Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 5 Advent Blog Hop

Today I am Day 5 of Jo's Advent Blog Hop. Be sure to visit her blog to see the other past days and for the upcoming posts. A wonderful way to meet new friends and visit will old friends.
This is my crazy quilt stocking that I hang every year. I made It was my first real crazy quilting. I had no pattern but thought I can do this. I used velvet for the toe along with lame' and gold cording and a heart charm, a tiny jingle bell and lace. This was made over 20 years ago. Jo asked us to share traditions. In some cases, time and circumstances cause changes in our lives. When Mr H and I moved across country 9 years ago, that is what happened for us. There are no family members here and friends also left behind. The 2nd year here, I started a Christmas Open House in our community and it is still going on. We have 27 homes in our HOA and each year 3 volunteer to host an open house. Different refreshments are served at each stop. It has been a way for all of us to share the holiday when many of us have no family here. I have marvelous Christmas memories of gatherings when I was a Grandma's house. Also fun filled ones when back in RI. How about a recipe that I used to make back there? Important to note...This is not low calorie but oh so good.
Potato Fudge
3 squares unsweetened chocolate       
1/8 tsp salt
 4 Tbsp margarine                            
1 tsp vanilla
1/3 cup mashed potatoes    
1 box powdered sugar   
nuts optional         
Melt chocolate & margarine in double boiler. Remove from the heat and add mashed potato, salt,vanilla mixing well. Slowly add sugar stirring well as you add. When to hard to stir, knead like a dough till smooth and glossy. Add nuts (if desired) at this time and then press into a buttered 8' pan ( I use a glass baking dish) and set aside until set. Cut into square.I usually make my squares small as this is very rich fudge. 
Tomorrow's Advent Blog Hop post will be by sure to visit and maybe make a new friend.
As always, I am happy to have you visit and enjoy your kind words. Hope you have a great day.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

An enjoyable day out

I do not know why, but this holiday season is really wearing me down and it is just beginning. On Sunday afternoon Mr H and I took a ride to the town of Fountain Hills on the East side of The Valley. We had not been there for some time and it was a beautiful comfortable day.
The main attraction is the fountain of course.... and the  wonderful sculptures. The fountain is the tallest in the world and rises 560 feet.... 3 times as high as Old Faithful. The Mountain range is the McDowell Mountains. In one picture you can see The Four Peaks and Rugged Red Rock in the other.
Then there is this sculpture of a cowboy and his horse. From his boot drips water as well and from the horses mouth. There are many other pieces of art but that is for another visit.
I never got to put up the outside lights, but the 3 trees are now decorated and look pretty nice. I probably will get to the lights today as I am off work. At the moment, it is very windy ... the chimes are banging the house instead of ringing. Mr H just went out to secure them. Now why did I not think to do that?
Finally, I will share another Christmas picture. In place of a full Creche, I have this ceramic piece that I just love.
Not sure where I bought it, but I have had it since moving out here. It can hold a votive candle, but I put in a "house" light.... it really looks lovely at night. Just a few odds and ends to set around now. I will share more of The Horton Christmas House later. Right now I think I will go and do some beading...or maybe a bit of wait, I should work on that cross stitch ornament. Actually, I have been awake since 2 AM (now 5:30) and feeling a little lazy. A cup of tea and cat nap is what I need. How about you, what are you doing today. What ever you do, I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for visiting with me and for the kind words and emails. Welcome to a couple of new friends....

Monday, December 2, 2013

Ho Ho Ho... Hokey

Is it because I am getting old older more mature? I am once again this year finding myself in these very early morning hours watching Hallmark station movies. I even have already watched one from last year. They are so sweet, loving and so.....romantic at times. I have never enjoyed the violent type...still love the movies from "ago". I love watching British mysteries and all the Charlie Chan motives. A young lady told me that it is because I am getting older. Well, I can not change that. I found myself stopping my activity of cleaning up from last night to watch this mornings offering. Yesterday before I left for the Tatting meeting at the library...that is a story to tell... Mr H and I moved the table from the front window to the bedroom and the rocking chair into the living room so the living room tree could be set up. Following me so far? It literally took all of 5 minutes. Then it was off to the library to meet up with The Debra and Mary and Helen. Helen is Mary's sister...she is #11-- ( I think) and Mary is #12 in a very large family. She is visiting from she joined us for a tatting lesson. I am so surprised that we did not get evicted from the library! Can you see the headlines...."Four Senior ladies evicted for too much laughter". And did we ever laugh. It was such a fun 2 hours....Our plans are to meet the first Sunday each month. Sadly, Helen will be leaving for home on the 15th but I have her email and will keep in touch with her. I must remember to get a picture of her with Mary. A delightful lady.
When I returned home, Mr H made dinner and then it was time to decorate the tree....of course it is never finished as we all know. I will add, Mr H will move ornaments, and it will continue until it returns to the garage on January 1st. Eventually I will be able to show you a picture. Thank you for the kind words on my Tatting Tree and the picture of Dennis and me. Today I will get the bedroom tree up. I would love to be doing it best work is in these early morning hours, but Mr H is still asleep and I am positive it would not be appreciated to have lights on and lots of noise. I will once the sun rises, I will get a start on the outdoor lights. Then of course Mr H will move half of what I do.
I started this post an hour ago...yup, an hour ago. Blogger seems to be having issues, Photobucket seems to be having issues,  I think my internet is having issues.... or it could be that it is Cyber Monday and like last year, everyone is jamming the air I am going to have a cup of coffee and will post my pictures tomorrow. Until then, glad you had some time to visit with me and I do hope you have a good day.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's over....

I must admit that this Black Friday/Saturday was not too bad. We were busy, but not overwhelmingly so. Most everyone was pleasant and patient. I find myself quite tired though. My right hand is a little swollen still from all the fabric cutting. Not easy to have a pair of scissors in hand for hours at a time. We are lucky to have a management team who stepped right up to help us all day. Happy am I that it is over. Today starts our 2013 Advent Calendar Blog Hop. You can check it out at Jo's blog....I am day 5 so be sure to stop back for my post, better yet, plan to check out the posts everyday. Today our Tat ladies meet..... hope we can start them on a project soon. I have a few gifts to make yet.... time is just getting away from me this year. Thank you for the kind words about my tatting tree. I am hoping to continue to add to it each year. Mr H thinks it is lovely, but he says that about all my projects. Nice to have him think I can do anything. Today I plan to enlist his help rearranging a few things so I can put the other 2 trees up. Then on to the outside lights.
My package from Chooky's SSCS arrived....
and you get to open only one gift...the ornament. My gift is from Julie the candy canes. They are under the Tatting Tree. Recently while shopping for a few gifts, Mr H and I found this sweet angel
I found her in a Native American Indian gift shop. Can you just hear her sweet voice? In her hand is a little blue bird. Why is it every time I am buying a gift I get one too? Okay, so I am spoiled....what can I say. I started to ... no...I do not want to say collect... I just find lovely angels and I must have them.... okay it may become a collection; like my snowman, thimbles, buttons....the list goes on. You know, because you probably do the same thing.
All of a sudden I am hungry.... that means it is time to say ciao, adios, au revoir....goodbye until you visit again. I think coffee and waffles, what do you think? Unfortunately, they will be Eggo's, not fresh made. Have a wonderful day.