Saturday, February 16, 2013

A special Valentine

First let me tell you a quick story. About 20 years ago, Mr H stopped wearing his wedding band.  Not because he did not like to, it simply did not fit anymore.  Even when we first married, he worked one job that he could not wear it and it was on and off all the time. I did not mind. We did look on occasion for a new one, but never could he decided on any. We did replace it once with a silver and turquoise band, but then  that too became a little tight.  This week we found one...remember when I said we visited a jeweler? For once it was not for me. They had to order it and it arrived on Valentine's Day!
After so long, it is strange to see Mr H wearing a ring.... a simple but elegant silver band..... but I do like that he once again is wearing a band. Call me sentimental....
On to the un-mushy stuff!  (a new word?)
I participate in the BBD Exchange group...and this is what Laura sent to me..
I love cardinals... we do not see them here in The Valley of Arizona. They live in the high country...up North. Back in Rhode Island we had them daily at our feeders...a delight to see and hear their chatter.  Now I have one of my own to live here.... right at my front door for all to see when they enter. She did a wonderful finish and I love the backing fabric.
Well, my friends, that is about it for today. Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to my new friends. It is always so nice to meet new bloggers. I will be stopping by to join you also. Until we chat again, have a great day and weekend.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Who is my Valentine?.

Happy Valentine's Day to all..... who sent this beautiful valentine to me?  I am waiting to hear so I can properly say thank you.  Thanks to Jo, we get to send and receive a special valentine today. Stop by her blog and see what we have been up to.
First of all, why am I up and posting at 2 AM?!...Yesterday I slept until 5:15 AM and had the day off, today I am awake so early with only 3 hours sleep and going to work at noon. Go figure. Maybe I can take a nap. I have not worked on stitching. Mr H and I went out for lunch yesterday and then shared a sundae.... and then just relaxed with a few movies. Actually we stopped at the library and found a couple of Charlie Chan movies..... love those oldies.  Earlier I tried to find some Sashiko luck. The quilt shop said they would try to order them for me, but if not, I know I can order on line. I always try to buy local first.  I would prefer having the correct needles to embroider with.  My mind tells me that if you have the proper tools, you will do better...well, I wish my mind was listening when I tried some more tatting yesterday.... practice will help for sure. While at the library I had them order a few Tatting books from the main library for me. I guess I will have to go on line to order any as I have not seen but the one I already have.  So much for buying locally.
Well my dear friends, I am pleased to visit with you but I must go and take that nap now.... I will make a hot cup of tea and hopefully nod off real soon. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One side finished...and Apple Pie

I have been working to complete one side of rose motifs....
 And they are looking pretty nice. I am not used to satin stitch with #8 Pearl Cotton...does not lie as flat as floss or specialty threads.   I even did a quick pressing! Three sides to go......and of course all the cut work.
We had a nice quiet weekend.  As you can see, some of my time was stitching. We visited a jeweler yesterday...but more on that later....we also visited Fry's Market but I bet you are not interested in what food we brought home. How about the apple pie I made...
it is almost gone! I must say it was...Yumm! I may not cook, but I love to bake.  Mr H made a nice pot of Manhattan clam chowder.... I will enjoy that tonight. Especially since it was a very chilly day yesterday and will be so today. We even had rain late yesterday and a crack of thunder.... yes, just about one load noise and then it all stopped and the sun came back out.  Crazy time of year for weather.

I am still waiting for Shelly to email me regarding the drawing... I mailed my BBD exchange out and my RAK to Gaynor aka stitcheranon was finally at it's destination in Ireland.  Off to work today...but first I must finish the laundry, and have a breakfast and .... well, it is a good thing that I work 12 to 5.

A quote from Abraham Lincoln on his birthday...
"Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be."  Today, I have made up my mind to be happy...hope you have a happy day too.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A beautiful day in the neighborhood....

Fred Rogers started his day with that... a nice way to start a Sunday.  The sun is bright and the birds are having breakfast at the feeder.  We had a few very busy days at Jo Ann's.... glad to be off for a few.  I met a young woman who was purchasing some of our Special Occasion fabric. I thought she may be making a christening gown.... no, it was a burial gown for a friend's newborn.  The baby had been buried earlier yesterday and the mother asked if she would duplicate the gown for a keepsake...Yes, this lady had already made the gown once.  What a thoughtful thing to do for a friend.  We had a nice chat while I cut the fabric and she showed me the picture of the first gown...beautiful does not cover my thoughts. In the midst of the hustle and bustle on Saturday, I found a few minutes of calm...I do not know this woman's name, but I do thank her as I did then for that moment.  Just wanted to share....
On th the winner of my Un-Birthday drawing...
it is Shelly... I have already emailed her and now wait for her info. I have asked her a few questions so that I can personalize her gift. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and for entering your name.  I am slowly stitching the rose motifs on my hardanger piece..... not a big fan of satin stitching with pearl cotton. For a short time I did pull out some lovely coordinating cottons to plan a sewing bag.... just can't make up my mind so that is put aside until later.  Back to working on the motifs for now.
Not sure what is in store for today...shh--- Mr H is still sleeping. He is not an early riser like me. Whatever your plans are, have fun. Thank you for sharing a few minutes with me.