Saturday, December 14, 2013

A village....

Another week that flew past my windows. Why is it that when you want time to get a move on, it seems to stand still? I have just 2 more packages to get in the mail and only one is ready. Stopped for take out last night so Mr H would not have to cook for us....and the sweet guy that he is had my Conair foot bath ready with the wonderful Eucalyptus foot salts just waiting for the hot water....glorious 15 minutes to revive my tired feet. All my family and friends on the East
Coast are preparing for snow and cold...I love the beauty of fresh silent falling snow but I am happy to stay right here in sunny Arizona. How about my village with it's picture of falling snow... this is the only snow I have now. Take a stroll with me.  I set my village atop the fireplace. It is a much smaller one than in years ago. There is the sweet shop to satisfy our enjoyment of pastries. And Santa and children having a picture taken in the gazebo. Free tress from the garden shop. Two sweethearts sharing a kiss in front of the knit shop. I have  little kennel in the back that I did not want to light this year.... this is our first year without a fur-baby...Zoe joined our Sherlock Over Rainbow Bridge last December. You can just see a bit of it...the large tree that is always in the center of it all. I will take another picture so you can see how lovely it is. We found it almost 20 years ago in a wonderful Christmas shop and all the tiny lights still work after all these years.
I received a nice gift yesterday...microwave bowl set. So many ladies were buying fabric to make these and now I won't have to make them. Definitely will be safer than trying to use pot holders when removing something hot from the micro. Guess that will be it for today. I am of course working today. Then a much needed 2 days off. So glad you had some time to spend with me today. I must say thank you for the kind words and for your  friendship. Have a great day.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Somedays are like this

I think you know what I mean...we all have them. It may be just an off feeling, or could be because you are tired. Or it is a flash of a memory that slipped into your mind. Sometimes there is no reason but it is there. Today is going to be one of those days. It is not that I have no holiday spirit, I do. I loved sorting through my Christmas stuff and then carefully putting here there and on the trees. I have fun packaging and sending this and that and knowing that I have given pleasure somewhere. Love when something, even a card arrives in the mail. What it comes down to is that I can not put my finger on it and I do not like that one bit.  Maybe it is the feeling like I am not getting everything accomplished  that I want to.  We all know that feeling.
Last night was our Community Christmas Open House. Good turnout and nice to see some of the newer neighbors joining in. One of them even hosted. The night was lovely enough to have the doors kept open giving a feeling of really coming and going freely. Refreshments and conversation...what more can you ask for. Where did this year go? Unbelievable to me that the months, weeks and days flew so swiftly. I have started to set some goals for myself in the coming year. I do not make resolutions because they only get lost between here and there. No, just some plans and I think if I write them down, I may follow my thoughts. Are you making resolutions for the New Year?
Here is a picture......OK not the best, but me and the nighttime outdoors picture taking leaves something to think about....The house on the left is our place and on the right our dearest neighbors L & J. The sweetest couple there is. We decorate the common area and they are so appreciative of it. J has Alzheimer's and he so enjoys the lights. This year we hung a bird feeder so they can watch the birds and it warms our hearts that they, he, enjoys the bird antics so much. They are my Christmas spirit this year more than ever. When we first moved to this community, they took us out to dinner to welcome us. Through the years we have become  more connected than the wall between our attached homes.
Well my friends, time for that next cup of coffee and maybe some raisin toasted bread....thanks for visiting with me and for you friendship...hope you have a great day.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Arizona cold...

Brr, it is cold outside. I know, you are cold where you are, but this seems to be early cold for us here in The Valley of the Sun, Arizona. I have actually had to wear long pants and a sweater and that is cold for me. I have been too used to the warmth and mild winter temps. I do not, repeat, do not want to be cold. By now you have noticed the falling snow...I figure, if it is going to be cold I might as well have some snow that is not. Have you figured that you can control the way the snow falls? Where you place your curser is how the snow moves..left, right or center.....silly I know. At this time of the morning ... anyway....
I want to share the small tree we have in our bedroom...
It sits on a table and is all Annalee ornaments sent to me from our dear friends in RI Lu and Stan. I treasure each of them. I will try to take some close up shots and you will see how cute they are.  In the corner you can see one of my dolls. She is from Mexico...found her in a nice import shop in Cave Creek. My plans for yesterday went somewhere, but definetely not here at Horton House. Went to the luncheon and had a nice time, then off to do some errands then finally back home later in the afternoon, but not once did I pick up a needle or shuttle. Now I ask you, just how am I going to finish these last few ornaments? I have work today and then off tomorrow...tomorrow evening is my open house... I need just a few more hours in my day. Maybe I can get a few tats in or stitches.... after all, it is early... (quarter to three in the morning). Think a cup of coffee may help...happy to have you visit with me. Your kind words are so appreciated. Have a great day.

Monday, December 9, 2013

This past month Mr H updated our kitchen cabinets. The trim was wearing around the knobs, the knobs were ugly and here is what it looks like...

the top left is what it was and now what it looks like. A bit of sanding and a couple of coats of paint, and new knobs. The knobs are now silver finish and a little larger which makes gripping them easier. Much happier now. The color in the top right is more accurate. We added a new canister set and a pop of color. 
We finally worked on the outside Christmas lights. Will post pictures next time. But I did want to show you our living room tree...
I think I am finished fiddling with it, but then again there is always an adjustment here and there. The tree topper is a metal angel we bought probably 20 years ago. Of course my spider is there. Always need the Christmas spider.  The Santa ornament is a light bulb Mr H painted for me... ready?.... 20 years ago. He did a wonderful job on it. You can see a little of the outside lights...a reindeer.  I find it difficult to get good outside nighttime pictures but I will try. 
Today is our Sun Stitchers Christmas Luncheon.  Then I must do a few errands but I also need to get more ornaments finished. I am thinking that the other bead order should not arrive today or I will want to make another bracelet. Speaking of mail, my SSCS has not yet arrived at it's destination.... getting a bit concerned as I did get it onto
Santa's sleigh on time.  Must get these other packages to the Post Office today/tomorrow. Surprisingly, I had no Reindeer Food requests this year.  Well, dear friends, must have my coffee and get back to stitching on an ornament I started or should I work on the tatted one? 
I must end with a birthday wish for my mom...EvaP who is 87 today....
Thank you for your friendship and kind words and emails. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

From beads to bracelet

My goodness, we are in a cold spell. Nighttime temps are in the 30's and days are in the 60's. I actually had to wear a sweater and longer pants the other day.Mr H has covered the plants at nighttime especially my delicious tomatoes. Yes, I have been enjoying them. Mr H and I agree that the tomatoes we he plants in the Spring are more abundant than now. Of course these hopefully will be fine if we he protects them while it is cold.
My work week was not so enjoyable for the beginning but my last week day, Saturday was really nice. It seems the customers were so pleasant and agreeable. Nice way to end the week for sure. Last week I ordered some beads for a Deb Roberti bracelet design....
well, here is the first bracelet. Just waiting for the back order to arrive on the other colorway. I love the weaving of this pattern. I wish I had some extra time... we all need extra time.... so I could make a few for gifts. Speaking of gifts, I just mailed out a few more packages and have still a few more that need to go to the Post Office. I haven't even addressed my cards yet, but at least I have my pretty Christmas stamps ready. If I can, I hope to work on a couple of things today/tonight. Glad to have tomorrow off. Oh, wait, I have a Christmas luncheon to go to.... time, I have to find my bottle of time and leak some out.
Did I mention that we are having a cold spell? The air conditioner is off and the heat is on. However, Friday night we had no heat. Only cold air blowing about. Saturday, it was back on. I am thinking next year is time to replace the unit. Hope you enjoyed your visit with me. I always like to have you stop by... and leave a word or two. I appreciate your friendship and I welcome a couple of new friends this week. Hope you have a wonderful day.