Saturday, October 30, 2010

A special note~~

A Happy Birthday wish to Missy Ann's hubby, over at Deep Missy....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sunny and crisp

I have so lost track of this week! It's not that I am so busy, or not well, I have kept busy.....laundry, grocery shopping, and another long distance  call with my sis Linda in RI. I do not know what we find to talk about...we usually chat a couple of times a week and for at least an hour! Anyway; here it is already Wednesday and a beautiful crisp sunny morning. Arizona has finally begun Autumn for real.
   Look at this wonderful basket. Hubby and I found it at a second hand store....after a spray with the hose to send the spider living in and around it elsewhere, and some cotton print fabric for a liner, it is ready to carry my needlework. Speaking of that, here is what I have stitched so far on the BBD Reward of Merit Pincushion....I really think this is going to be quite pretty. I have not decided on what to back it with yet. I also  need to look for some trim.
       I am glad you were able to stop by and chat...hope you stop back soon......time for a cuppa and some stitching.