Saturday, July 12, 2014

The nature of birds.

Thursday was a very busy nature day.  A few errands and back home. I thought I would relax in the stitch chair and work on the snowman ornament.
 I found him in JCS 2012.  Of course I am making some changes... but I think he will be cute. The floss/thread list was most confusing. Some of the symbols were not even on the graph! So, I chose my own colors and added beads, of course. Mr H went out to water a few plants and what next? A baby quail hops out of a pot and runs to the lanai.
Every so often, Quail parents leave behind a little one or two. Usually they do not go to far then come back to collect them. This scared little fellow hide in the corner for the longest time. Then the calling/crying started. This time, no one answered back and he continued to run around and call out. We decided to get out of sight and leave him be so that the parents would return and he would  calm down.  While this drama was taking place in the backyard, I looked out the front window to find this visitor...
 just love woodpeckers. this guy was finding insect up and down the Bottle Brush tree. Nice to catch sight of them .
The entire day went on without rescue  by nightfall, and we hoped that in the morning mom and pop would return.To look at him, I think he is about a week old. They come into the world full feathers and ready to forage with the family, so I know he should be able to help himself. Off to the doctor we went and returned to find him still running and hiding on the lanai. By late Friday he was calmer but called out every so often. Remaining on the lanai is the safest place for this vulnerable little bird. Every now and again he would disappear into the planted area hopefully foraging for food. I tossed a soft bath rug into the corner hoping to give him some comfort during the night. Here we are Saturday morning and there is no sight of him. Putting aside the bad thoughts of what may have become of him, I hope he is off learning to take care of himself. Keeping only good thoughts for him.
I am still adding to Hummingbird Garden; working on Delphiniums and daisies. This is my early morning stitch project; while the house is quiet and I sit at the craft table. No plans for today and no doctor visits, until Monday. That is when I go for the follow-up on my hand. Next week Mr H returns for more tests this time with the Cardiologist. My bruised hip looks very colorful with shades of purple. I do think I broke my little toe in the fall...this poor toe has been broken a few times. Other that that, we are well! I want to thank you all for your kind wishes for both Dennis and me. It really means a great deal to know that you care. I hope you have a great day.


cucki said...

My dear I hope you are feeling better
Love your sweet stitch...and the new fellow birdie is so cute.
Big hugs xxx

Vickie said...

Oh the dear little quail. I hope you see him again. And doing well, I might add!!

butterfly said...

I hope the little quail found his parents , and is doing ok what a sweetie.
Hope you a feeling better today.

Vicki Boster said...

Gracie- we had little quail babies a few years ago-- they were so cute with their little top knot:)

I hope your little one does well-- perhaps he will come back for a visit!

I love your snowman piece- it's going to be lovely!


Annette-California said...

You are so thoughtful to put a soft rug out for the baby quail. Your snowman is darling. How nice that you got to stay home and relax.
Hope you continue to improve.
love Annette