Saturday, March 18, 2017

Garden of flowers

It arrived! It is wonderful to order something and it arrives promptly...great service from The Tatting Corner....thank you Lisa. Of course without Carolyn's fine designs.....thank you Carolyn! I guess you know what I will be doing with my basket of threads this weekend. Both groups; Ice Drop Addicts and Tatters of Lace have given me much inspiration to do what I enjoy, tatting and making new friends. I mentioned yesterday that I was seeing the doctor for my knee. It was our pain management doctor...a wonderful young man who always finds the right painful spot to treat. In my case yesterday, there was no fluid to drain (grateful for that) but he did find that my meniscus is again an issue. We will treat with gel injections again to hopefully avoid surgery. In the meantime I will apply topical gel 4 times a day and use my leg brace as needed until we start the injections.
Tough getting old I tell ya.....we are like the walking wounded around here, Me and Dennis...Mr H. Now we trade off which task we cannot do to the other! Not easy to admit but true.  More so for my Dennis who is slowly coming around to these truths.  Even with these issues we are luckier than some who have more serious problems to deal with. I have a sweet friend who will be starting cancer treatments soon and I admire her outward strength. We do what we have to do to make it everyday. So, I guess the yard work will move a little slower now, but I did find cushions for my chairs under the gazebo so that is a plus. Will make for a softer sit!
The temps have been in the high 80s to 90 so being outdoors is limited, even in the shade for Mr H as the heat is affecting him somewhat this year.....going to be a long summer when it reaches the triple digits. Must get to Jo Ann's today...need supplies..... we always need something right? Today is clean the computer desk (never got to it yesterday). There are so many notes to me that I bet some are useless now. I have the "I'll get to it" syndrome lately. Time to get the newspaper and a cup of coffee and put up the feet the leg/knee. Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by and most of all thank you for your friendship. Enjoy the day.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Dum and Dee

That is Tweedledum and Tweedledee  have join the party with Alice
They are so cute.....trying to get a bit of stitching in each morning. So far so good with my eyes being cooperative. Now on to some black stitching in the Quaker design just above them to the left and to the right. I have a doctor appointment this morning for my knee. I may have fluid again, not sure so best to get it checked. Hopefully then to Jo Ann's for some needed supplies. I finished
the 3rd Oval Broach yesterday except for the embellishments. I am hoping that my new book of 3D flowers will arrive today. I really love these motifs. They ae so lacey and delicate looking. We had a hot day yesterday and not being to smart, I did a bit of yard stuff and did not follow my own rule of making sure to drink plenty of water so I was totally wiped out. I must say though, I did get it swept and the cover on the gazeebo.  Have some Marigolds to plant today and a tomato to pick.

The Penstemon are in bloom all over the place. They self seed and pop up here and there. Lacy and lovely and the Hummingbirds love them. Dennis has accepted that the Doves will be living here again.  I do hope they ae not going to try to populate all of Arizona here in our yard though.  I received an email from my neighbor Robyn...lives across the courtyard from me and she told me that the other night at around 10:30 PM her hubby David opened their door and saw 3...yes 3 coyotes in front of my home. Silly gal hadn't seen any for a while so she thought they moved on! Right in front of their front porch is a large Prickly Pear Cactus that houses a bunny village beneath it.......that is why the coyotes visit our courtyard so frequently.  Nature all around us here in the desert climate. So happy to have time to visit with you. Thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Have a good day.....come back soon.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Busy fingers

Believe it or not, I have stitched a bit on Alice! I think Tweedledum will soon make an appearance.  I plan to stitch on it daily even if only a short time, for as long as my eyes will take it. Glad to say that when not able to stitch I can tat.
These are the first 2 Broaches from my making these lovelies. I still need to attach a pin backing to them, I also ordered her book for making the flowers. These are my own doodle tatting.  I started on #3 yesterday. Ah yesterday-----I must share what happened in the yard. Mr H decided he really did not want the Coves making a second nest in the wall planter so he put a plastic plant did in there....HA! Early in the morning I watched as the 2 doves tried to move them and tried unsuccessfully for quite some time. So-------I went out and removed them for them! Yes, they were in and out of the nest during the morning. When Mr H got up I announced what I did...I am so lucky to have Dennis, he is such a patient man with me. The nesting spot is now theirs again. They really do not bother us being there.  On one of my many trips for food
I found Daffodils...they were so tightly closed I thought they would never open, but open they did...lovely bright yellow in the living room. They backyard is beginning to look bright with all the flowers blooming
vibrant pink geraniums....are the first thing I see each morning when I look out the kitchen window.
towering at least 10 feet is the Cape Honeysuckle in a wonderful orange...and speaking of orange...the fragrance of orange blossom  fills the air with my neighbor Marie's tree in full bloom.
I wish you could smell fills the air when many neighbors do have orange trees. I will share more of my garden later. Right now I think I need breakfast and my second cup of coffee. Then off to see if that little guy arrived in Alice's garden. Always so nice to have you stop by. Thank you for the kind words and of course for your friendship. Have a great day.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Bidzii and Doli

Saturday Mr H and I took a ride into Carefree, had lunch and a few things came home with us.
Meet Bidzii (he) and Doli (she) they are Navajo made by Joann Silversmith. They needed a home instead of living at Gilbert Ortega's place on a shelf. I love shopping there. I also found this ornament which will remain out year round
I am not sure if you can see it well, but it has a silver bear which is a symbol for strength and courage. Also believe to ward off ill health. Sure could use that around here. We had lunch at what was a favorite place, now under new ownership and we will not be returning. Oh well. We enjoy walking through the cactus garden there. All in all a nice afternoon. How about an update on the Dove couple? Well, finally the last one left the nest and those two are at it again! I catch them courting and she is spending time back in the nest! Very amorous they are. Just lucky that Dennis is not planting in that pot. Today the jets from Luke Air Force Base are returning from their weekend maneuvers and the sounds although loud, it does not bother us in the least. Love these F167 andF35s and we enjoy going to the field and watching them take off and land. They are so low you can see the pilots clearly! Ahh....beautiful morning.The doors are open and the day is already getting warm with temps expected to be in the high 80s again today.  I have been tatting and giving my eyes still some rest from the cross stitch. Hope this week to get back to Alice. Thank you for the sweet comments on the Blogger of the Week interview. (last post). Time to fold the laundry and have another cup of coffee. Glad to chat with you. Thank you for all the kind words and for your friendship. Have a wonderful day.

Just a flower from the garden at favorite color.