Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dissatified tenant!

Well, there you go. You offer a safe home free room and board one of the tenants decides to up and die move out. There are plenty of fish in the ocean and it was not long before
a velvety black molly moved in. So far the others like him and all is well. There is one problem though------when you pass by the tank (it is in a pass way out of the living room to he kitchen) they all swim to the front waiting for food! How did they learn this so quickly? Do not even think of stopping to look for a second they really put on a show.  I must say, this isn't the puppy I thought about but it is certainly very soothing when I am feeling a bit stressed. Of course I do keep my hands and some sort of needle together and this is what me myself and I with the crochet hook have done....
oh right, you expected a variegated lovely blue lavender...change of plans. I just did not think I would like the busy colors and the delicate pattern. So, this is the first one....
I added a couple of tatted dragonflies and voila....I love it. The pattern confused me in a couple of places (my mind is not as it once was!) so I adapted it to make sense to me. I also reinforced the wrist band so it will stretch out less. This will make a nice gift .....or two.  I just went out to water the garden and it is a bit hot out today...the news predicts out first triple digit on Sunday. I noticed a couple of tomatoes that are just about ready for a salad.  Plans for the rest of the day are just to relax...that is what I am saying. No needle in hand no creative juices just relaxing. As always it is so nice to spend time with you. Thank you for the kind words and for your wonderful friendship. Enjoy your day.
Counting the days.......

Monday, April 17, 2017

New tenants and project

I had a relaxing and quiet weekend. On Saturday the new tenants for the Aquarium moved in,,,

I forgot their names but we have 2 of each. So far they seem to approve of the swimming area and the hiding spots. I know the picture is not too clear, but it is the best I could do with glare and such. I added a backing to the tank which reflects a blue ocean and coral, looks better than the wall.  The soft sounds of the water bubbling are really nice. I did some tatting...
With this bauble I did use a balloon to round the shape. The "gems" are lovely bronze beads and bronze crystals. Not sure if I prefer the squashed version or this rounded look....what do you think.  I think these will look pretty on my tatted trees this Christmas.  While visiting blog for the Easter Blog Hop, I found one that had some lovely work and a pattern that was for a Victorian Thread Bag. It had been a freebie but when I went to search for it, it was not found. I emailed Sheryl from Sewing After Seven and she looked and found her copy and kindly emailed it to me.

Traditionally it would be crocheted using white or ecru thread, but I wanted a more modern look so I started mine with Aunt Lydia's Ocean size 10. I think it will be nice to use while tatting to keep the ball from going here and there and also clean. Seems strange to be crocheting! I do like to vary what I make.  Sometimes I am my own worse problem child. I want to do so many things and try so many things that I give me myself and I a headache!  Of course since my blood pressure is still a good number, we will do nothing to cause stress or a headache.
this sweet vase is so cheerful on our table. Bright yellow tulips and orange daisies....absolutely glowed for Easter. I must tell you...Mr H found that the Doves were back in the planter on Saturday but guess they decided that his stares through the kitchen window were enough to have them move on...we think! One week has passed and the countdown continues to the arrival of The Brother Alan----3 weeks to arrival! Not sure of the plans but I do know he will have some ideas. Hopefully Mr H will feel up to some outings. The important thing is that we spend time together whether out and about or here at Horton House. Soon I will vacate some of my sewing/craft belongings from the front bedroom (sewing room) and turn it into a proper room for the visitors. So happy that you had time to stop by. It has been nice chatting with you today; thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Have a wonderful day.