Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Bunny is ready to travel!

I could not wait to stitch and send on the Travelling Bunny, Here is my version
I did  a little different. I chose not to stitch the background and I added black Delica beads for eyes and more beads to the flower center. I stitched it on 32 ct Belfast linen that I tea dyed. My plan is to finish it as a needle-book. Not to look through my stash for the fabric... and I think I have just what I want there. The pattern will now be off to Annie Bernstein then on to Liela. I have added to the enveope: Delica beads and 2 Simply Shaker threads as well as a DMC thread and a package of needles.
I am off to work today so my weekend will start Sunday. The days here in Arizona are getting so perfect. I enjoy sitting outside to stitch and read and it is finally comfortable enough to do so. Did I mention I bought a bread machine? No? well that will have to be next time... speaking of time, I must move along and get organized to go to work. Thank you for visiting and leaving kind words and emails. Enjoy you day.

EDIT: Just got the call to stay home! Love it. It is just too nice a day to go to work! So i will get to sit outside and stitch....

Friday, October 26, 2012

So busy~~~~

Doing this and that can really keep me busy. First this.... yesterday's mail brought me a Travelling Pattern--- Bent Creek, The Littles, Bunny
The pattern is Bunny and it came from Lee along with a few gifts for me! I loved the ruler and fob she had posted on her blog... now I have one! She also sent two beautiful YLI Silk floss packets. This sweet pattern next will go to Annie Bernstein...that is as soon as I stitch it. I will do that this weekend!  Lee is so sweet... she has all the info tagging along with the pattern to make it easy for all of us. She is so talented  Have you seen her latest creation... Wonton Pincushion? I love pincushions and this one is nice.
Then I answered Angela's post for an exchange, so I am working on that now so of course no pictures. I hope to spend some of the weekend doing final finishes on a few projects then they will be ready for their mail dates.  I really enjoy your kind words and emails. I feel lucky to count you all as my friends....  no matter how near or far. I leave you with a picture I took the other evening....
The sky was ablaze with orange and gold. The sun sets over the White Tank Mountain range.... such beauty. Sometimes I just watch until the sun disappears...
I do hope you all have a wonderful day!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Unexpected day...

Most of the time Mr H and I set out for one thing and then we do another and another. Yesterday was that sort of day. I can not even remember what we did at first, but he decided to ride North of Cave Creek to check out the Sears-Kay Ruin. The area is in this area.
We did begin to hike in but as this was not our original destination and I had sandals on and only one bottle of water, we stopped half way there. It also was quite warm; neither of us had hiked in a year since Mr H's surgeries so we thought better of continuing. Plans are to return better prepared. But as we left the area...