Thursday, July 25, 2013

A rain day?

Does this sky mean we just have rain today? Did the one load clap of thunder mean a storm? We will just have to wait and see. It is raining in the areas around us, but not in my yard.
The birds are very quiet, maybe they are preparing for the rain.
Yesterday sweet Jeanne came to stitch and chat.
Her sampler is coming along nicely. She has decided to change the color of the vase from a bright blue to a sot time we get to see how that looks. Jeanne is a delightful friend. A lady who told me yesterday that she grew up on a farm, married and lived on a working farm of corn and soybean with her husband Russell. I just can't believe that this tiny lady actually drove every kind of farming vehicle!  I am glad she decided to move here to our community.... happy that we are spending a day each week together to stitch. A quilter, she is quickly becoming a stitcher. She was wondering what her next project will be! She is also in a monthly class working on a needlepoint design. I managed to finish my BBD stitchng yesterday but when I looked in my stash, I do not have  any fabric to back it with! Guess I will just have to buy some.... gee, too bad.
EvaP approves totally about a Prince being born. She seems to think the sound of King is proper?! She even likes his name. Her big complaint was that they did not show enough of him..... she is wanting to see his face better. I will have to try to get her what I can about this special baby. I think she has read every book written about the Monarchy. My mom is... well, she cracks me up. That is about it for now. The laundry needs to be put into the dryer and I need coffee and something to eat. Today I will begin the Thimble Purse. It has been so nice to chat with you... hope you have a wonderful day. Hope too that we get some rain!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On my not to do again list

Finally----- The Snowflake Motif  is finished. I will never, I say never tat this one again! After the washing and blocking, I am not really liking it as much as at the start. Nevertheless, it is a completed motif for the tree.
I have had to rely on tatting more by the pictures than the written directions. As Debra would say, "they expect that you know which shuttle to use and what they intend for you to tat" or something along those words. I have chosen the next one to make... just need a few days break. I will do the final stiffening when I have them all made.
My BBD is coming along nicely and my Angela exchange should be ready to mail by the upcoming week. Just want to put a few things in with it. Yesterday Mr H and I decided to take a ride downtown Phoenix... not sure why he decided this was a place to go, but off we did go. So I took the opportunity to have him swing by Family Art Needlework in the general area to get my thread for the Thimble Purse. I have an appointment to take the car in for an oil change early this morn, then I hope to get started on the purse. I can't believe that I just said that! I have work to finish and here I want to start another! What is wrong with me.... it seems I am lost in my own world. A world where I think I  can do it all.... did I mention I like fairy tales and believe in Faeries?
I have to check in with EvaP to see if she is over the joy of The Baby's arrival. There used to be a small English Gift shop nearby... must check to see if it is still there and if so what they may have that I can send to mom. Thank goodness she can't be in the UK. She would probably insist on holding the Prince! She cracks me up. Had a nice long chat with The Brother Alan Monday night. among other topics, we are already talking about his next visit..... April 2014.... I see we are both really looking forward to the visit.
Well, friends, that is about it for now. I desperately need a cup of coffee. Thank you for the kind words and spending some of your time with me. Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lavender Doll

Was I the only one wishing that Kate would have a Princess? What is with all these Prince births? EvaP can finally relax now that The Baby is here.... my mom cracks me up. You would think that she is the grandmother! She will be fixed to the chair and then the next update.... well, at least I know she will be staying out of trouble.
I finally managed to finish that dreaded tatted snowflake...washing it, then I will block and then a picture. I was so determined that I would accomplish it. This will be at the top of the tree you can be sure! Yesterday was our monthly Sun Stitchers Group...nice to visit with the ladies and catch up on what everyone is doing. I brought this
and I must say I am pleased with it. I made my usual changes.... the top of her hair--- I added 3 black beads to mimic a comb. I wanted texture for the basket so I found some thin twine that just happened to be the color of the basket thread. and the fabric is from my stash... fabric that I have had forever. The trim is one of my favorites to use. She stands 7 inches tall and her base is 3 and 1/2 inches. I do plan to make the other 2 dolls and the 3 witches also. I have everything to do the first witch all set to go. But first, I must finish the exchange I am doing with Angela, and my BBD exchange which is needed by September  16th. I was all set to make the Thimble Purse but find that I am missing one of the threads... disappointed. I am enjoying this week off from work... I do go in Friday... like a mini vacation.  I will take these days off as it will soon be the holidays and the busy time.
Well my friends, I have enjoyed our visit today. Thank you for the kind words and emails.... always a pleasure to visit with you here and at your place. Hope you have a grand day.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Something old.....something new

And there is no wedding! I really do love re-discovering items in my cupboards and boxes...,. some have bittersweet memories, some bring tears and some just bring such joy. The other day I went looking for something I could use for my tatting....I found something.....
but no, never! Why?  because this is the sewing box that I put together with the help of a very little girl many years ago. Actually it was 1995. The child is The Brother Alan's little girl who is not so little anymore. At the time she was about 3 and now...well, in May she turned 20!  Before she was born, her mom Colleen and I made her bedroom accessories. Teaching Colleen to sew was so much fun.  Elyssa probably has no memory of this box that delighted her so. She carefully picked out all the scrap fabric and the threads and every time we were together, she would sit in my sewing room with me and we crafted together. The box is now in my current sewing room and out of the cupboard. So you see, I can never use this.... for me it is a touch of joy.
For the something new...
Yesterday Debra came over to Tat and Chat...she showed me how to tat over a cabone ring. An old  word for a plastic ring....
This will eventually become a snowflake motif. First I will need lesson 2 to make split rings or something like that! I was suppose to have about 11 picots, but I have 16... geez.... and I was so happy to get it finished. I think however, you van have mo=re or less and will need to adjust the next round accordingly. Listen to me! I sound like I know what I am talking about! Next Saturday Debra and I will meet to go for our monthly outing and lunch. We plan to go to a few shops in the Glendale Historic area. Should be fun.
It is definitely a very overcast day ... humid and hot.... maybe a rain storm moving across our area. they did display flood warnings for our county.The ground is so compact and hard and as we hardly get rain, it is easy to have flooding. Well, that is about it. My laundry #2 is ready for the dryer... and I need another cup of coffee and breakfast. I am so happy we get to spend time together.... thank you for the kind words. Have a wonderful day.