Saturday, January 28, 2017

A sunny Saturday

So good to see the sunshine again. It is still cool and quite windy which of course makes it cold out of the sunshine. Obviously stay in the sun! No real plans for today except to stitch. Mr H ( me too) is anxiously awaiting the super bowl game and is watching re-runs. I measured the height of the Amaryllis...a high at 22 inches!
and such a magnificent color. Today all three blooms are open. The Hyacinth is almost ready (no picture yet) and the tiny Crocuses are about finished. The garden is quiet of color at this time of year except for the Yellow Bells which bloom non stop. Still, there is plenty of green.  Can you believe that January is closing soon? Just where does the time go. I think, for me anyway, as I get older the days just move on.  Actually, since I retired and no longer have to keep a schedule....except for appointments. It is okay, it just means one month less to wait for The Brother Alan to visit. He is already making his to do list. This is becoming his other home now and for that I am so pleased.
My sewing table is so cluttered
with several projects and plan...always a plan to add to the mix.  Today I would like to sew the bird (Ann's pattern). Everything is ready to go. It will give my hand a rest from cross stitch and tatting.  I really like to work with less of a mess. Things tend to fall off as I gently shove this or that. Right now there is cross stitch (Alice), sewing (birds) and tatting in various stages. What I am not showing is the basket and box on the floor under the table! I will not even talk about the desk and computer desk!  Well, guess that covers my post for now. My stomach is asking to be fed and I desperately need a  another cup of coffee. Happy to have you here and thank you for your kind words and your friendship. Enjoy your day.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sunshine came softly through my window today....

Yes, the sun is shining and no rain or rainy clouds in sight. But, it is cold., at least for us here in Arizona. I must admit I am not barefoot! I also will admit to two days of an afternoon nap which is so not me. Guess I needed them and the naps were only about half an hour or so. Is this the new me I wonder? I went to my EGA meeting yesterday and talked with them about the tatting class they asked me to do in February. They really flattered me with the compliments on what I brought for show and tell. I have been visiting with Alice but I will wait for an update picture when there is more to show. How about my tomato plant for now?
Plenty of flowers and 2 tomatoes growing. Mr H covered them last night as the temps were in the mid 30s. I noticed this morning that he took in the herb planter. Since the sun is bright, we will uncover them for a few hours and set the herbs somewhere warm. Tough time for them but also a good planting time because it is not hot. We also have

a Crocus and Hyacinth plant to enjoy. My Amaryllis is getting ready to bloom again adding a brightness to the plant stand. Amazingly the small Poinsettia is still alive. I usually would have discarded it by now. I also have an indoor Norfolk pine whish is not in the picture that is also doing well from Christmas. These are the only plants I have charge of. Mr H has the outdoor stuff and me, the indoor. So far it has worked out well. I panic when his is in hospital that I do not kill anything including the fish! Luckily each time has been short lived and all is okay when he returns.  I have a sweet little bird pincushion pattern to make up, thanks to
Ann Noble who sent me a pattern. I have all ready to stitch it up hopefully later today. Kindness within our blogging community is heart warming. WE share what we can and  we offer support at all times. Many of us never really meet in person but feel as if we have. Isn't that wonderful. I an always happy to have you stop by. Thank you for the kind words and friendship. Have a wonderful day.

Friendship is like a rainbow between two hearts. ~Author unknown

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This better not be a cold arriving

My toes are crossed----- my fingers are busy stitching---- that the way I am feeling is not the start of a cold. After yesterday morning, it would not surprise me. I went to the DMV to renew my drivers license. I know, all DMVs are really alike, arrive early to get your spot in line and then wait, wait, then finally it is your turn. Well, to beat the crowd I decided to go at 7:30 AM for the 8 o'clock opening. It was a good idea. I met 2 young men and we had a great  chat about football. They seemed surprised to my football knowledge and we passed the time nicely. Before opening the gal came out and took those of us who were there to renew our license in for the photo and then back out to wait. Did I mention I was #2 in line. There was a stone bench which is where I sat for the 20 minutes or so...did I mention it was a cold bench? 😒Anyway I was in and out in 15 minutes. The stone bench is the reason I am feeling lousy today, I know it is. I have already visited my medicine cabinet for cold meds. Let's just hope it is all the rain and dampness. Have I mentioned my butt was cold sitting on the bench? but it was better than standing. Anyway, I did spend time with Alice
I am loving the motifs. I now have my rose garden and I detect a stream of smoke? This is page 4-5 of the design. (Page 1-2-3 was the Alice part.)  The numbers run a bit different from other designs I have stitched, no matter though.  Today I hope to find embellishments in my closet for the Love Word ( it was in Saturday's post) and then get it ready for mounting. That, I also have to make, the banner. I hope to follow Donna Bayliss' idea as it really is nice. Yesterday the mail brought me this
It is from Donna's designs. I spotted it weeks ago...I had seen it before, but just wrote it down and of course it just got "filed" away on the desk. When I did find it I had to send for it. Although it is a Christmas type design, I love the angel and plan to stitch her and then maybe the ornaments also. One of these days I must send for her Feather Tree directions. I am really feeling like I need to curl up on the daybed in the sewing off I go for at least a little while. I hope I have not sneezed too mush that you may have caught my "cold"...I did use the tissues! Thank you for your kind words and for your friendship...have a great day.