Saturday, April 28, 2012

Madame Muriel here....

Hello everyone. It has been very quiet here since the brother left. Gracie worked yesterday and will do so today so Mr H and Ms Zoe and I will have a stay at home day. I sat outside for a little time....this is the comfy glider on the front porch. I think the Quail nest behind here has been abandoned. Gracie said that happens sometimes. The eggs are still there and she will not remove them until she is absolutely sure. Mr H has not felt well these past few days so Ms Zoe and I keeping ourselves busy. Well, as for Ms Zoe.... she sleeps most of the day. Other than eating and going out to take care of business.... she sleeps. She really is just an old girl. I had to come inside as I am not allowed to stay out by myself just in case a coyote saunters by and Gracie is getting ready for work.
Gracie has completed about 300 stitches on HAED Iris.... pictures probably tomorrow. She keeps busy....
Well, that is all to report for now. Thank you for checking on my adventures. Hope your day is relaxing and nice.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cloudy day....and the Madame is back

Today is starting off very overcast and cool. It is so refreshing..... a light breeze and the chimes are singing......Maybe it will rain...
Mr H and I just relaxed yesterday... it was a nice quiet day. Our years together have been special. Through wonderful as well as trying times, we have been each others strength.  I did not stitch at all but I did read and we watched a movie. I must download another library book to my eReader. The guest room is back to my sewing retreat. Ms Zoe went in a few times looking for the brother....

Madame Muriel has returned to the guest room....
Hello everyone. I am back from my stay in the Master bedroom with the angels. The brother was very nice. Everyone was busy while he was here. Today I think I may go out with gracie and Mr H. I know they have a few errands to run. I also see that there are so many tomatoes to pick. Mr H said something about cooking them and freezing them.  Last night gracie made a white pizza with red and yellow tomatoes from the garden. The smell was devine. I think there will be cinnamon rolls baking later..... I am happy to have you follow my adventures here with Ms Zoe and her family in Arizona.

Well, my friends, thank all so very much for all the kind wishes for our anniversary. I am a very lucky lady to have him in my life. He spoils me and I love it! While I wait for rain... if it does rain today, I will stitch and try to get a few errands taken care of. In the meantime, hope your day is wonderful and hope to have you back real soon.

NOTE: Jo is having a wonderful check it out here....

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our special day

We have lived and loved together through many changing years;
We have shared each others gladness and wept each others tears.
(Chas Jeffreys)

Dennis said~~~~~I do
Grace said~~~~~~I do
Today we say I love you~~~~ 42 years of love, friendship and respect.
I would not trade one day of these last 42 years....well, maybe a few! We met and fell in love at first is true.  After only 2 weeks we decided to get married and the rest is history.

The kid brother left yesterday....we had a great week. Museums, glider riding, wine tasting, shopping, delicious meals,  wonderful talks, and some time for just the two of us mixed in. We are 11 years apart.... but yet close in our hearts.

Just look at this magnificent work! It was on display at The Desert Caballeros Museum in Wickenburg. I sometimes can't keep track of my few cross stitch needles! So beautiful.
Well, I really must get back to my laundry..... and my HAED Iris.... which is coming along.
The day is very overcast and much cooler. The temps have been in the low 100's last this is a nice change. It is alwasy a pleasure to chat with you. I will be getting back to visiting everyone and will have time to comment. Thank you for your kind words.....have a wonderful day.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Glider ride......and stitching

Another hot morning.... sat outside for a time early this morning stitching...
A little over 200 stitches .... l o n g  way to go.  I am happy that I still have some time to stitch with brother here..... he reads, we chat and I stitch.
Yesterday Mr H was having an off day so brother and I went to Scottsdale. We just happened to find a parking spot right in front of the Rusty Spur Saloon's door. That's right. We had to go in for  drink. Then it was off to check out the shops. I love this large metal Kachina ... We had a delicious lunch at the Italian Grotto.

Today, in a few minutes actually, the guys are going for a glider ride. I will be along to watch...take a few pictures and watch from the bench in the shade. So , I will need to rush now, will post pictures tomorrow.... about tomorrow. Brother is leaving to go back to RI...until next year....I sure will miss him.
Glad you took some time to stop by...hope your day is wonderful.