Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It was not another Tuesday

Yesterday was just Tuesday at work until I looked at our bulletin board in the staff room. "Keep Mary in your thoughts"..... what happened that she is in hospital? At first no one seemed to know that I asked; then we did find out that Mary was quite ill. It was sudden and very serious.  First thought, oh I must get a card to send with a note to this sweet smiling laughing lady who I work with. Words like "life support" then later "off life support" within minutes of those last words as I walked to the front of the store to clock out, "she's gone"! Mary was a fun person who made lovely items for sale at fairs. A person who smiled all the time and made you laugh. Miss Mary, Crafts Mary were a few names we used when referring to her. How could this nice caring person leave our world so quickly. As I left the store with a few of my co-workers, we stopped to chat and comfort one another and yes cry. So often you hear the words---you never know what is going to happen from one day to the next. A feeling of shock and disbelief at the thought of not seeing someone ever again. Jo Ann's lost more than an employee; we lost a fun loving talented lady who made us all smile. In no time she will have those angels smiling, crafting and stitching away.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day Two or Day Three

Tuesday; is it counted as the second week day or is it the third? I guess it depends on what you were taught. What brought this provoking morning thought is beyond me so let's move on. I managed to get some reading in yesterday while Mr H was having some minor dental surgery. I thought about taking a stitching project, but I have not put together one of those easy take with you projects yet. I did get in some stitching before going and later when we were back home.
A bit more on the Pink Lady's gown.... I usually work on her in the early morning. I finally like the pinks of her gown. Originally I did not. I am eager to add the beads to the bodice and some ribbons. Although it is designed to be an angel, I decided to not stitch wings but instead just leave her as The Pink Lady. I also see Red coming to life..
there is also a hint of something that will be revealed later when the stitching is complete...something that has been with me a long long time. I just had to start Red to break the constant black stitching. I am not used to stitching in all one color, yet, that was part of what attracted me to this design.
I am working a "full" week, for me that amounts to 4 days....really cuts into my stitching time! Right now, however, I am very hungry for some breakfast and a cup of coffee.... I am so glad to visit with you and and enjoy your kind words.... I did not get to stop by visit with you yesterday but will get there later and tomorrow. Hope your day is wonderful.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tree and Gloves

I may need a nap today....fell asleep around 4:30 AM woke at 8ish...but the sun is shining today. Not that I really minded the cloudy day yesterday with a little drizzle added in. Mr H had a nerve racking football game day the end the Patriots won the game and next week another day of  tension as we head to the Super Bowl hopefully which will be played right here in The Valley of The Sun Arizona! Have you seen the outrageous ticket prices?! Not that there are many to be had by the general public. I did get stitching into my day...
         the beginnings of the tree are in focus now. It slowly is revealing itself. Before I know it, Red will appear....... Even though the finish is a way off, I have been thinking of the completed project.... I may have seen just the right fabric for it. Speaking of fabric... I really need to go through what is in my bins. It is okay to buy and store, but I am forgetting what I have. I also added gloves to the Mistletoe Angel...
 I remember the days when all ladies, young and old alike wore gloves. I have saved so many and have a few that belonged to my dear Aunt Angie. Your ensemble was not complete until you added the hat, gloves and handbag. Oh and it was a must to have a handkerchief too. I have many of them that I hoped to someday make a coverlet with. I sometimes use hankies and gloves with my teapot/tea cup displays. Got off track here.... back to  Mistletoe, as soon as I added her gloves she is beginning to take shape. I can't wait to add the beads to her bodice.
As tired as I feel right now, I am looking forward to a go nowhere day so that I can stitch. It is always so nice to have you visit....thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Have a wonderful day. I think it is time for some scrambled eggs....