Saturday, December 15, 2012

I love this! Elisa and I did a private exchange and she sent me this lovely design. It is sitting in my Ziz Tree. All my exchanges are complete and sent and received. I will be posting more pictures in time. It is the second day of rain... now that is big news here in Arizona.... in The Valley. It actually poured last night. Haven't heard the total fall yet. It amazes me that it can rain for a few hours and not amount to anything! later. Tomorrow is Mr H's birthday. Speaking of Mr H, he is doing better about Zoe.... a little more accepting that he made the right decision at the right time. This is a short post...I am off work today and have a few errands to run. Then I think I will make him one of his favorites...scones. Hope all your Christmas shopping is complete, or at least almost there. Welcome to a new friend following me... always nice to meet someone new.  Enjoy your day...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

One of three

What a nice time we had last night. As I posted, it was our Condo Christmas Open House. We first stopped at Glenda and Don's then next door to Reta's then crossed the courtyard out through the gate and over to visit with Donna. Delicious foods and beverages. I think I will plan a Spring Open House!
As I mentioned yesterday, I have been sewing....
The first one was posted here. On this one,I stained some muslin and dug out some trims and this is the first of  3 new ones. Fun to do and easy to embellish.  This may go to a friend for Christmas.  Speaking of friends, I heard from Angela... we had a private exchange for an ornament---- I heard from Heather that her son loved the Reindeer food and she the Christmas Spider--- and then from Deborah and she is pleased with the Christmas Spider that I sent for her tree. That is what Christmas is about, making someone happy! Right  now I am in the need of a cup of coffee.... then organizing myself for work today. I hope to try to remember to take a picture of our staff aprons..they look so nice hanging over the cut counter. In the meantime, do have a great day. Thank you for the kind words you send my way.....

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A chilly Wednesday and Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Now what you ask has one got to do with the other? Well, it is a chilly morning and the smell of Cinnamon Raisin Bread baking is wonderful. It is one of my bread machine recipes. I hope this turns out okay.  Still a learning experience with this bread machine.  Still looking for more recipes.
No pictures today? No, although I do have one to post..just feeling lazy today.....tomorrow is another day. I am half way finished reading The House at Riverton and will say that I am enjoying it. I am doing some stitching and sewing as you will see in tomorrow's post. I just finished 3 of the Dressmaker Pincushions. Tonight is our Association Open House and I look forward to this each year. We have 3...and it is the first time participating for two of them. Simple; refreshments and conversation.
At this very moment, I need a cup of tea...nice hot tea....Welcome to my new friends..and many thanks for all the kind words ....enjoy your day.

Monday, December 10, 2012

A little bit of Christmas in the air

Every year the city of Glendale puts up 1.5 million lights on the tress in the city park...

It is a spectacular display of lights.... it is called Glendale Glitters and you can see why. We browsed a few of the antique shops and then walked through the display. The night was actually a little chilly. I had to put on a long sleeve top and wear a cotton shawl! Today is a breezy chilly morning. We have a few errands to do then I hope to bake a bread and make chicken pot pies and Mr H has everything ready for Manhattan Clam Chowder. So, it seems we will be kitchen busy today. I really need to stitch some too. I think... mind you I say think, my packages are all mailed out for the holiday. Cards were posted and cards emailed also. This year I downloaded the Advent Calender from Jackie Lawson...the British electronic card company that I have been subscribing to for years. It is the Alpine Village and everyday a surprise animation. Very nice. A warm welcome to new friends...and thank you all for such loving kind words.... you are all special! Have a wonderful day.