Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New month---new moon = Tusal and a tomato

First let's talk about the coyote---that's right. It seems there is a young coyote who visits in the morning as he did again today around 8:15 while I was out with Zoe. I kept her behind the hedge and he looked but then continued. Zoe? she was oblivious as usual when we encounter a coyote.
On to the tomato-----I never said they were going to be big ones.
They are the size of the cherry type and oh so delicious. I have now picked 4. Unfortunately they are not all ready at the same time.
It is TUSAL day---and Dopey and the silver cat along with Elyssa are on display. Yes, the same Elyssa who just turned 18. The Dopey and cat as well as the water picture were a gift from her when we left RI. And here they sit on my computer so I can see her everyday. Topping off the Tusal jar re threads from Dragonfly....I am almost finished with it...if you would like to see, follow me to my other place. I am happy to have your visit...enjoy your day.

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Daffycat said...

Those tomatoes look yummy. Good growing, girl!

A lovely ORT report!