Saturday, February 2, 2013

Things are getting back to "nomal" or close to it.

Well, Photobucket has reset my account so I will be able to access my pictures and continue to use them for my blog photos.  Still can't seem to get Netflix reset to watch movies on the computer.  Why Mr H wants this is beyond me.  We have it streaming to 3 TVs for heaven sake. But as he explains it, there are some that do not download to the TVs...I don't know about these things.  I just sit and he pulls movies up for me. Not my area of expertise.
I am too lazy to do much today.  We were so very busy at Jo Ann's yesterday.  Rumors...they get started but little old ladies!  A lady approached me to ask if Jo Ann stores were going to close down.  I said no and she said "well you don't know.  My friend told me she heard it on TV  that all the stores were closing."  With that said and the look she gave me, off she went.  Now in the meantime, another lady who is hearing parts of this began to tell her friend that Jo Ann stores were all closing...really.
I finished my Japanese wallet with Sashiko this morning and will show you tomorrow.  Remember my birthday give away... join me tomorrow to read about it. in the meantime,  I think another cup of coffee and back to my tatting...well, trying to learn to tat.  What?  I just need a diversion today. My next project is not all together yet.  I finally made it to the Post Office yesterday. Miss Julia's birthday gift is off to her as well as a RAK.   Guess that is it for today...hope your day is great.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Still a little lost in the head...

The  Geek agent took care of my problem, so late last night I went into a few places to reset them. After you have a computer clean-up there are resets that you find as you go. Still have not had a response to my "help ticket" request from Photobucket. Luckily not all my pictures are there. I began to use them for my blog photos as it is free storage. Thank you for your kind comments on the issue. Feels good to know friends care when you are stressed. I know it is not a big deal, but to me it is such an inconvenience. What's that saying?....stressed is desserts spelled backwards? Well, the hot tea and chocolate cheesecake did help last night.
I never made it the post office. I have a birthday gift going to Canada...I hope my little friend will forgive it being late. We have birthdays one day apart. Her's is the 2nd and mine the 3rd, but many years in between! I will be having a give away that I will post on Sunday, so be sure to stop back.
 My February page for The Masters Needlework Project...I still may add a few plan is to add as I find items/trim etc. to each page.
The pink crocheted heart is a DMC freebie from some years ago. with a little bit of heart trim added.... DMC pearl cotton size 5 color 334 using a 4 hook. The stitched heart is a freebie from Barbara at
To Stitch or Not to Stitch...I used some found Cashel 28 ct linen and DMC 349 thread. A bit of lace and leaf ribbon...
Off to work today...but right now I need some coffee and toast and the newspaper. Plans for my weekend include re-arranging my kitchen cupboards....hope your day and weekend are wonderful.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

What a day

 And I do not mean the weather, Although, it was a very nice day...bright sunshine, warm temps and okay day at work. The problem? Well now that you ask. It started last night when I could not access Google. Then this morning I could not access internet. A call to Cox and unplug and replug got things going. But... and this was the biggy, I could not access Firefox for banking, Facebook...can live without for a time and things were just too slow. Did you miss me these past days? You all know how things get in the way, well, things got in my way and I just never got here. Anyway, I called The Geek Squad at 9 am and Joseph took charge of my computer and when I left for work at 11:30 he was still removing a virus and 456" items". Well, the internet is working, Firefox is back and so is Google but I can not access Photobucket where I have been sending my pictures! Now I have tried everything...signing in several time...yes I had my user/password written down, tried to reset pass word.... just is not happening. My lost photos! I submitted a help ticket... heaven only knows when I will get help....what to do!? I am one who will fret over this. I had taken nice pictures to show you! Sue you really do not want to pout with me, so...
Our class for Sashiko went well. I have already finish the basic stitching and found some wonderful fabric for it...just need to sew it together. Well, all of this has given me a dull head. I think a glass of wine or two hot cup of tea might help...maybe that last piece of cheesecake...yeah, the chocolate one....... maybe The Geek Squad will rescue me...doubt it....maybe Photobucket will help. Oh well, goodnight for now...I will be here tomorrow....hope you will too.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Humbug and rain

Another rainy day here in The Valley of The Sun.... day 4 but who's counting. My chimes are singing in the strong breeze. Today is our monthly stitch group and I really do enjoy this get together.  Today we will be having a class on Sashiko which will be taught by one of our members Ann. I am sure you know what this is, but in case there is one who may not... it is the Japanese quilting stitch.  History says it goes back to the 18th century and started as a way to mend worn-out clothing for the farmers and fishermen.  Today it is used not for mending, but for embellishment of clothing.
Speaking of embellishment... Just Nan Winter Humbug is finished..
I am pleased with the finish. The pearls and silver seed beads add bling and the blue peanut beads are fun. The Lovely snowflake counting pin is so pretty. I stitched this on 28 ct Cashel linen called Blue Dynasty.  All threads used were the listed threads. I know there are 2 others in this collection so I may have to get them ...

The lack of get up and go that I have had has become a cold. I feel like a little girl.... runny nose, teary eyes and slight cough. Lucky for me no fever and no sore throat.  It is just a tiny one so for that I am grateful.  Just enough of this and that to make it an irritation in more ways than one. But, today I feel much better. Never left the house since I walked in on Saturday evening from work.   I think today will be a long pants day and maybe a sweater.... how about you? Are you staying warm and dry?  Thank you for the kind words and emails.... hope your day is fun.