Saturday, February 16, 2013

A special Valentine

First let me tell you a quick story. About 20 years ago, Mr H stopped wearing his wedding band.  Not because he did not like to, it simply did not fit anymore.  Even when we first married, he worked one job that he could not wear it and it was on and off all the time. I did not mind. We did look on occasion for a new one, but never could he decided on any. We did replace it once with a silver and turquoise band, but then  that too became a little tight.  This week we found one...remember when I said we visited a jeweler? For once it was not for me. They had to order it and it arrived on Valentine's Day!
After so long, it is strange to see Mr H wearing a ring.... a simple but elegant silver band..... but I do like that he once again is wearing a band. Call me sentimental....
On to the un-mushy stuff!  (a new word?)
I participate in the BBD Exchange group...and this is what Laura sent to me..
I love cardinals... we do not see them here in The Valley of Arizona. They live in the high country...up North. Back in Rhode Island we had them daily at our feeders...a delight to see and hear their chatter.  Now I have one of my own to live here.... right at my front door for all to see when they enter. She did a wonderful finish and I love the backing fabric.
Well, my friends, that is about it for today. Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to my new friends. It is always so nice to meet new bloggers. I will be stopping by to join you also. Until we chat again, have a great day and weekend.


Meggie said...

Hello Gracie

So very romantic hubby's wedding band being ready on Valentines Day!
Your exchange piece is lovely!

Vickie said...

Oh, hooray! I am so glad for you two. Sweet that he is wearing a band again.♥
What a great cardinal for your door.

blue star stitcher said...

My brother lived up in Show-Low for a while, and he always had cardinals and blue jays in his yard. It's unfortunate we don't see them here in the valley. And what a romantic Valentines Day gift.

cucki said...

So sweet :)
Your exchange piece is so lovely x

Woman Seeking Center said...

Hi Gracie,

Such a tender val-n-tine day story - love it!

Ah cardinals and bluejays - There are plenty of both here. Fun to watch and both types are quite full of themselves, not a shy one among either bunch! lol See them fairly often in flight and calling and preening. But they are really around most when the berries on the native bushes are available.

Won't be long till all the birds are home singing for a mate and nesting. Can't wait for them to return in force and for Spring!


Anne said...

Awwww! What a lovely Valentine story :D So glad he is wearing his band again. My husband takes his off lots because it bugs him!! Lovely exchange pieces too!

Simple Pleasure said...

I loved reading about Mr. H's new wedding band...and for Valentine's Day...I'm such an incurable romantic.
Here's a thought for the original band...I had the jeweler "bend" my grandmother's wedding band into a heart; a pin was attached to the back so it can be used as a brooch(they also could have attached a bale for use as a pendant)
Busy Hands...Happy Heart

bettsylyn (Lynda) said...

That is so nice Gracie. My husband has a ring but because he plays guitar a lot he doesn't like to wear it. Still he does sometimes when we go out for a special occasion.
I love the look of cardinals - but for me they are just something we see on Christmas cards. Maybe one day I will get to see a real one.

Brigitte said...

Cardinals, my favourite birds. But can you imagine that I have never seen one in real life? They don't exist over here. That's why I decided to stitch a couple of them this year.

SoCal Debbie said...

What a nice gift exchange from Laura! Birds are so fun to stitch.

Jenny Watson said...

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Julie said...

Being romantic is wonderful, i think its very special he is wearing a ring again. Love seems to get deeper as husband and wife walk lifes path togehter dont you think?

Nicola said...

A lovely Valentine's story Gracie, so nicde to still be "in" love.

Angela P said...

A lovely Valentine's story Gracie :) How romantic!

Great exchange it's fun to meet new friends from all over the world just by sharing a common passion for our hobby's :)

John Rose said...

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tom Ail said...

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