Thursday, March 16, 2017

Busy fingers

Believe it or not, I have stitched a bit on Alice! I think Tweedledum will soon make an appearance.  I plan to stitch on it daily even if only a short time, for as long as my eyes will take it. Glad to say that when not able to stitch I can tat.
These are the first 2 Broaches from my making these lovelies. I still need to attach a pin backing to them, I also ordered her book for making the flowers. These are my own doodle tatting.  I started on #3 yesterday. Ah yesterday-----I must share what happened in the yard. Mr H decided he really did not want the Coves making a second nest in the wall planter so he put a plastic plant did in there....HA! Early in the morning I watched as the 2 doves tried to move them and tried unsuccessfully for quite some time. So-------I went out and removed them for them! Yes, they were in and out of the nest during the morning. When Mr H got up I announced what I did...I am so lucky to have Dennis, he is such a patient man with me. The nesting spot is now theirs again. They really do not bother us being there.  On one of my many trips for food
I found Daffodils...they were so tightly closed I thought they would never open, but open they did...lovely bright yellow in the living room. They backyard is beginning to look bright with all the flowers blooming
vibrant pink geraniums....are the first thing I see each morning when I look out the kitchen window.
towering at least 10 feet is the Cape Honeysuckle in a wonderful orange...and speaking of orange...the fragrance of orange blossom  fills the air with my neighbor Marie's tree in full bloom.
I wish you could smell fills the air when many neighbors do have orange trees. I will share more of my garden later. Right now I think I need breakfast and my second cup of coffee. Then off to see if that little guy arrived in Alice's garden. Always so nice to have you stop by. Thank you for the kind words and of course for your friendship. Have a great day.


Rachel said...

It's so lovely seeing such beautiful flowers, I feel like I haven't seen any pretty plant life in forever. I would have snatched out the fake flowers too.:) Your broaches are very pretty!

Vickie said...

The two broaches are excellent Gracie! Good for you with the fake flowers. ;) Love the garden pictures! All I see is white everywhere!

Julie said...

Pretty brooches.

butterfly said...

Lovely brooches .
Beautiful flowers and daffodills.

Kerryp77 said...

The brooches are beautiful and sone glorious blooms too

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely brooches and I'm so pleased that you can stitch a little again.
I'm laughing at you and Mr H with the doves!

shirley flavell said...

I can smell all the blossom here down under Gracie:) lovely.Your brooches look beautiful.

Brigitte said...

I always love to see your tatted pieces. These broaches looks gorgeous.
You have wonderful flowers in your garden.

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm a bit envious at all the pretty flowers you get already, but I'm sure we'll catch up soon enough! Lovely new tatting too.