Saturday, October 31, 2015


Another month   gone's Halloween.....Once again I have participated in Jo's Halloween Blog Hop.  
 my picture is a piece I made last year and my letter for this  is ~~~~~H~~~~~ to find the next letter please visit Cheryl at . Hope you all have treats and no tricks for the day. Thank you Jo for hosting another fun event.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Clouds make way for sun

Earlier this morning I attempted to post luck. So I gave up and then had computer slow issues. Call to the Geek Squad...for the very first time I had an "agent" who did not seem to know what she was doing...I gave up and restarted the computer for the 5th time.... let's see if this is working now...I tried to show you my sock and could not so here is is so far....
I wish I had finished this one when I did the first. My sock knitting is so ... well I have to keep reminding myself of this or that and I just wan t it to turn out correctly. I am sure I am making it more difficult than it should be but it has been a long time since I did socks on 2 circular needles. The thing is, I hardly wear socks anymore with our mild temps. You can be sure I will wear these after all this.
The sun is bright and the breeze is more windy than not. We are suppose to have rain today into tomorrow. I am hoping for some cooler weather so I can sit outside and knit or stitch. I am taking it slowly because between the minimal yard work I did the other day and this knitting stress, my hand has been a little swollen. This is the first year that Mr H id not put pumpkins out front..... neither of us seems in the Halloween spirit. We did put some nice lighting in the back yard and it looks so pretty at night. Yesterday was my EGA meeting and it was the first time in a few months that I was able to go and now it will be January before I can meet up with them again. That is called life happens. I am hoping that Mr H will be feeling okay by the end of January so that I can attend. The plan is for a Stumpwork class and even though I have done some, I look forward to the class. Well, my dear friends, that about covers my busy morning...time for more knitting. Thank you for the kind words and have a great day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What a sunset

I have mentioned before my fascination with the sky and the clouds and just about everything sky. Saturday evening....
this is what I saw when I looked to the West toward The White Tank Mountain range...believe me when I say it took my breath away. This is totally as it was photo! Last night's full moon was beautiful as were Venus and Jupiter....Today it is another lovely Arizona morning with comfortable temps and bright sunshine. I managed to get a little yard work done so Mr H who should not be doing it right now would not be tempted to do it later. Our growing season is year round and some plants do just that...keep growing. The lovely Snail Vine is looking a bit tired. I did get it to look more presentable. When I went to Cavecreek last week for the pumkin festival I bought myself another Southwet ornament to add to my collection
The artist is Bette Fraser Day. She lives here in Arizona, in Tucson. It is a hand-painted and embellished one of a kind glass art, with Silver and Turquoise pieces. Until the tree is up for Christmas, it will hang with my other pieces of Southwest art. I was lucky to win a drawing from Barbara and it arrived...
it is so nice. I love these scissors. Never have too many scissors. If you do not know her blog To Stitch or Not To Stitch do pop over and meet her. My sock is progressing, started the heel flap and then on to the the heel turning. Since I did start these ages ago and did not expect to put it aside...there are no notes. You know what I mean...on any project we tend to write ourselves reminders or measurements....well, I did not so I am using the finished sock and I hope it  turns out okay. So far so good. With that, I will say thank you for the kind words you send me and most of all for your friendship.....I have learned a good friend does not have to be someone in our daily physical lives. It is that special person who can be miles away. Have a wonderful day.