Saturday, January 28, 2017

A sunny Saturday

So good to see the sunshine again. It is still cool and quite windy which of course makes it cold out of the sunshine. Obviously stay in the sun! No real plans for today except to stitch. Mr H ( me too) is anxiously awaiting the super bowl game and is watching re-runs. I measured the height of the Amaryllis...a high at 22 inches!
and such a magnificent color. Today all three blooms are open. The Hyacinth is almost ready (no picture yet) and the tiny Crocuses are about finished. The garden is quiet of color at this time of year except for the Yellow Bells which bloom non stop. Still, there is plenty of green.  Can you believe that January is closing soon? Just where does the time go. I think, for me anyway, as I get older the days just move on.  Actually, since I retired and no longer have to keep a schedule....except for appointments. It is okay, it just means one month less to wait for The Brother Alan to visit. He is already making his to do list. This is becoming his other home now and for that I am so pleased.
My sewing table is so cluttered
with several projects and plan...always a plan to add to the mix.  Today I would like to sew the bird (Ann's pattern). Everything is ready to go. It will give my hand a rest from cross stitch and tatting.  I really like to work with less of a mess. Things tend to fall off as I gently shove this or that. Right now there is cross stitch (Alice), sewing (birds) and tatting in various stages. What I am not showing is the basket and box on the floor under the table! I will not even talk about the desk and computer desk!  Well, guess that covers my post for now. My stomach is asking to be fed and I desperately need a  another cup of coffee. Happy to have you here and thank you for your kind words and your friendship. Enjoy your day.


Karyn said...

Oh Gracie, your Amaryllis is gorgeous...and tall! We had the wind yesterday and last night, and then blew it your way...along with the cool shade...better than snow I say lol.
We are with you on the Superbowl, and I'm even considering Coni's guacamole recipe...Miracle Whip eh? Because it really is just as much about the food and commercials for me (and stitching time).
I agree the days seem to move faster now that I am older, and the kids are grown...I'm glad that Alan is making another home close by, it's so good to have them near, even if for a little while.
Have a great weekend

diamondc said...

Hi Gracie: It is always a pleasure to read a post from you, I love the color of your amaryllise it is beautiful.
I do hope it warms up more for you, it has been in the 30s here in Minnesota.
I wish my sewing table looked as good as yours, mine is a mess right now.
January is the cloudiest month in the year so I am happy it is almost over.
Time to stitch.


Ann at Beadlework. said...

It's always interesting to see other stitchers crafting space. Hope the little bird gives you pleasure.

Bea said...

What a beautiful colour your Amaryllis is! I've decided that if my craft area looks neat it's a sign I'm not doing anything. And I'm sticking to that story.

Tiffstitch said...

Beautiful flower photo and good luck with your finishing!

Brigitte said...

Oh my, a deep red Amaryllis, such a beautiful flower.
I hope that your Saturday was exactly as you wanted it to be.

Julie said...

Your crafting table looks filled with exciting things.
That's a tall amaryllis... WOW!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

My Christmas Amaryllis is growing but no sign of any flowers yet. Your's is a beautiful colour.
I'm glad you have a visit from Alan to look forward to.