Saturday, February 2, 2013

Things are getting back to "nomal" or close to it.

Well, Photobucket has reset my account so I will be able to access my pictures and continue to use them for my blog photos.  Still can't seem to get Netflix reset to watch movies on the computer.  Why Mr H wants this is beyond me.  We have it streaming to 3 TVs for heaven sake. But as he explains it, there are some that do not download to the TVs...I don't know about these things.  I just sit and he pulls movies up for me. Not my area of expertise.
I am too lazy to do much today.  We were so very busy at Jo Ann's yesterday.  Rumors...they get started but little old ladies!  A lady approached me to ask if Jo Ann stores were going to close down.  I said no and she said "well you don't know.  My friend told me she heard it on TV  that all the stores were closing."  With that said and the look she gave me, off she went.  Now in the meantime, another lady who is hearing parts of this began to tell her friend that Jo Ann stores were all closing...really.
I finished my Japanese wallet with Sashiko this morning and will show you tomorrow.  Remember my birthday give away... join me tomorrow to read about it. in the meantime,  I think another cup of coffee and back to my tatting...well, trying to learn to tat.  What?  I just need a diversion today. My next project is not all together yet.  I finally made it to the Post Office yesterday. Miss Julia's birthday gift is off to her as well as a RAK.   Guess that is it for today...hope your day is great.


Meggie said...

Hello Gracie

Glad to hear your technical problems are being dealt with.
Looking forward to seeing your Japanese wallet.

Fiore said...

Yes, but definitely is Jo Anne going to close down?

Nicola said...

It is amazing how a rumour can start and spread.

Julie said...

So pleased you got your photobucket sorted.

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