Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hooray Humbug

If the moon gets stuck in a tree......
cover the hole in the sky with a strawberry.

Hooray the Humbug is finished.....
From the picture, it is hard to read that the letters are the word sunflower.....
It is a delightful pincushion. I can't wait to make a few more.
this was a freebie from on 28ct stash linen
DMC: 3364  3822  3820  920  801 colors......

Thursday I received my chart for Happy Camper from Teresa.
She stitched it then offered it for a drawing. I think it so cute.....even though I would not---have not ever gone camping! No tents---not cots---I need a real bed and a flushing indoor toilet!!!!
Then to brighten my day yesterday.....

This RAK arrived from Blu Stitcher. Thank you Linda for all the fun things. As soon as I removed this sun whirly from the box, Mr H took out to hang....

and look at these sweet buttons...
teapot and tea cup!
Did I mention that Mr H and I love Almond candy.....and that was opened immediately! Linda is a  fellow Arizonan.
It is so nice to find a package in the mail when your spirits need a lift.
Today I got to sit out a little bit with my coffee.....until I could feel the heat. I will be off to work later today...then off until Thursday......good time to stitch. I do not have a picture to post of my challenge piece even though I did stitch on it. Tomorrow is another day.
It was so very nice to chat with you today...thank you for stopping by. Hope you have a great day.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Exchange received!

If night falls.....use stars for street lights.

What a pleasant package arrived for me yesterday....
It's my Summer Exchange from Laura. It is a lovely bag that she made and the stiched front is a pocket! Thank you Laura. My package goes in the mail today...can't tell you who...what ...where.....not yet.
I worked a little on Sunflower Humbug....

I thought I would have the stitching finished...but watched movies and relaxed with Mr H. We kept it a lazy day...much needed mentally. I did stitch on my Nosegay piece. Would you like to see how far I got...follow me to my other place.....
thank you for spending time with me. I appreciate your comments and emails....have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A quiet morning -----

If tomorrow morning the sky falls.....have clouds for breakfast.....

The temps are not too bad I took my coffee and the morning paper outside and sat for a couple of hours. I have not been able to so recently. The a/c just started, so it must mean I came in just in time. I love the early morning is quiet and my thoughts are not crowded.
 My plans today? Well, I have to return for another medical test (maybe today) so I will wait for the call. I need to get my exchange piece stuffed and mailed as well as another package. Mostly, I want to sit, stitch and think. Do you ever have one of those days where you want need to think? Soon Mr H and Zoe will get up and then I will have some company....
I did add a few Smyrna Crosses and a few beads to my Nosegay piece. I also stitched on my Sunflower humbug....I may have that finished today. Meet me over at my other place and see how subtle the beads are.
I thank you for chatting with me and I wish you a good day.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another storm...a win ....a KISS and a bunny

Last evening we had another thunder storm and some rain. It never is enough rain however because it does not last long and the ground is so hard and dry, it just runs off. But we will take whatever we get.
Oh I won Teresa's giveaway.....a really nice design...I will post as soon as it arrives. she had won it and now is passing it on and I will too.
Now I bet you are wondering about the KISS-----well yesterday I had to o for some medical tests and when I go for myself or along with Mr H, I take along a Keep It Simple Stitch project for the waiting!
This is a freebie Humbug...Sunflowers and it should be a quick stitch. I love these quirky little ornies and decided to try one. I did buy a lovely pattern for one, but when I need a simple design that I do not have to really concentrate on, this is what I keep on hand and ready to travel. You just never know how long an appointment will take.
Every so often, Mr H catches a bunny eating   having a banquet with the Lantana plants out front. Glad he was still in bed this morning when this little one came along. And no, I do not shoo them away unless Mr H is around.
Do you see him.....he is the very center of the picture....then spotted me in the window......

So he backed off a little. As soon as he thought I was gone, back he went to breakfast. Actually, he did not stay too long--it's Tuesday---the landscapers arrived so into hiding he went. I managed to do some stitching on the Nosegay piece. If you follow me to my other place you can take a look. I am always happy to have you stop by and visit and love your comments and emails. Have a wonderful day.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Thunder--lightening--and rain oh my

We actually had rain in the wee hours of this morning......around 3:30am. But as usual you would never know it by 5 am...the sun is shining and it is hot.
We recently had a huge dust storm here in is the link to view it ----- It was an amazing thing to witness. Luckily we are far enough that we only received the sand from the edge of it.
I do not have any stitch updates....but I will be putting the finishing touches on my Summer exchange piece and in the mail tomorrow. I want to start on Devin's burp bibs......and I have to order one of the items on her registry list.
My morning is slipping away from I will talk with you tomorrow...thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I need rest today....and stitching!

Our week has been really off so last night when Zoe decided to not be a quiet pug, we were not too pleased. She is normally a sweet thing. Anyway....she finally settled down and I was able to fall back to sleep at 5:30 am. This house needs a relaxing day.
Did not work long yesterday...but I did shop of course.
Look at this sweet is to make something for my Devin......I can not wait to get a call that Andrea is bringing him into our lives and that I can get on a plane to go see him.
And while I was shopping.....

Denise was able to locate a get me a nice glass frog. I found the little dish to rest it on, filled it with glass pebbles and voila! The frog measures 5 1/2".
And then I found this frame to finish off Garden party....
To see it fully completed meet me at my other place and you will also see my update on the Nosegay piece.
Mr H is out giving the garden some much needed water. It would be so nice to have some rain. My family back East has been having lots of rain and I have requested that they send some this way.
I am really happy you took the time to visit with me....have a great Sunday.