Thursday, February 19, 2015

So lovely is she

Continuing with my festival report-----Tony Duncan's beautiful wife Violet, a former Miss Indian World title holder....isn't she pretty... a soft spoken lady, her smile feels so genuine. Her music is lovely. She is of the Cree and Taino Nations. Eyes are always drawn to her at these events. I had the pleasure to speak with her this past Sunday when I purchased her book...When We Dance which she inscribed to me -----"Follow your dreams"
The book is a beautifully illustrated sweet (short) story of a mother teaching her daughter the tribal traditions of dance. I have read it several time already! Each time I see her and watch her perform is like the first time. Special. There will be a festival in March at Litchfield Park and I hope the Yellow Bird Dancers will be there. At this time the entertainment has not been announced. Well, hope I have not bored you with this several posts on the festival....on the stitching front.... Mr H and I sat outside for a time yesterday and I finished the first page for Red Riding Hood....I will take an updated picture for my next post. I asked if anyone was interested in the directions for the Pin Ball, and will put something together to share soon. Work today so no sitting outside and no stitching. Whatever your plans are, I do hope you have a wonderful day.


Annette-California said...

It makes all that more special when you got to read about Violet and know more in-depth about the dances.
How wonderful! Hope Joanns isn't super busy. love Annette

Cindy's Stitching said...

She is pretty. How Nice you get to see them perform.

Julie said...

I've loved reading your posts about the festival. Such a beautiful looking lady. How wonderful to have the book too and be able to speak to her and have it inscribed just for you.