Saturday, July 12, 2014

The nature of birds.

Thursday was a very busy nature day.  A few errands and back home. I thought I would relax in the stitch chair and work on the snowman ornament.
 I found him in JCS 2012.  Of course I am making some changes... but I think he will be cute. The floss/thread list was most confusing. Some of the symbols were not even on the graph! So, I chose my own colors and added beads, of course. Mr H went out to water a few plants and what next? A baby quail hops out of a pot and runs to the lanai.
Every so often, Quail parents leave behind a little one or two. Usually they do not go to far then come back to collect them. This scared little fellow hide in the corner for the longest time. Then the calling/crying started. This time, no one answered back and he continued to run around and call out. We decided to get out of sight and leave him be so that the parents would return and he would  calm down.  While this drama was taking place in the backyard, I looked out the front window to find this visitor...
 just love woodpeckers. this guy was finding insect up and down the Bottle Brush tree. Nice to catch sight of them .
The entire day went on without rescue  by nightfall, and we hoped that in the morning mom and pop would return.To look at him, I think he is about a week old. They come into the world full feathers and ready to forage with the family, so I know he should be able to help himself. Off to the doctor we went and returned to find him still running and hiding on the lanai. By late Friday he was calmer but called out every so often. Remaining on the lanai is the safest place for this vulnerable little bird. Every now and again he would disappear into the planted area hopefully foraging for food. I tossed a soft bath rug into the corner hoping to give him some comfort during the night. Here we are Saturday morning and there is no sight of him. Putting aside the bad thoughts of what may have become of him, I hope he is off learning to take care of himself. Keeping only good thoughts for him.
I am still adding to Hummingbird Garden; working on Delphiniums and daisies. This is my early morning stitch project; while the house is quiet and I sit at the craft table. No plans for today and no doctor visits, until Monday. That is when I go for the follow-up on my hand. Next week Mr H returns for more tests this time with the Cardiologist. My bruised hip looks very colorful with shades of purple. I do think I broke my little toe in the fall...this poor toe has been broken a few times. Other that that, we are well! I want to thank you all for your kind wishes for both Dennis and me. It really means a great deal to know that you care. I hope you have a great day.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

B & B hip

I am filing yesterday morning away under, "not a good beginning day". Just like many of you, I have a routine, well of sorts. I told you I go out and open the plant umbrellas, check the hummer food and water plants if the temps are already hot. I also move the leaf blower on the lanai if it is not put back  in the corner spot. It was warm and cloudy so I did not do the umbrellas or watering. I did take care of the hummer feeders and then I saw that the leaf blower was not where it should I like it to be. So, I bent down to pick it up and lost my balance... don't ask me how, I just did. Down I went . On my left side.... hard. The lanai is cement. I was laying in front of the slider to our bedroom. It is 7:30. I twisted myself around and banged on the glass door, then again and again. Finally Mr H woke and opened the verticals and called out. " what are you doing?" I thought it was obvious that I was not just spread out relaxing! He came to help me to the chair and I tried to explain that I lost my balance and all he could say was, you should not be out here touching things and barefoot. Well, nothing is broken but I have a B & B hip---black and blue, both knees scraped and my left arm sore. That's my story.
I managed to sit and stitch yesterday....
The Hummingbird Garden has a full feeder and more of the lower flower bed planted. I also started a Christmas ornament for Natalia. I plan to make one each year as long as I am able and date them for her. I also finished completely My Needle is Sharp....
from Notforgotten Farm. I stitched in the listed DMC floss on 32 count Belfast Lt Mocha. I put in a gold plated needle and gently fringed the edges. I really enjoyed stitching this.
I was cutting up onions and thought, I bet these skins would make a great dye. I grabbed 3 pieces of fabric....
and voila! the #1 piece I also painted with a tea bag drawn across it, #2 was left in the bath about 3 minutes and #4 was just dipped in and out. The 2 pieces of Ric rack are piece I keep dipping into what ever I have at the moment. I love playing with my food! I think today I may boil some carrots.....
I must tell you about Tuesday at work. A gal was walking by and told me she reads my blog. She knew I worked at Jo Ann's because I wrote about that so she came to find me. She does not have one of her own, but enjoys following what others are doing. We chatted for a few minutes and I do hope she looks me up again when she is in Jo Ann's and continues to read my blog. Who knows, we may even meet to stitch together one day. A small world. Okay, I think it is time for an ice pack on my hip and a cup of tea. Glad you stopped in today. I will be continuing my Arizona Bound tale soon. Hope your day is great.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Staying cool---indoors

I have started several tasks this morning but have only completed a few... the laundry is in the dryer, umbrellas opened medical forms filled out. Getting easily distracted today. Oh, I was stitching for a while on Hummingbird Garden. All those scattered stitches along the boom part are a pain but they are looking good. Our garden did not have much of a problem other than that broken pot. Not sure what the name of this one is....
but I love the "blooms" it has. Delicate tiny petals that turn this sweet shade of pink. Then I found this rose had bloomed this morning
They are small but so lovely. It is called Iceburg Rose.... a small bush that keeps producing a few at a time.
 I finished stitching My Needle is Sharp from Notforgotten Farm. I must have a dozen wooden boxes in my collection but not one that will fit this. I know, it is originally finished as a pin pillow, but I wanted a box top. I love sewing boxes and do use them as I work on projects. I am all set to go to the Post Office tomorrow to mail out my RR #3. Wonder who I will partner with next? The weather forecast is for more Monsoon wind and rain.  With this weather we do get some humidity which we do not normally have. You know the saying--"but it is dry heat". Our skylight was fixed yesterday just in time if it does rain. The rain we do need but the wind and dust storms I can do without. We have a cardiologist appointment for Mr H on us right in. So easy now with filling out all the forms on line and automatically having the medical chart ready for the visit. I hate sitting in an office filling out the paperwork. Even this post seems scattered! Guess that is about it ...working today. So nice to have you visit with me...and thank you for the kind words  and friendship. Enjoy your day. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stormy skies and stitchng

This was what we saw for last evenings sunset..... storms again were predicted for our area, but they did not appear. Early in the day Mr H and I ran a couple of errands and I stopped to pick up floss... yes, that is what you read, floss. According to Mr H, my floss stash is gigantic, However, it seems lately that I am always missing one ore two colors when I begin a project. In this case, I wanted to get this one ready
It arrived yesterday from Elene in Italy. I admired it on her blog ( this post)and voila, I now have it. I will be stitching it with DMC and hence, the need to get the floss. When we were back home and I was getting ready to put the shells and charms away that I also picked up, I could not find the floss. I began to look here and there, then question what I did with them. Then I asked Mr H what he did with the 5 skeins and he replied " I did not see them". I asked how that could be if he put the shells and charms on the table, the floss was with them. He disappeared into the garage, rummaged a bit and then appeared with the floss. He never felt them in the bag and tossed the bag into the recycle! I have advised him not to help me unpack bags in the future. I am stitching on a small project when I feel the need to put down Hummingbird Garden....but I did plant more flowers on that...
there are lot of flowers in this garden! I added to the fence also. I usually work on this early in the morning then switch to something simpler...... I just finished this embroidery....
I think she is adorable. It is from Bird Brain Designs. This will be gifted to someone soon. I will be making another for myself to hang in the kitchen. If you have not visited the web site for them, you really should. I do enjoy embroidery, plain and simple. Brings me back to my young girl days. Does make me sound old! Well, my friends, I have enjoyed our visit and your kind words and friendship. I do hope you have a wonderful day.