Saturday, February 21, 2015

Change in plans....and a win!

First, I won a drawing over at Tammy's place...
so creative! I just love when someone has an idea and goes with it. This is wonderful. Tammy's blog is so nice be sure to pop over and say hello. I like that I can change the inside when new ink is needed....not just a decoration, but a usable pen for my sewing room.
Now for the other news...if you follow me on Facebook, you saw the picture of my right hand....
The first real issue with this was this past June. X-rays showed that I have arthritis in the first finger and first and second knuckle with inflammation between those knuckles. Well, it is blooming again so back to the surgeon for an injection yesterday...actually 2 injections into the area. I actually left work a little early on Thursday because it was swollen and very painful. Today, it is the same with a little more pain. What to do! Obviously, my stitching plans for the next few days are not to be. Work today will be interesting trying to measure and cut fabric for 5 hours..... it will certainly be slow going. I guess there will be more relaxing in the yard this weekend..... Vickie had asked about predators with having fish in the little pond.... the solution is that we have a cover that would hide them from the hawks that frequent the area.Rather than try to disguise it, Mr H painted it to be obvious and the orange is a nice color.
Simple but effective. The water sounds are not so loud as to attract hawks but pleasant enough when we are outside. Some of the "regular" birds  stop by for a drink. When Mr H drains some of the algae water off, he uses it to water the garden plants. Mind you, we have a Rain-bird system in the yard that he does not use because he prefers to water the plants himself. It keeps him busy. Typing this morning has been slow and uncomfortable, so off I go now to look at my Red Riding Hood instead of stitching on it! Time to ice the hand also...thanks for stopping by and I do hope you have a wonderful day.
PS**** sign up for the March Card exchange ends on Saturday February 28th.  Email me you mailing address if you plan to join in. I may already have your address if you joined in before.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Enjoying the weather

We are so lucky to have comfortable weather right now and we are taking advantage. Before we know it we will be hot hot hot and sitting outside will not be what we do....
This is the time of year that Mr H and I like to sit....he relaxes and I stitch.....the fish swim
and the water gurgles..... doesn't get too much better.  These goldfish started as 79 cent Walmart fish that were about 2 inches long. They now are around a foot long and always hungry.  They had a baby a few years ago and it is about 4-5 inches.

I finally finished all of Pink Lady's embroidery ...makes such a difference. I can now start on the train/bustle part of the gown. Stitching on Perforated Paper is not my most favorite thing to do, but every once in a while it is a nice break. I will be working ion Red Riding Hood is an update
just beginning to see the top of the wolf's head..... I am leaving the snowflake motifs to do later. I just love Isobel's designs...The Primitive Hare.
Yesterday I hugged a friend farewell as she is leaving our work place and moving out of Arizona.....a great co-worker and I shall miss Gail.....a sweet kind lady. The cut counter will not be the same. Next week another co-worker leaves to return home to NY...last week one gal retired....seems like a trend here!
Glad you dropped by this morning....thank you for the kind words and most of all for your friendship.....enjoy your day.
March Card Exchange: you know the routine; send me your mailing info by email by February has been so nice to connect to many old/new friends. Thank you to those who join in every month....welcome to any newcomers.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

So lovely is she

Continuing with my festival report-----Tony Duncan's beautiful wife Violet, a former Miss Indian World title holder....isn't she pretty... a soft spoken lady, her smile feels so genuine. Her music is lovely. She is of the Cree and Taino Nations. Eyes are always drawn to her at these events. I had the pleasure to speak with her this past Sunday when I purchased her book...When We Dance which she inscribed to me -----"Follow your dreams"
The book is a beautifully illustrated sweet (short) story of a mother teaching her daughter the tribal traditions of dance. I have read it several time already! Each time I see her and watch her perform is like the first time. Special. There will be a festival in March at Litchfield Park and I hope the Yellow Bird Dancers will be there. At this time the entertainment has not been announced. Well, hope I have not bored you with this several posts on the festival....on the stitching front.... Mr H and I sat outside for a time yesterday and I finished the first page for Red Riding Hood....I will take an updated picture for my next post. I asked if anyone was interested in the directions for the Pin Ball, and will put something together to share soon. Work today so no sitting outside and no stitching. Whatever your plans are, I do hope you have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More about the festival

I have posted about Yellow Bird before..... I never tire of seeing them perform and listening to their songs and stories. The Duncan family ...Tony is a marvelous hoop dancer, his wife Violet is simply beautiful and the little girls are just adorable.
Much has been written about Tony and The Yellow Bird Dancers------to see and hear them is the best. Performing along with Tony is Darrin Yazzie on guitar. Darren is from the Tabaaha and Navajo Nations, can make the guitar sooth your soul also accompanies Tony on flute.
 Tony Duncan
Another performer with Tony is Lowery Begay of the Dine Nation (Navajo). He is wonderful to watch with the Hoop Dancing...

His dress is magnificent and he is impressive.  If you are getting the impression that I am taken with these are correct. Tomorrow I will tell you about Violet and her wonderful book. Now, if you are still with me, I will tell you that I hope to stitch today....and finish page one for Red Riding Hood. I am also hoping to get some sewing done...the magic word for today is "hope". The temps are expected to be in the low 80's, a perfect sit outside day. So much more relaxing to stitch out in the back yard...with the hummingbird hovering about and the listing to the water sounds from our small pond...yes, think it will be a good day. Glad you stopped in and hope you will have a great day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Flowers ** Rabbits ** Festival

I was just too lazy to post yesterday...that is the truth. We have lots of activity outside in our courtyard...
I looked out the front window to see this sweet face watching me. There were 4 others playing around the area at the same time. Love when they are out playing but Mr H does not like them to eat his flowers....
On Sunday we went to the Wigwam Resort Native American Festival. This was sponsored by them and so it was a little smaller than the one that Litchfield Park hods which is just around the corner from here, but it was nice. Loved the music...
There were a few entertainers and this was a new one for me...Arvel Bird. Violins, Native American flutes and Irish whistles....yes, his sound is Celtic Native American.  His roots are Scottish (Clan Kennedy) and Native American Paiute. I did buy one of his his CD's. The combination of Celtic, Native American with a bit of folk thrown in is quite different. Also performing was my favorites, Yellow Bird with Tony Duncan and his family. More tomorrow.
 I did some stitching on Pink Lady
Her gown is almost complete. I started the Ribbon flowers...and finished  embroidering her bodice. I hope you can see the metallic stitches. Her flower ball is looking good. I added the ribs to her fan. I will be starting her bustle/train next. Thank you for the nice comments on the Pin Ball. I first learned about it from Susie Delewese (from a FB group) and she started quite the following. There are no tutorials and the directions are really simple. If anyone would like, I would gladly share them. For those of you in the current snow/ice storm paths, I wish you warmth and safety on your travels. I really do not miss any of that. Yesterday Mr H and I were sitting outside enjoying our weather and remembered the many snow storms in our past life. Ten years here has so spoiled us, we could never return to the East Coast! I am off to work today and can only hope the customers are happier. I go out of my way to thank those that are patient and pleasant with hopes it will spread. If you are out and about, remember that the people behind the counters are trying to do the best they can; we do not schedule workers, or make the sale rules or supply coupons! Hope you all have a wonderful day...
Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting.
Joyce Meyer

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A weather break

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day...I worked and let me tell you, there were many without loving thoughts yesterday! So impatient and is just too short for all the negativity they have. My co-workers and I did the best (we always do) and we take care of one another when it gets tough going. Must say I was really happy to get home. I have been stitching on Pink Lady this morning....goal is to finish the gown and then I will start the train/bustle section. While stitching, I have the weather channel on. As you know, I am originally from the Ease Coast and family/friends are still there. So,  pay attention to the weather as they do our Arizona weather. Now, let's be realistic... East Coast winter storms are nothing new...blizzards are not new. I know as I have been through them in the past. These weather men are driving me nuts.... so, I decided to take a break and visit with you. Have you seen the current project to do?
Pin to do and this is my first one. The design and style possibilities are many.  I look forward to making a few more. I know, I really do not need to add something else "to do" in my schedule...but that is me.  Always looking for new things to try. Got to keep the little grey cells working. Mr H and I are thinking of going to another festival today. The weather here is perfect for the 80's and sunny.... some music, crafts and lunch outside...sounds delightful to me. Right now, however, I think I will have a cup of coffee and some toast and then back to Pink Lady....glad you stopped by today. Thank you for the kind words and friendship that warms my soul.....whatever your plans, have a wonderful day.