Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Surviving the heat

To say it has been hot is just, well, it has been very hot. Four days of broken records and temps in the mid triple digits. Mr H and I stay comfortable indoors with the air on and good movies and of course my stitching. Yesterday Mr H took a quick trip to Safeway and along with milk brought some Gerba Daisies
they are so vibrant that they perk up the kitchen with a glow. Mail arrived yesterday and look what it was
my cousin Diane made the earrings. She has a small business, Simply Homemade..... with many to choose from. She also is a representative for Jamberry products. Here is a closer look at the lovely earrings..
it was hard to choose but these were my first favorites. Diane is my cousin Janice's daughter. If you have a chance stop by her page and take a look at her creations. The forecast for today is for lower temps ....still in the triple digits. Hard to think of it a cool down however! This bee situation was taken care of yesterday.
The swarm was covering quite a bit of this Orange tree on our community property. There were many more wrapped around the other side of the trunk. I did not dare to get closer.
Now do not tell me that we must preserve our bees, I know that, but when they pose a danger, then it is a different story. Recently Arizona has experienced several severe attacks and even deaths from bee stings. I have many in my garden who are quite docile and happy to visit my flowers and not bother me or Mr H.  I found a Hardanger project, just a small one that I am thinking of making.....more on that later. Guess that is about it my friends...and I do thank you for you friendship and kind words. Glad you visited today, have a wonderful day.


Bea said...

Lovely earrings. I find it fascinating to see where each person's creativity takes them. There is no way I could handle those temperatures - I start to melt if it gets above the mid 70s F.

butterfly said...

We have hot weather at the moment but find it a little to hot for me .

Lovely earings . Enjoy your summer days.

Cindy's Stitching said...

I don't blame you for staying inside. Wonder what is attracting the bees to the tree.
stay cool Gracie

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely earrings. Hand crafted jewellery is always special.

I saw a number on FB recently that you could contact if you had a bee swarm in your garden and a beekeeper would come and take them to an empty hive. Don't think they'd come all the way to the US though!

Julie said...

Scarey moments with bees swarming, hope they were moved safely away from your property.
A lovely gift that dropped into your mail box.
Gerberas are always so lovely, your orange ones are very vibrant.
Enjoy your craft time in the cool of the air con

KimM said...

Beautiful earrings, Grace. Try to keep cool -