Friday, June 3, 2011

A lovely dragonfly

Besides tea cups and tea pots...old ladies gloves and such, I love hummingbirds and dragonflies. Some years back, my sis gave me this lovely dragonfly
It is from the Lenox china company. It has gold trim and pale pink and light blue enamel on it's wings. I keep it here by my computer so I can enjoy it everyday. Which brings me to my Dragonfly box....oh I am so pleased with the you want to see? Meet me at my other place and see for yourself. Soon, I will be announcing my the meantime, thank you for all the lovely comments/emails and for visiting with me. Hope your day is a good day.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Time spent with Fred

I have a cousin Fred back in Rhode Island but that is not the  Fred I spent time with this morning. No.....
Yes, this is my buddy Fred and the threads he claimed from my La D Da project. I just could not live with the difference in the colors so I will re-do and adjust to a compromise in the shades.
It is a lovely morning here in Arizona. My family and friends back in RI are safe from the tornado warnings they had yesterday. A tornado did come down in the neighboring state of MA in Springfield to be exact. I called my sis to see how she was doing. Well, this is a short post. I will be working today and will stop by to visit you all later. Thank you for the visits and the lovely comments and emails. There will be Challenge post tomorrow...have a wonderful and safe day.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New month---new moon = Tusal and a tomato

First let's talk about the coyote---that's right. It seems there is a young coyote who visits in the morning as he did again today around 8:15 while I was out with Zoe. I kept her behind the hedge and he looked but then continued. Zoe? she was oblivious as usual when we encounter a coyote.
On to the tomato-----I never said they were going to be big ones.
They are the size of the cherry type and oh so delicious. I have now picked 4. Unfortunately they are not all ready at the same time.
It is TUSAL day---and Dopey and the silver cat along with Elyssa are on display. Yes, the same Elyssa who just turned 18. The Dopey and cat as well as the water picture were a gift from her when we left RI. And here they sit on my computer so I can see her everyday. Topping off the Tusal jar re threads from Dragonfly....I am almost finished with it...if you would like to see, follow me to my other place. I am happy to have your visit...enjoy your day.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Want to play?????

Polo...go here to find out...

Hello out there.....

No, I have not been away or ill. I will admit to being lazy these past few days. I got myself into a mental area that I usual avoid. Then when blogger went on furlough I did too. I spent time reading, relaxing, stitching and relaxing......
Mr H and I and of course Zoe too, spent a few hours enjoying the lovely weather yesterday outside on the the front porch----it is not really a porch as most know one, but that is what our condo calls it. It is on the North side so it was cooler than the back yard. Then we went to get new cushions for the glider and a few new plants and Mr H took me out for late lunch.
Wonderful garden salad and their Trio Appetizer...of course I did have a Frozen Margarita. I can not resist!
Just got the name of my Summer Exchange partner...looking forward to making something for ooooooo now you know I can not reveal the real name! You will have to wait until after August first.
I did finish the stitching for Dragonfly and now it just needs to be put together...I also stained the box for it....
Let's go to my other place and you can see.....
I am so pleased to have you visit with me....the #100 giveaway? Soon very soon so stay tuned for the meantime, have a wonderful day.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

a belated birthday wish----thanks to blogger!

Yesterday was my sis Lyn's special day.......remember....she is the younger one!
We talk often on the phone......l o n g talks. So, I would like to say Happy Birthday again dear sis.
Blogger seems to be having issues lately. I lost my followers list for a few days and it would not let me post and yesterday I could not even sign on. Hope it is all better now. So glad you were able to stop by, enjoy your day.