Thursday, July 25, 2013

A rain day?

Does this sky mean we just have rain today? Did the one load clap of thunder mean a storm? We will just have to wait and see. It is raining in the areas around us, but not in my yard.
The birds are very quiet, maybe they are preparing for the rain.
Yesterday sweet Jeanne came to stitch and chat.
Her sampler is coming along nicely. She has decided to change the color of the vase from a bright blue to a sot time we get to see how that looks. Jeanne is a delightful friend. A lady who told me yesterday that she grew up on a farm, married and lived on a working farm of corn and soybean with her husband Russell. I just can't believe that this tiny lady actually drove every kind of farming vehicle!  I am glad she decided to move here to our community.... happy that we are spending a day each week together to stitch. A quilter, she is quickly becoming a stitcher. She was wondering what her next project will be! She is also in a monthly class working on a needlepoint design. I managed to finish my BBD stitchng yesterday but when I looked in my stash, I do not have  any fabric to back it with! Guess I will just have to buy some.... gee, too bad.
EvaP approves totally about a Prince being born. She seems to think the sound of King is proper?! She even likes his name. Her big complaint was that they did not show enough of him..... she is wanting to see his face better. I will have to try to get her what I can about this special baby. I think she has read every book written about the Monarchy. My mom is... well, she cracks me up. That is about it for now. The laundry needs to be put into the dryer and I need coffee and something to eat. Today I will begin the Thimble Purse. It has been so nice to chat with you... hope you have a wonderful day. Hope too that we get some rain!


Anne said...

That's so sweet that she comes to stitch with you! She sounds like a fascinating lady. I agree that there weren't enough photos of the little prince but then again, Kate and William need time with him as new parents before us!

cucki said...

Aww she sound like a sweet lady :) so sweet *.*
A rainy day is what I am waiting rain ..
Sending you hugs x

Cardygirl said...

Hope you had some rain. Love your stories...they always make me smile, have a lovely weekend!

Annette-California said...

Such a sweet friend and lady. How wonderful to be able to get together and stitch. Have fun shopping for your fabric - I wonder what other goodies will come home with you;)
tell your mom to hang in there. There will be lots of photos of HRH Prince George - I think the baptism will be soon. Have a great weekend. love Annette

Brigitte said...

Such a lovely and interesting stitching friend. Great that you are able to spend some weekly stitching time together.

Julie said...

Your friends stitching is looking beautiful, how lovely she found a friend in you. xx