Friday, March 10, 2017

Inquiring minds want to know...or do they?

Oh how much fun. Jo a dear blogging friend has a new blog Called Blogger of the week. She asked many of us to submit answers and I have been featured! You can read about me here.   Blogging has been a wonderful world for me. I love meeting new friends and  the comradery has been the best. I have learned and shared and have received caring kind words from many places near and far. So let's see, what have I been up to? Well, as you know I have not spent time with Alice. Oh not because I do not want to. The past month I have had vision issues and to be truthful was a bit nervous about my vision. So finally had it checked and there is not serious issue. Started on a treatment and soon things will be better. What a relief. Soon I will be able to get back to Alice and the 32 count linen! In the meantime I have been tatting because that is not a problem for these tired eyes. Oh before I update on the Mourning Doves. One of the babies has flown the nest and there is still one left who is in no hurry to leave. The parents have been trying really hard to encourage it to go, but as of late yesterday it is still clinging to safety of the nest. The weather was fabulous again yesterday. Mr H and I planted a few flowers and I added some Marigolds to the community garden. Remember the tomato I picked? Well sliced with some cucumber and salt, pepper and Balsamic was delicious along with a  potato salad for lunch out on the lanai.  Soon there will be a few more ready...and there are still several tiny ones.  This morning Mr H has a doctor appointment and then I plan to sit outside and tat. That about covers it for me. The weekend is here and some of you will move your clocks ahead...not us here in Arizona. I am sure you do not want to be late for something important.
Does it mean Spring is around the corner for you? Before you know it Easter will be here. I think I will tat an Easter egg motif! Maybe even try a basket of flowers...oh dear,  I got the spring bug in my head!!!!! Glad you stopped by and I hope you visit with Jo and the new blog and enjoy my interview. Thank you for the kind words and most of all for your friendship.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

The sliders are open, the birds are chatting and the baby Mourning Doves are fluttering in the nest. We picked our first tomato
just love fresh picked tomatoes. There are several more almost ready..
Love this time of year for tomatoes and my herbs are still looking good. Some of the flowers are returning and things are beginning to look like Spring/ Arizona we almost skip Spring. Today and most of this week the temps are expected to be in the low 80s. Mr H and I sat outside for a game of Farkle yesterday.  Today I will hopefully get to sit out and tat for a bit. This new book and thread arrived
Handy Hands included a free gift, a handkerchief to tat. It has been ages but I just may tat around this one. I used to crochet them. The thread is for the broaches . I did not have size 40.  Love the mail delivery and today another order will arrive with thread, clear cabochons and a new cutting tool. Here is what I made yesterday...
This angel is about 2 inches and I think I will make it a bit larger, but of course I will have to get the thread as I do not (of course) have the size I need. Always needing something! I would like to make some for ornament gifts. This is a good size for a card. Gee, I guess I will have to go to Jo Ann's or Hobby the meantime I will tat a cabochon...that's right, I need to buy the mounting frame! But I will get the tatting done anyway. I think they will also make nice pendants and also tiny ornaments.....thinking. Off I go. Happy as always to have you stop by. Thank you for the kind words and for your friendship. Have a wonderful day.