Friday, September 2, 2016

How about an update....

So, the new thread colors arrived and this is what I have...and I am pleased. I took the liberty to add a few clouds to the sky. All that is left is the outside border.  Probably will not make the total size as large as the design....not sure...a work in progress. I will be able to take a better picture when it is out of the hoop. The day is starting out very cloudy and cooler than it has been but it is still hot by the afternoon. Mr H and I took a ride to Scottsdale yesterday and the temps were around 106...needless to say we did not stay any longer than for why we were there. To buy a small gift for our niece Natalia. While we were strolling about

we found this fella. I believe it is a Flamme Skimmer...such a bright orange and very accommodating to let me take this picture. I plan to try to properly identify him. It is not often that I find dragonflies out here so when I do, I enjoy watching them and of course taking their picture. My plans for today are to relax and of course have a needle in hand. Maybe a few finishes will get done, who knows. Recently I participated in a swap. My package to Australia arrive in the country but not to the gal it was intended for! As a result, I do not think I will do any out of the USA swaps, sad, because I have never had one of my sent packages go missing. One coming to me did before. Now, do I send a replacement and hope she gets it, or what?! The time put into it, the handmade portion and bought gifts and the postage expense....what to do. Well, time to get some laundry in the washer and a bit of quiet housework (Mr H is still asleep) and of course I am sure I will find a needle in hand at some point....glad you could visit today. Thank you ever so much for your wonderful friendship and kind words. Have a wonderful day.