Friday, March 21, 2014

There are shuttles and there are shuttles

My lunch plans fell through for Wednesday... my friend sprained her ankle so Mr H said he would take me out for lunch and he did.... we went to The Yard House at Westgate. Usually I would want to go to Margaritaville, but we decided to try another spot. The service was a bit slow and the calamari over cooked, but the sandwiches and soups were good. My Strawberry Mojito was delicious.  All in all it was a nice afternoon. Mr H said he needed one more plant...right.
this my friends does not look like one more plant, and there were a few more that did not make the photo!. I have to admit, when Mr H starts planting and placing, I get to enjoy beauty. Now, these are from is what happened Thursday. Mr H announced he needed to add to one of the plants and needed another pot....
so this is what we came home with... what am I to do with this man.... love him of course. He is like a kid in a toy shop with nurseries. Starting next week I will post some of the garden pictures each day... I want to share the beauty.
 I think we have no more room for anything in the ground or in a pot...I think.
Before we left the house yesterday for one more plant, I was tatting. I am to the last section where I need to join in 2 places. Since I was unsuccessful the last attempt, I am waiting. Anyway, Mr H announced "let's go" so I put all my tatting in the basket.
He:   Looks like you dropped your clipper thing on the floor
She:  What clipper thing?
He:The one you worked with
She:   (goes to look)
He: This is a shuttle, not a clipper thing
He:  No, a shuttle is what you ride in.~~~~~~~~ I ask you again, what am I to do with this man, love him of course!
So my friends, thank you for visiting with me today...I am off to work but then I will be off until vacation..... I see myself stiting and tatting...unless there is one more pot or plant to get!
Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What shall I plan for today....

I find that most days that I do not "think" about work out just fine. Sometimes when I just move about the day, unexpected things happen to make it a good day. Take Sunday for example; I thought I would just tat and maybe put a few stitches in on Alphabet Doll..... no. Mr H suggested we take a ride to Scottsdale for their art festival. The weather as usual was great so the fair was nice too. You got it, no stitching or tatting. Monday came along....our community started a driveway paving project, which was my job to oversee. Notices went out well in advance, reminders too.... that went well. The crack sealing was done and barriers put up, homeowners remained off the drives...Tuesday,  the top coat sealing was done, barriers still up and homeowners remained off the drives-----but the *&# ! ^ # newspaper delivery person decided to ignore the barriers and deliver a newspaper! I did call and still no one from the paper has returned my call. Paving company came out to try to fix the damage of the tires tearing up some of the sealing... lets just say at least it is sealed. Since I worked there was of course no stitching or tatting. So today I did manage to get a bit more done on Thistle
So far so good...just starting on the 6th thistle flower and then one more to go before the dreaded connection....hopefully I will get it this time.  Last week I received a message from Heather of Stitching Lotus offering me a couple of tatting books.....
thank you dear Heather for these wonderful books. Although they are for needle tatting, the patterns can be converted for shuttle. I have learned to "read" the picture and can tat from that rather than the written directions.
I do have some plans for today... I am taking a friend out for lunch at Applebee's. Beyond that I have no, repeat no plans... maybe, maybe some tatting later and stitching. I found some lovely fabric to make a teddy bear with....more on that later. Still waiting for my bead order to arrive......more on that later. Are you wondering about these more on that later stuff? Guess you will have to return for another visit.... I do hope you will.... until then, thank you fro stopping by and have a great day. Hmm, what am I going to have for lunch at Applebee's. 
Today, the Italians celebrate La Fiesta San Giuseppe, the carpenter of Nazareth. It was my dad's patron saint. Although everyone called him Joe, he was baptized as Giuseppe. We always enjoyed having a Zeppole on this day. Traditionally they were only made for this date and growing up in an all Italian neighborhood, we had several bakeries to choose from.  It is a deep fried ball of dough that is then cut in half and filled with custard creme...yum. I will be getting some later this morning to enjoy with coffee with Mr H.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Reach out and touch it.....

I love going out in the very early morning before sunrise and feeling the clean air.... this morning I was treated to a spectacular full moon...
Each moon the full moon has a few for this month's glorious moon is Full Crow Moon. Named for the "cawing of the crows which signals the end of winter". While I don't hear any crows, I listened to the silence and beauty of this moon. It was as though I could reach out and touch it. If I had bothered to get my tripod, the picture would be better.
I almost had the tatted Thistle pattern completed...almost. I could not join the very last section frustrating. So, I tossed it out and have started it over...after all, it is only thread. Today my goal is to work on it and hopefully figure out the join. If not I will be calling out to The Debra for guidance, but first I really want to figure it it for myself. For the next 2 weeks, I will only be working 2 days each week it ...more time for stitching and stuff. Since we last chatted, Mr H put a few more plants in the garden. I will have to show you how lovely our yard is looking. Until the heat of the summer arrives here in Arizona, we will enjoy the flowers. Once the temps hit the triple digits, poof .... they will all wilt away. Then it will be that Mr H and I hibernate.... but until then, outside we sit everyday.... relaxing, music playing in the background, Mr H reading( when he is not getting up and down to adjust one plant or another)  and me stitching...everyday is like a vacation day. This year marks 10 years that we are living here.... time really has passed quickly. I will have to tell you about our moving days... one day soon. For today, I will say that I am so happy to have you visit and thank you for the kind words which brighten my every day. Whatever your plans today, hope it is a grand day.