Friday, August 29, 2014

One more day more work day...whew! I guess my unofficial vacation is over. Getting back into a 4 day work week after the last few months of only working one day has been tiring to say the least. It will also mean a little cut back on stitching time or does it? Actually, when my schedule is less work time, I tend to think I can do this later...then I get to doing this or that and not always back to what I planned. However, when I know that my time is "scheduled" then I will continue to make better progress at whatever I have to do. Make sense? Anyway, I have continued to stitch on Elizabeth in the early hours of each day. It will not be long now and the bloom row will be complete. I still need to figure out what Christmas ornaments to get started. One will be for my stitch group exchange and then the others for mailing out here and there. Speaking of the mail, I did hear from our RR moderator that my piece did arrive in Ireland. I know I took a picture of what I made but it seems to be filed someplace within the depths of this was mermaids and so cute! My next RR piece is coming along. From the kind comments I see that we all like to watch the clouds. I often think of the nun I had in first grade; she would take us outside and ask us to "look to the clouds, what do you see".....did I mention she carried a ruler around the class?! I noticed this morning that things in the sewing room seem to be , well the room is in disarray. Those pesky faeries have been at it again. Time to make the donuts organize. We don't even want to talk about my desk! Laundry #1 is on and my stomach is begging for, thank you for chatting with me, thank you for the kind words and have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

No witches flying today

I love the sky....I should say I love looking at the clouds and such. Monday night when Mr H and I took out the trash, the sky was full of clouds...and then the witch appeared...
she flew about overhead for a while then you see her?  Today the sky holds more mysterious clouds but no witches. Maybe a rain storm heading our way.....
I am back to my 4 day work schedule probably for the rest of the year. It will take all of this week to get used to working more than the one day I have had for a few months. I did notice that we had some Christmas stuff out...I think it is just too early to do this. "When I am Queen" I will change that! This is a phrase I use often at work.
Monday was The Brother Alan's birthday.... I missed his visiting us this Spring. His birthday always signaled the end of summer when I was a kid. Now it reminds me of our 11 year difference and that I am just getting older.
I worked on my Round Robin piece but of course I can not show you that. How about an update on Elizabeth...
I am at the middle of the bottom border blooms. This is such a relaxing piece to work on. My morning stitching....sometimes I only do a few stitches other time I get more done. It was very nice indeed to get to the middle and have the bloom match up perfectly. I will probably do a little more this morning before tackling the RR piece. As far as I know, my RR piece which I mailed out on July 24th still has not arrived in Ireland. Frustrating! Time for some coffee and toast..... glad that we had time to chat today. I hope to get to visit with you later..... thank you for the kind words and your friendship. Have a wonderful day.