Friday, June 10, 2016

Buzzing your way....

How about a little bee info? I have as you may know, been dealing with bees on our community property. I guess I should explain that I am ...The Bug and Trash Lady on our HOA board. This means these areas are  my added responsibility. Back to the bees.... We have had a large bush that bees built a nest in a few years ago. We thought we had the issue resolved. A couple of weeks ago I found lots of bee activity around the same bush. I called out Pest Control people and they came out and found that the bees burrowed deep inside the root system and that we should remove the bush ASAP. They treated the problem and within a few days all activity stopped. So, the landscaping people cut down the bush but did not remove it...a miscommunication.
Move along to this past week and remember the swarm...more on that in a few. The landscapers on Tuesday removed the bush roots but left the clump upside down (roots exposed). Well, the bees thought this was an invitation to move back in. So once again The guys returned to take care of the problem...
This is Tony spraying and actually digging out some of the hive and honey comb.
if you look carefully you can see the hive and honey. Tony and the guys made it clear that it must be removed today. What happened is that the bees leave a hormone scent in the hive. This calls other bees and invites them to move in. To see how far into the roots they had the hive was amazing and to see how big it was something else. The landscapers returned and took it all away. Ta-Da, no more bees...I can only hope! Now to the swarm, what appears to have happened was a colony was looking for a new place of property to begin construction and the Queen decided to stop to rest. That means all the bees surround her to protect her. Eventually they move on...I just wanted to be sure it was not our community that they wanted to live! With my recent Bee Adventures, I think it is only appropriate that I stitch this:... The pattern is available in June JCS magazine. There is a kit available through the above link but you must have the magazine for the pattern. I must tell you that today is absolutely beginning lovely outside. The temps are much lower and the sky is partly cloudy with a chance of showers...I just may sit outside and enjoy this after all the very hot days we have been having. I am officially on countdown to Mr H's surgery (next Friday, the 17th). Everything is in order so far. For my long wait at the hospital, I have started to gather a project to take along. To be truthful, I have changed my mind so many times that I am not sure what I am taking!  In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and for your friendship and kind words. Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Surviving the heat

To say it has been hot is just, well, it has been very hot. Four days of broken records and temps in the mid triple digits. Mr H and I stay comfortable indoors with the air on and good movies and of course my stitching. Yesterday Mr H took a quick trip to Safeway and along with milk brought some Gerba Daisies
they are so vibrant that they perk up the kitchen with a glow. Mail arrived yesterday and look what it was
my cousin Diane made the earrings. She has a small business, Simply Homemade..... with many to choose from. She also is a representative for Jamberry products. Here is a closer look at the lovely earrings..
it was hard to choose but these were my first favorites. Diane is my cousin Janice's daughter. If you have a chance stop by her page and take a look at her creations. The forecast for today is for lower temps ....still in the triple digits. Hard to think of it a cool down however! This bee situation was taken care of yesterday.
The swarm was covering quite a bit of this Orange tree on our community property. There were many more wrapped around the other side of the trunk. I did not dare to get closer.
Now do not tell me that we must preserve our bees, I know that, but when they pose a danger, then it is a different story. Recently Arizona has experienced several severe attacks and even deaths from bee stings. I have many in my garden who are quite docile and happy to visit my flowers and not bother me or Mr H.  I found a Hardanger project, just a small one that I am thinking of making.....more on that later. Guess that is about it my friends...and I do thank you for you friendship and kind words. Glad you visited today, have a wonderful day.