Saturday, February 4, 2012

A new day and a finish

These are my nesting dolls...all 4 of them. And here is Baboushka..

I really like her colors. I hope to complete her this coming week. I have the backing fabric from my stash.

What a face. Outlining the flowers gives nice detail.
This was a nice project and I will enjoy having her in my sewing room.
I am so glad yesterday is over with all the ins and outs of workmen. The plumbers return on Tuesday to put some holes in the walls and ceilings to run new pipes....not looking forward to this at all.
I want to say thank you for the birthday wishes. I did not have time to post this, but look what arrived for me....
Thank you Cindy. A wonderful surprise for my birthday. I love the pastel felt...they will be perfect for the needlebook I am planning... and the patterns are terrific.
I need some toast and coffee right about now, so I will wish you all a great day.  I will be off to work....thank you for the kind words and visits. Hopefully I will be able to add back to my sidebar the blogs I far so good.

Friday, February 3, 2012

What a day....

This has been a day.... first was the plumber to detect where the leak in our pipes was. I must say it was fascinating to watch all the high tech stuff to find it then locate the path of the pipes ...which are under the house in the cement slab foundation....The house was built in 1978 and there is no basement. They just lay a cement slab and embed the pipes. They will be back on Tuesday to do the work. I won't even tell you how much that is costing! Then Cox came to find out why I loose Internet connection. Do you think the computer would display the problem. Of course not. So he played around then finally determined that it may be the I will talk with Best Buy. It hasn't been in the house a month yet.
If all this was not enough the blog will not let me add to my blog list on the sidebar. So, I deleted it then have begun to add it back on again. I like having it there so others will stop by to visit with you.....
Did Mr H and I celebrate my birthday? We have been busy since 8:30 this morning. I think we will try for Monday.  I am working tomorrow then Super Bowl is Sunday. We do have some priorities! But I bet you want to know who my birthday package is going to...

Happy Un Birthday..........Cardygirl!
I will be posting your package soon.
Just want to add a few items to personalize it for you!

I will have stitch pictures tomorrow...too tire right now. I need another cup of coffee...I think this one makes 6 for the day!

Thank you for the birthday wishes....thank you for stopping by....see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The first day~~~~~

It's February..... the shortest month and I plan will make the most of every day!
I went out to check My Garden and ....
the string beans have flowers. Okay, it seems to be a few but they are getting ready. I am sure there will be more flowers soon. I love fresh string beans. I would like Mr H to move this portable garden more to the center of the yard area.... but I am not sure he will go for it. True, the plants would get more sun, but when the sun is hot and even now with temps at 70, it is a hot sun, it will be too much for the plants. Last summer my tomatoes spent lots of time under an umbrella.

Baboushka is looking pretty...
her tummy is almost full... of flowers that is. Wooden doll #3 is pictured today....
By the way, I know some of you are wondering why I am spelling Baboushka this way...well, because that is the way it is in the pattern. And yes, it is/can be spelled babushka....
Looks like I will get her stitching finished as I hoped... I think I found the right floral fabric to complete her. I will take her to work on Saturday and match it up.
I have been working on my Quilties for Sandra Kaye's trade due for mailing by the 15th. Lace is the theme.

Some days...I drove home from work at 5:30 last night with the sun roof open and Leon Russell singing to me. As I approached the cul-de-sac I pressed the garage remote and open it did. But and this is a big one, but the door would not close. Nada...not with the remote, or the wall monunted control....finally we did manually get it closed. Mr Ziz to the rescue with the phone number of a repairman to call today. Just another issue.....

Did you enter the drawing for my Un-Birthday? See post of 1/30 ....deadline is Friday the 3rd.  Think it is time for breakfast... I am getting that feed me message from the stomach..... scrambled eggs with green onions and mushrooms  with fresh chopped tomato should do the trick. So with that, I shall be off to the stove and wish you a good day. Thank you for stopping by today and for the lovely comments and email..... hugs to you all.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is it me or~~~~

~~did January slip past me? It just seems that this month went quickly. There were plans that I did not get to and days that I filed away to do but did not do. Tomorrow begins a new month...and the shortest of the year. What does that mean? I think it means that if a month with 31 days flew past then this one will certainly be  gone too soon. But...but you still have time for my Un-Birthday drawing.....check out my post on Jan 30th for details. Since I do not kow how to link you ther, just scroll down past this post and it is there. One day I will know how to navigate this blog...
Remember the "garden protection".... as you can see Mr H erected a simple fence and bird netting.I know, what garden. This is my row of tomato pots. So far it must be working...
Here is my tomato! Yes, I will pick it before it disappears.
As you can see, there are so many growing. In the previous picture you can see how big the 3 plants are. They are like a small jungle.This tomato is about 1 1/2 inches.... a bit larger than cherry size but smaller than plum size.

Yesterday was a good stitch day....
Here she is...and pictured with doll #2 of my nestting doll. I am not sure if I told you, but this was a Lanarte kit. She is one of three sized Baboushka patterns. This is the medium one.  The orignal was stitched on 27 count....I am using 28 count from my linen draw. The threads are DMC as were the kits. Great colors.
My tooth is feeling much better. I am sure just as it feels good it will be time for the dentist to cause me more discomfort taking this temp crown off and putting in the final one. One more week to go before that happens so in the meantime, I will go to work today and then on Saturday and stitch in between. My eyes caught some beads in the cupboard yesterday...maybe I should------and that bag pattern I found on line last night-----
It was so nice to visit with you today. Have a wonderful day.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Un Birthday celebration

It's time again...
for my Un Birthday Celebration. I will be getting my gift to one of you ready and will draw a name on my birthday.....Friday February 3rd......for a giveaway. To enter all you need to do is be a follower and  comment on this post and say you want to enter.

So nice to have flowers bloom all year long. Our first Mallow bloom.....

I love this has grown so tall and when it really begins to bloom it is so lovely.

I spent nice relaxing time stitching on Baboushka....she is looking so cute.
I just had to get her face done. I hate looking at a blank face, don't you? See my wooden nesting was given to me by my great nephew Nico many years ago.... he is my sis Lynowl's grandson. The tag on the bottom says it was made in Russia. This has been a delightful project to stitch.  My goal is to get the stitching finished this week..... I think I can
will..... I hope to anyway.
Have you seen these pots?
The Down Under Pot
Mr H and I found it at a local nursery. He planted of my favorite plants in it and it is growing just right. Finally starting to turn up around the pot. While we are talking about the plants.....Mr H did put up a bit of fencing around my precious tomato plants. I am watching one tomato and will pick it as soon as it turns orange...that is the color of this variety.  The strawberry plant has some new growth in the center so hopefully I will get at least one of them now that it has netting around it. You would think since I put seed out and water as well as hummingbird nectar...made from scratch even.... that they would leave my food alone.
Well, I need my coffee and the morning paper. Thanks for the kind words. I do hopeyou have a great day. 
PS/ Barbara is having a Valentine give away!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Early Birthday gift and a tequila tasting

So much for staying put and stitching yesterday. Mr H and I took a quick ride to the Mall yesterday and visited the Teavana Tea Shop......
he picked out a lovely tea cup and some Peach tea flowers as an early birthday gift for me..
The cup has a ceramic infuser and a pretty lid and saucer.
the flowers have a delicate peach taste...we were able to sample it there.  A little pricey, but delicious. I love this you have one near to you? There are always several teas to taste and someone nearby to explain and entice you. I really enjoy tea and what better way to sip than from a lovely cup!

Before the Mall we stopped at the liquor store to get info. My Brother Alan will be coming to visit at the end of April so I wanted to see if they were having anything special around that time. While there, I sampled Senior Rio Anejo sipping tequila. Now, I do not like straight tequila. I do love it in a mixed drink. But I must say, this was delicious. Oh and it is $79.99 a bottle. No I did not buy any....but it was very nice.

Then just before leaving I saw these cigar boxes for sale  
This one is small but I loved the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene. It is called Romeo's Court. It is 5x6x2 and made of cardboard.

This shiny black one is about 5 by 8 and 2 inches deep and made of wood. The logo is a brushed gold... Quixote is the brand. The same design is on the inside.
This  also is shiny black and wood. It is 7x8x 2 1/2. The  outside is just the name, but as you can see the inside has a nice picture. The brand of this one is Toro. They will make nice storage boxes for my stitching and I won't have to decorate them.I probably will line the wooden ones.

Be sure to watch for my Un-Birthday drawing....coming soon.
 Time to get some stitching in....and some breakfast too. Whatever your plans are, I hope you enjoy the day. As always, so happy you stopped by.