Monday, March 13, 2017

Bidzii and Doli

Saturday Mr H and I took a ride into Carefree, had lunch and a few things came home with us.
Meet Bidzii (he) and Doli (she) they are Navajo made by Joann Silversmith. They needed a home instead of living at Gilbert Ortega's place on a shelf. I love shopping there. I also found this ornament which will remain out year round
I am not sure if you can see it well, but it has a silver bear which is a symbol for strength and courage. Also believe to ward off ill health. Sure could use that around here. We had lunch at what was a favorite place, now under new ownership and we will not be returning. Oh well. We enjoy walking through the cactus garden there. All in all a nice afternoon. How about an update on the Dove couple? Well, finally the last one left the nest and those two are at it again! I catch them courting and she is spending time back in the nest! Very amorous they are. Just lucky that Dennis is not planting in that pot. Today the jets from Luke Air Force Base are returning from their weekend maneuvers and the sounds although loud, it does not bother us in the least. Love these F167 andF35s and we enjoy going to the field and watching them take off and land. They are so low you can see the pilots clearly! Ahh....beautiful morning.The doors are open and the day is already getting warm with temps expected to be in the high 80s again today.  I have been tatting and giving my eyes still some rest from the cross stitch. Hope this week to get back to Alice. Thank you for the sweet comments on the Blogger of the Week interview. (last post). Time to fold the laundry and have another cup of coffee. Glad to chat with you. Thank you for all the kind words and for your friendship. Have a wonderful day.

Just a flower from the garden at favorite color.


butterfly said...

What lovely shopping you brought back with you.
Love the flower such a pretty colour .
We had a nice sunny day today , but not so warm .
Have a happy week.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love your Navajo couple and the beautiful ornament.
Glad to hear the doves are ensuring the continuity of the species too!
The blog interview was great, everyone is enjoying learning more about you.

Vickie said...

Those dolls are so very, very nice. The flower is gorgeous!

Rosie H. said...

Love the cute dolls Gracie and the silver bear and all that it means.

Rachel said...

Great finds! Love the dolls and the ornament is very pretty...hope it brings lots of comfort!

Vicki said...

We're enjoying the great weather over here in Surprise, too. The doors and windows are open. We can hear the jets and the trains that run along Grand Ave clearly. I have to admit those two sounds are my favorite things about living in Surprise. You found some treasures in Carefree, the ornament is gorgeous! I imagine the drive up there was beautiful with the desert in bloom.

diamondc said...

Greetings Gracie: Love the Navajo Dolls, so many crafts are being lost to factory made items, I like to buy from crafts people, you know their heart went into making the item.
Love the floral photo such a lovely color.
So sorry you will not be going back to that place to eat, we have found a couple of places we used to eat at and have found with the new owners the food is not as great as before.
Oh my the ornament is beautiful, I would leave it out all year long also.


Julie said...

Nice new friends you brought home with you, love the ornament too