Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On my not to do again list

Finally----- The Snowflake Motif  is finished. I will never, I say never tat this one again! After the washing and blocking, I am not really liking it as much as at the start. Nevertheless, it is a completed motif for the tree.
I have had to rely on tatting more by the pictures than the written directions. As Debra would say, "they expect that you know which shuttle to use and what they intend for you to tat" or something along those words. I have chosen the next one to make... just need a few days break. I will do the final stiffening when I have them all made.
My BBD is coming along nicely and my Angela exchange should be ready to mail by the upcoming week. Just want to put a few things in with it. Yesterday Mr H and I decided to take a ride downtown Phoenix... not sure why he decided this was a place to go, but off we did go. So I took the opportunity to have him swing by Family Art Needlework in the general area to get my thread for the Thimble Purse. I have an appointment to take the car in for an oil change early this morn, then I hope to get started on the purse. I can't believe that I just said that! I have work to finish and here I want to start another! What is wrong with me.... it seems I am lost in my own world. A world where I think I  can do it all.... did I mention I like fairy tales and believe in Faeries?
I have to check in with EvaP to see if she is over the joy of The Baby's arrival. There used to be a small English Gift shop nearby... must check to see if it is still there and if so what they may have that I can send to mom. Thank goodness she can't be in the UK. She would probably insist on holding the Prince! She cracks me up. Had a nice long chat with The Brother Alan Monday night. among other topics, we are already talking about his next visit..... April 2014.... I see we are both really looking forward to the visit.
Well, friends, that is about it for now. I desperately need a cup of coffee. Thank you for the kind words and spending some of your time with me. Enjoy your day.


cucki said...

The snowflake is so sweet..I love it ❤
Big hugs x

Silverlotus said...

The snowflake is absolutely beautiful. You did a fabulous job.

Angela P said...

I think the snowflake looks really lovely but I understand about frustrating things right now.

thegreytail said...

oh but that snowflake is so delicate, and intricate!! no wonder it drove you mad!!
my mother was out of her mind as well with the Royal Baby.. she thought it was a scandal they hadn't already picked a name (or that she had to wait an entire day before she knew it). "it's a scandal!!" echoing all around the house "they had nine months you know!!" :o
have a nice day and many happy xxx,

Annette-California said...

Nothing is wrong with you Grace - I too belive in fairy tales and faeries. And naturally we can do all our project' your snowflake is beautiful. Especially all the work and time you put into it. I am still laughing about your comment if your mom and the Royal baby, Prince George:). love Annette

Simply Victoria said...

The snowflake turned out lovely even if it was not enjoyable to make.

Julie said...

The snowflake is so pretty