Saturday, October 26, 2013

You say TGIF I say...

TGIS....Thank Goodness It's Saturday! To say that I am happy this is the end of my work week, I kid you not! We have been super busy and not everyone shopping has been a happy camper. Great sales and coupons brought many to Jo Ann's this week. Must say that we also had lots of youngsters in during the day... not so usual. There was the little 4/5year old boiy who was prepared to kick me...but that is another story. Today I will tell you about my kit that arrived in yesterdays mail.
This is the Teneriffe Lace starter Kit from Gina B Silkworks in the UK. The cost was $14.99 but ended up costing me $30.48....I am glad to have it, but at the same time a little disappointed. Looking at the picture, you will see instructions and the pins to use with the "Reusable Polyester Template" that is  pinned to the sponge foundation with sequin size pins. I tried the motif #1.....admittedly, it is not perfect, but I was unsure of some of the directions when it came to the finish part. The patterns included are for 4 motifs, each a little bigger than the other. I now know that I can use the flower template that I have to get a motif like this one. I really want to make some that I have seen on the various web pages.... very pretty and petal like motifs. I may be able to duplicate the woven patterns. Oh I guess I just expected more. I will try the next motif....just not today. Did I mention that this past Wednesday I stitched with Sweet Jeanne? I will soon post a picture of her completed "first work". She is busy making an ornament for our group exchange....and she will be offering her sampler pattern to one of you! You would love her... she is a delightful lady and I am happy to share a morning each week with her. This Sunday our  Tatting ladies meet. I am still tatting my icicle...think I found the beads for it.... and got out my supplies for spider making....
Mr H is doing a nice job with the cabinet re-do. It is not the sanding/painting that is the time hog, it is the poly coating. It will be nice when it is finished and new hardware is put on. My room re-do is going to be after this...not that I am rushing him or anything...but I have mentioned it a few times. He is so patient with me. Did I mention to you that I tell him often that he is lucky to have me in his life? It usually is said this way..."this has been the best 43 years of your life". He usually gives me "the look"! Actually it is me who is so very lucky to have him!
Thank you for coming by today.....thank you for the kind words and emails...hope you have a great day.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Stitching, paint chips and spiders

I did find the info for the Twinkling Angel ornament...Just Cross Stitch Christmas issue from 2003. I know, 10 year old magazine? Yes...the designs are always lovely and I just love them all. Every year their issue is so full of great patterns and designers.
Mr H is busy this week updating our kitchen cabinet doors. So, I decided that I would like him to re-do the sewing/guest bedroom wall color. Paint swatches are tacked to the to make a decision.
Trying to see them in all the lights...daytime, night and in between. We have already eliminated, it is down to ......
It will be 2 shades with a darker one for 1 wall and the remaining 3 in the lighter . I am leaning toward the plums or the taupe... I think. Mr H is so patient with me. Of course I dread taking down all the framed work, the shelves and this and that...... so is he.
Then there is my stitching. Yes, I stitch most everyday. Sometimes a little of tatting and cross stitch. I never run out of projects at the ready. Here is the beginning of the tatted icicle...
this is the base that will then have beads ..... doesn't look like much. With all the beads I have, of course I do not have any for this, so I will make a trip to the bead store after work on Saturday. It is not far from Jo Ann's which is very convenient. My goal is to have this done this weekend.
 Then there is my feather...
I am not fond of stitching with 3 strands of thread...but I do see that in this case it is necessary. See the dark brown area? there are 4 shades mixed in there! I know how I want it to finish, and I am hoping that it does....I love Southwest designs. This could be finished next week, or not...
Remember my spiders last year? Well, I do keep one specially for the Christmas tree, and then there are the ones that are with me all year....
There are now with the Faeries and pumpkins on the mantle crawling on the leaf dish. It was my pleasure last year to send some spiders and their story out for Christmas.... and I sent Reindeer food to blogger children too.  Interested? let me know.
That about covers me today.... the wash is ready for the dryer, I need breakfast and the newspaper...... work today..... I will be training a new gal for the cut counter..... and it looks to be another very busy day. Great sales/coupons this week. Have you visited your Jo Ann's this week? Glad to have you visit with me as always. Thank you for your kind words.  I appreciate the time you take to let me know so very much. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Giving proper credit

I always say please and thank yesterday's post I showed you my latest finishes. Still can not lay my hands on the magazine for the sweet angel, but I finally got the link to work for the Christmas Cactus....HERE. I follow her blog and admire her work. Sometimes the  my computer and my network have a keypad of their own! I always say thank you for the talent and the kindness of my blog friends....Thank you Gloria for sharing your talent.
The only sound I hear at this early morning moment is the ticking of the clock. It keeps track of what I  can not...time. I often think of the lines from the Eagles song ..... time keeps on slippin' slippin' into the future......I am too hungry to do all things on my want to do list. I keep lists, do you? Without them I get lost....what am I saying, even with them I get lost. I have written notes to me myself and I that I can not decipher! Well, you can see how my morning is going so I best get going. I think a cuppa should  get me on the straight of something. I hope you come back when I am a bit more... I was going to say stable, but that would be too silly. Anyway, it is always a pleasure to visit with you here or at your place. Have a good day. Maybe I can find that magazine.......maybe I will just go and tat.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I was going to skip today....but

Let me just say...I am soooo tired! did not sleep well. No, there is no reason why, just on/off and then up at 1 AM.... and it is a work day! I don't mind when this happens and I am off..... just will have to make do.
I am tatting the icicle pattern but do not have anything to show yet, so...I thought I would share the recent ornament finishes. It is okay because I am not telling where they are going!
First is
The Christmas cactus....Cactus di Natale a freebie that I can not give you the link for because it comes up with an error! How did I get it...well anyway I added beads of course to the lights and under each seed bead is a tiny sequin..... I must try to find more of them! The fabric in the background is what I backed it with...and edged with Ric-Rac. A green pearlized poin hold the loop in place.
This is from Just Cross Stitch 2007, a Brittercup Design. It sits on the backing fabric. I love this particular edging trim. I changed the color of the beads for the flower center. I used DMC thread as I did for the cactus. The linens are from the linen box...all are 28 ct.
And the last one.. Three pearl pins hold this loop in place.
This is Periwinkle Promises  Twinkling Angel from the " I have no clue". What I mean to say, is that I can not remember the magazine/year so when I locate it I will let you know! It is the same backing as I used above. I did use beads again...surprise! instead of X's. The trim on this one is also a favorite. Once again, I used a pearl pin to hold the loop in place.
I have not decided on my next ornament..... but if this tatted icicle finishes nicely, I may have to make a few of them to send away. I did make a tatted Christmas tree also.
I think I will finish my coffee and read the newspaper....glad you stopped by today....I always enjoy our conversations. You are all treasured friends. Hope your day is wonderful.

Monday, October 21, 2013

A chill in the air

I love the early mornings crisp air. The moon looked so huge this morning when I went out to get the paper.  I have been tatting this morning. The Debra was here yesterday and she gave me a new pattern...for a tatted beaded icicle ... you know how I love my beads.
We put the pumpkins out...all arranged and ...
even a few on the mantle with the Faeries.  Mr H had to move the bird seed sack and it took a few hours for the birds to return. I think the hanging pumpkin scared them! And it was daylight! Right now I have a hummingbird outside the kitchen chatting away .... love the sounds of all the birds chatter.
I guess I should tell you that the cake I baked yesterday is good...a little sweet for me though. As much as I love my chocolates and pastries, I do not really enjoy a sweet cake. Sent a nice sized piece home with The Debra yesterday. I am thinking a relaxing day today...that is after a stop at Fry's Market and CVS. I also want to go to World Market. So much for relaxing.
 Remember the little girl in the OZ picture post the other day...well, she called to tell me she is expecting a baby in May. So, of course I have already picked out an adorable pattern to crochet a blanket for The Baby...we do not know boy or girl yet. I do not usually do much crocheting, but this is so cute. So happy you stopped by to visit and chat. Thank you for the kind words. Hope your day is great.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nothing like the smell of warm cake

Mr H and I took advantage of my having a Saturday off and that he was feeling we went. First a ride to find a park where an event will be taking place in a few weeks. It took us to the area where the Wigwam Resort is and so of course we had to take a look around. Lovely....Then we headed back to Glendale to see the Hot Rod Show at Westgate Center...forget it. There were no parking spaces anywhere! Well, not true. We could have parked and walked quite a distance. So, off we headed for the Front Porch Festival at Caitlin Courts in Glendale. After going in and out of the of my favorites has left the area! Last year I was able to get a few Christmas gifts there....a shop owner told me she thinks he is in Mesa but I can not remember the shop name. Then it was time for a lunch break. I love the omelets at IHOP....finally back home where both of us needed to rest. Be right back...
The kitchen timer was beeping....fresh from the oven/ pan...a Vanilla cake. It was time to take it out of the bundt pan...if you could just smell the air around here! Yum! I just want to cut a piece right now.... but I will wait and let it cool a little longer.
Today is Patriots Football and it is a televised game so Mr H will be not moving away from the TV. Except for half time ---we must get our pumpkin patch set up. Okay with me. I plan to put the final finishing on a couple of ornaments and continue with the feather for the Dream Catcher. I am not fond of stitching with 3 strands of DMC; just wanted to let you know.  Thank you all for the lovely comments on my exchange and table topper. You certainly keep my spirits high. Well, guess that is it for now. Hope you all have a wonderful day. Oh, just to let you know. I am going to cut a piece of that cake....just can not wait!