Tuesday, March 25, 2014

All for a picture

First let me tell you I have been too busy for my likes! I still have not been able to finish my Thistle tatted motif, did a bit and I do mean a bit of stitching on Alphabet Doll, and I made a stuffed bear. None of this is part of the busy things. Anyway, while doing this or that I made a few attempts at Needle Flower making. Remember the book I bought...
beside the fact I do not seem able to do this, I have now lost interest in even trying ...so it is up for grabs....that's right. One of you may want this lovely book... if so, please leave a comment on this post saying you would like the book. If more than one of you ask, then I will draw for the winner.... on Saturday.  I do not want this nice new book sitting in my bookcase looking pretty.....
Now, let me say that I know many of you, like me, will try really hard sometimes to get just the right picture. We try this angle and that angle and sometimes the stupid angle. I fit into this this last category this morning.  Over the week-end I sewed a lovely floral bear for a gift.... so, before mailing her off today I wanted a picture.
Do you see these prickly barbs on the cactus.... do you see how they protrude from the tip of the paddle end... do you know what happens if you should back-up into them.... well, trust me.... it is very painful and very difficult to remove this type of fine barb. Are you wondering what I did? I positioned the stuffed bear in the garden and then squatted down to take the picture and ouch! I let out a yell and discovered that I got a lot too close to this cactus and my butt was full of barbs! I found my self trying to get up and only could feel the barbs rubbing into me. Did I mention that I am in thin cotton pajamas?  Did I mention that although this happened about 20 feet outside my bedroom slider and Mr H did not hear me yell so is still asleep. What to do.... First, how to remove the pajamas and and underwear. That done, I thought of packing tape and proceeded to stick pieces to my butt and gently peal them off. Most of the barbs came off in the first try. I have repeated this now several times and I have a feeling there are still some very fine prickles still there. I have washed till I am water logged...all I know is, take my advice...do not try this picture taking method at home! In fact, if there are cacti in your garden do not back into them! Did I mention that it will be a very long day at work if I can not get them all out?
This is not the post I had thought of for today, but then I did not know I would have a close encounter of the painful kind. If you have stopped laughing at me yet, enjoy your day...I am not sure about mine.