basket of threads this weekend. Both groups; Ice Drop Addicts and Tatters of Lace have given me much inspiration to do what I enjoy, tatting and making new friends. I mentioned yesterday that I was seeing the doctor for my knee. It was our pain management doctor...a wonderful young man who always finds the right painful spot to treat. In my case yesterday, there was no fluid to drain (grateful for that) but he did find that my meniscus is again an issue. We will treat with gel injections again to hopefully avoid surgery. In the meantime I will apply topical gel 4 times a day and use my leg brace as needed until we start the injections.
Tough getting old I tell ya.....we are like the walking wounded around here, Me and Dennis...Mr H. Now we trade off which task we cannot do to the other! Not easy to admit but true.  More so for my Dennis who is slowly coming around to these truths.  Even with these issues we are luckier than some who have more serious problems to deal with. I have a sweet friend who will be starting cancer treatments soon and I admire her outward strength. We do what we have to do to make it everyday. So, I guess the yard work will move a little slower now, but I did find cushions for my chairs under the gazebo so that is a plus. Will make for a softer sit!
The temps have been in the high 80s to 90 so being outdoors is limited, even in the shade for Mr H as the heat is affecting him somewhat this year.....going to be a long summer when it reaches the triple digits. Must get to Jo Ann's today...need supplies..... we always need something right? Today is clean the computer desk (never got to it yesterday). There are so many notes to me that I bet some are useless now. I have the "I'll get to it" syndrome lately. Time to get the newspaper and a cup of coffee and put up the feet the leg/knee. Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by and most of all thank you for your friendship. Enjoy the day.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Dum and Dee

That is Tweedledum and Tweedledee  have join the party with Alice
They are so cute.....trying to get a bit of stitching in each morning. So far so good with my eyes being cooperative. Now on to some black stitching in the Quaker design just above them to the left and to the right. I have a doctor appointment this morning for my knee. I may have fluid again, not sure so best to get it checked. Hopefully then to Jo Ann's for some needed supplies. I finished
the 3rd Oval Broach yesterday except for the embellishments. I am hoping that my new book of 3D flowers will arrive today. I really love these motifs. They ae so lacey and delicate looking. We had a hot day yesterday and not being to smart, I did a bit of yard stuff and did not follow my own rule of making sure to drink plenty of water so I was totally wiped out. I must say though, I did get it swept and the cover on the gazeebo.  Have some Marigolds to plant today and a tomato to pick.

The Penstemon are in bloom all over the place. They self seed and pop up here and there. Lacy and lovely and the Hummingbirds love them. Dennis has accepted that the Doves will be living here again.  I do hope they ae not going to try to populate all of Arizona here in our yard though.  I received an email from my neighbor Robyn...lives across the courtyard from me and she told me that the other night at around 10:30 PM her hubby David opened their door and saw 3...yes 3 coyotes in front of my home. Silly gal hadn't seen any for a while so she thought they moved on! Right in front of their front porch is a large Prickly Pear Cactus that houses a bunny village beneath it.......that is why the coyotes visit our courtyard so frequently.  Nature all around us here in the desert climate. So happy to have time to visit with you. Thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Have a good day.....come back soon.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Busy fingers

Believe it or not, I have stitched a bit on Alice! I think Tweedledum will soon make an appearance.  I plan to stitch on it daily even if only a short time, for as long as my eyes will take it. Glad to say that when not able to stitch I can tat.
These are the first 2 Broaches from my making these lovelies. I still need to attach a pin backing to them, I also ordered her book for making the flowers. These are my own doodle tatting.  I started on #3 yesterday. Ah yesterday-----I must share what happened in the yard. Mr H decided he really did not want the Coves making a second nest in the wall planter so he put a plastic plant did in there....HA! Early in the morning I watched as the 2 doves tried to move them and tried unsuccessfully for quite some time. So-------I went out and removed them for them! Yes, they were in and out of the nest during the morning. When Mr H got up I announced what I did...I am so lucky to have Dennis, he is such a patient man with me. The nesting spot is now theirs again. They really do not bother us being there.  On one of my many trips for food
I found Daffodils...they were so tightly closed I thought they would never open, but open they did...lovely bright yellow in the living room. They backyard is beginning to look bright with all the flowers blooming
vibrant pink geraniums....are the first thing I see each morning when I look out the kitchen window.
towering at least 10 feet is the Cape Honeysuckle in a wonderful orange...and speaking of orange...the fragrance of orange blossom  fills the air with my neighbor Marie's tree in full bloom.
I wish you could smell fills the air when many neighbors do have orange trees. I will share more of my garden later. Right now I think I need breakfast and my second cup of coffee. Then off to see if that little guy arrived in Alice's garden. Always so nice to have you stop by. Thank you for the kind words and of course for your friendship. Have a great day.