Friday, February 17, 2012

Spring is here...

Actually, we really do not have a cold winter..... so when the Mallow and Honeysuckle start to bloom, I know it is Spring...... at least in my yard.
Isn't this blossom pretty. It measures 3 and 1/2 inches across. Mr H brought it in for me yesterday. Unfortunately, they do not last but for a day or two at the most. But it sure brightened up my desk.
I started 2 new projects...I will show you a peek at one...
This is for an upcoming post so you will not see it again until that post. The other is not ready for posting....but soon. I still have a few that need to be completed...the stitching is finished, but not the final completion. I just want to keep going...but I must remind myself to look back. Don't get me wrong, I do not have many is just not me. My stash calls to me though and I always seem to answer.
On the is getting better. Sitting seems to be an issue. Not looking forward to going back for more injections... but it did help.
Thank you for the kind words and for visiting with me.....I will be by to see you later... right now it is a cup of hot tea for me.....have a great day.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A potential Prince arrives....

When the garage door bell rings, it usually is the mailman...and yes he had a package for me. My sis Lynowl had originally sent me flowers which did not she was going to a special sale and sent me....

I know...where's the Prince? Well Lyn thinks he maybe right here in disguise! I do know that he sit on top of a nice scented candle and around the rim is a bracelet. He is from Kirk's is

Just look at these wonderful thimbles to add to my collection! Two of my favorites...a dragonfly and the double hummingbirds. Kirk's Folley is based in Cranston, where she and I lived. They used to have fantastic sales. Now the best way to get anything is on line or when they have thioer QVC sales.

Off to the Post Office I went to mail out much over due posts. Things around here just kept getting in the way.

My back was really painful so Mr H called his Pain Management doctor and got me an appoint for the afternnon and off I went for Xrays and injections. I think it was about 8 into the right back side. I do feel much better....of course I am off to work today so we shall see. My spine has a slight curve and my right hip is lower so he gave me a small wedge to insert into my shoe. But what? a headache?well why not.

I am joining Jo's next special swap so I picked out my project as well as another. I will need a few supplies from work today. It certainly helps to work at Jo Ann's! It is time for a cup of tea and the morning is always so nice having you stop by. Have a great day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yesterday's Secret Valentine was lots of fun. My Valentine was from Wagapapa Creations...all the way from Spain. Cucki received this one from me....
Jo hosted this fun project and is already planning our next adventure. It was nice to meet some new friends.
I finished my SAL hosted by Lee but did not want to push into yesterday's here it is. I dyed the linen...32ct with beet juice. The stitching was done with DMC 603.

I added a few flowers and used the Honeycomb stitch....but I could not pull the stitches tightly because it left holes. But I like the way the pearl beads look on it.

I edged it with narrow grograin ribbon in a matching pink that I found in my ribbon box. Holding the habger in place is a pearl topped pin. I really like how it turned out.
I hope everyone had a nice day yesterday. Mr H bought me some candy and a beautiful card. It doesn't take much to please either of us after all these years. I think it is time to call the doctor as my back is still hurting me to the point of feeling very distracted. Ialso must get my haircut. I am so used to keeping it short, that a little over do is too much. So, it may be a busy day today. Hope you are having a great day. Thank you for visiting with me and welcome to my new friends.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Secret Valentine

Who are you from?
Off to see all the others. Isn't this lovely......waiting to see who claims this as their work of art..

Monday, February 13, 2012

Busy day ahead and it's Monday!

 Please don't wake me, no, don't shake me, leave me where I am, I'm only sleeping...” 
this a quote from a John Lennon song....I'm Only Sleeping... and it is fine with me! 

Monday's are hard enough. After a relaxing Sunday, Monday always seems to be The Day. With my back still aching and the other plumber coming this afternoon to replace the water heater, I have to must finish my quilties to get into the mail,(shame on me for being late) I want to finish my SAL Valentine, I started a book. My War, by Andy Rooney and would love to sit and read,  and I have no get up because it got up and left me today!......where oh where can it have gone?
But look what I found in the garden....
String bean #1
A string bean! There are several more almost to the ready. The tomato plants are full of little gems. Before I know it, I will have a salad!
I have to get some things ready for the post office.....then convince myself to go. I need some creative boost today. If anyone has extra, please send it my way.
Short post today...need to look for my get up....thanks for lending your ear.....have a great day.

MUST SHARE: There is a new blog....SAL Directory and it is hosted by Blu...check it out here.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

True Friendship ~~~

It's the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter. Marlene Dietrich

Read more:

          Well, I did not call at 4am, but if I had the result would have been the same.
Yes, Dear Ziz..... to the rescue. When I found this treasure of a friend I was given such a gift. Both she and Mr Ziz....Tony... are two of the dearest people I have the pleasure of having in my life. When Mr H was ill and then with several surgeries and tests..... they were always there at the ready.
The under the house leak was finished on Tuesday. All the new pipes in and ready. BUT the plaster work was not. On Friday they sent someone out. When he arrived at 9 am and announced he could not get the job completed before 1pm...I wanted to just scream. It has been having the house in disarray for a week with furniture and holes in the walls scream. The problem was that the company knew we had to go for a medical test for Mr H at 1 and yet here was this quiet pleasant guy trying his best. I planned to have him leave and schedule another Monday...but wait. Monday is the day the hot water heater is being replaced. What to do. It is getting to be 11 am....I know call the Ziz's. Tony assured me there was no problem in their helping out. Promptly at one Dear Ziz appear with a craft to do and a book. Always with a smile...I do hope you have a Dear Ziz in your life.....because I am not sharing mine!!
Happy to say the house is back in holes and painted. No sign of the mess. Finally I get to work in my room again.Some where along this week I managed to stress my right side of my back. Probably with moving the daybed and trundle. So today is a quiet stitch day for me. I had taken my Hearts SAL project with me but I did not get very far. MrH's procedure was quick and then it was just to wait with him while the anesthesia wore off. Bu I have managed to get the outline finished...
I choose to do the outline and stitching using DMC. I am still thinking of how to stitch the design....but that is for today.
Do you see the yellow tape around the pattern...
It is really a great idea. I thought it would help me keep somewhat of an even stitch around the design outline. A new addition to my stitching box.

If you have made it this far, then I hope you were not bored with my tale. Thank you for stopping by to listen to me and thank you for the kind words you send.....have a wonderful day.