Thursday, May 26, 2016

Always learning

I  have a Mind List of the many things I need want to learn..... Smocking has been filed there for a very long time. Yesterday our EGA local Chapter, Desert Threaders met and our member Alice held a class.
Alice pleated a practice sample for us to learn a few stitches. I am pleased to say that she was very clear with instructions and that I am comfortable with what I learned. This shows 4 different stitches. One of the reasons for this class is because our guild makes We Care Gowns...
Made of soft cotton in white, blue or pink, Alice pleats them and gets them ready for us to smock the bodice and the sleeves. They are then finished and sent off to hospitals that would like to receive them for those special little ones who do not get to go home with their parents. We are always looking for hospitals who are will to accept them. My first one (pictured here) will be pink. We get to choose the stitches and color floss...after I practice a little more I will work on this.  Alice also demonstrated the pleating machine and we had the opportunity to pleat a small section. Love the machine but I do not think it warrants me to have one...that is unless this really catches on with me then it would be a thought. For now, I will hand pleat samples to practice on. I would like also to pick up a book...maybe A to Z Smocking. I think the weather is messing with me...I am feeling like I should curl up, well maybe not curl up because these aging bone might not stretch out! and take a nap. I is only 6 AM!!!! The day is pretty cloudy and a lovely cool temp for this time of year. That could mean that if I can stay awake I could sit outside and stitch on....oh my, what will I work on? I have June SAL, my crocheted trim and needle punch and practicing smocking...sorry I thought about this. Now I am really ready for a nap. Thank you for the good thoughts and wishes for Mr H's upcoming surgery. I think I am more nervous than he is. Glad we could spend some time together. Thank you for your friendship and kind words. Have a great day.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I think or not....

On Sunday I turned on my computer to find that it automatically updated to Windows 10. So, I thought well okay. Well so far, it took me some time to find my pictures, and now it is suggesting that my browser for the blog is unsupported and may result in unexpected behavior?!? I just tried to download pictures (first time since Sunday) and it did not perform and I had stupidly erased them from the computer.... so if you should find my pictures floating around please send them back to me. Luckily they were only progress stitching pictures and some back yard flowers so nothing really important lost. I am not even sure this will post! I have worked on the June SAL calendar piece, and more on the  Needle Punch fish. I am really feeling confidant with the Needle Punch now. I will start one of the patterns while sitting in the hospital with is June 3rd. It seemed like we had weeks to go for this and now it is right here! I guess I will try the picture download again...and maybe again...I will get this and not let W10 win. Thank you for your friendship and kind words and for visiting with me today....enjoy your day.
This is a test...
It Southwest wall! I think I am winning with W10...maybe I should not be so bold