Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sunshine came softly through my window today....

Yes, the sun is shining and no rain or rainy clouds in sight. But, it is cold., at least for us here in Arizona. I must admit I am not barefoot! I also will admit to two days of an afternoon nap which is so not me. Guess I needed them and the naps were only about half an hour or so. Is this the new me I wonder? I went to my EGA meeting yesterday and talked with them about the tatting class they asked me to do in February. They really flattered me with the compliments on what I brought for show and tell. I have been visiting with Alice but I will wait for an update picture when there is more to show. How about my tomato plant for now?
Plenty of flowers and 2 tomatoes growing. Mr H covered them last night as the temps were in the mid 30s. I noticed this morning that he took in the herb planter. Since the sun is bright, we will uncover them for a few hours and set the herbs somewhere warm. Tough time for them but also a good planting time because it is not hot. We also have

a Crocus and Hyacinth plant to enjoy. My Amaryllis is getting ready to bloom again adding a brightness to the plant stand. Amazingly the small Poinsettia is still alive. I usually would have discarded it by now. I also have an indoor Norfolk pine whish is not in the picture that is also doing well from Christmas. These are the only plants I have charge of. Mr H has the outdoor stuff and me, the indoor. So far it has worked out well. I panic when his is in hospital that I do not kill anything including the fish! Luckily each time has been short lived and all is okay when he returns.  I have a sweet little bird pincushion pattern to make up, thanks to
Ann Noble who sent me a pattern. I have all ready to stitch it up hopefully later today. Kindness within our blogging community is heart warming. WE share what we can and  we offer support at all times. Many of us never really meet in person but feel as if we have. Isn't that wonderful. I an always happy to have you stop by. Thank you for the kind words and friendship. Have a wonderful day.

Friendship is like a rainbow between two hearts. ~Author unknown


Ann at Beadlework. said...

Glad it arrived safely Grace - mind you it took much longer than it should have. Hope it gives you a little pleasure.

Vickie said...

Your Amaryllis is so tall! Look at those tomatoes! I am looking at snow falling and wearing fingerless gloves indoors!

Bea said...

Such a contrast to my plants that are so brown and looking so miserable in all this cold wind and rain.

Ele said...

Lovely flowers!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Still catching up on blog reading! You do sound a little bit more cheery than last time I visited so I am pleased for you.
Lovely progress on Alice and the affirmations too. I have downloaded and saved them with an idea for stitching them for my son's school but not until they are all released!

diamondc said...

Hi Gracie: Your plants are lovely, wow 30 degrees that is what the temps are here in Minnesota at 18: 20 brrr.
I take care of all the plants Mike would kill everything, he is a wood worker so leaves all the planting to me.
Oh my gosh I wish I lived near you to take lessons at your EGA.
I love seeing what you are tatting.


Julie said...

Your plants looks very healthy.
How exciting you have been asked to give lessons at the EGA your tatting is so beautiful.