Saturday, January 12, 2013

Yeah, the weekend is here

I have today off.... I don't mind working Saturdays, but today I am happy to be off work. Spent some time yesterday helping my MOD get an area ready for the sale starting Sunday. Lots of re-wraps and re-organizing bolts of fabric. I feel it this morning in both arms and wrists!
Remember my trip to The Attic...
 Love the threads.... to be used in an upcoming With Thy Needle and Thread project. And I just had to have the BBD --- For My Friend. Take a peek at a few of the projects in the book... a couple of cookie recipes too! Then Queen of quite a lot caught my eye by Scarlett House. It will be a nice pillow to add to my daybed.
Now, I do not have a studio, or a "sewing room" but what I do have is our guest bedroom that is always empty until someone comes to visit. So it has become my retreat/sewing room.
A comfy daybed for reading or watching TV. My sewing table folds compactly when not in use . Some of my needlework displayed on the walls, a small but full bookcase for books and shelves to display dolls and this and that. A nice large window that looks out to the front porch area (will have to show that another time...) and the closet with shelves with everything labelled. It is a pleasant place to stitch sew or just read. Mr H gladly hangs and adds shelves as needed. So, although it is not a studio or designated craft room, it is my retreat.
We are having a cold spell here in sunny Arizona. An expected freeze warning for the rest of the weekend has prompted Mr H and I to cover plants, bring others into the lanai or kitchen for warmth. We are hoping we do not loose a pretty and healthy Ficus tree just outside our back yard wall. Last night we put 2 yard spot lights into the branches and covered it the best we could from the bottom as it is a little to high for us to cover from the top. It will be a wait and see game. The day temps are in the high 50 low 60 range still. Well, I think it is time for another cup of coffee and maybe a little stitching...maybe I should take another look through For My Friend..... do you do that, just look again and again at a pretty book? Planning what to stitch first... or in this case which cookie recipe to try? It is just too darn early for all these decisions! First the brewing of my coffee then I can think better. I hope you all have a great day....

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What am I doing here at 5:15 AM!

I have been out of bed since 3:30, had first cup of coffee, and here I am posting! I am actually looking for  "things"... my list I made for the trip to The Attic today is one. Dear Ziz and I will go this morning and beat the commute traffic going and coming back. I am still trying to finish up my RAK gift... so pokey with it. I have a doll still sitting in the sewing room, with no face and only bloomers on! and the list of "things" goes on and on. We all have them... don't we? I hope I am not alone in this! My want to do and must do lists are more than I can keep up with at times.
Mr H must have been doing things yesterday while I was at work... Jo Ann's was very busy.... because I had to "fix" the wrap on his hand. I may need a babysitter for him while I work on Thursday and Friday! The stitches will be out on the 15th. I hope, I am sure the doctor will give him the okay to drive. I detest being the chauffeur! Mr H tells me I am too cautious with the new car. He would rather be the driver and I would like it better that way myself.
We are expecting a cold front and overnight freeze this weekend... just when my tomato plant is looking wonderful. My herb planter too! We have a Ficus tree that is only a few years old and Mr H is thinking of trying to cover it! This treee is quite tall already and full. Well, you know that it means I will have to climb a ladder and I am not fond of climbing anything more than a step stool of two steps! This my friends is going to be very interesting! So, if I fall off the ladder later today, and can not come to the computer tomorrow, send help!
Welcome new friend to my blog and to all of you.... have a great day.

Monday, January 7, 2013

It has been a good weekend...

Mr H has been super. You would not know he had hand surgery..... well the large bandage is a give away I suppose. He has been outside tending to the garden, the pond and even doing some cooking. We are not going to starve after all. We have been cooking together. He has no real pain which is nice for him. After all he went through the last time this is a piece of cake.
I am still stitching my BBD, no peeking, I am still figuring my RAK... so no peeking and Angel and I have  a private exchange for this summer which I have begun... I know plenty of time, but I just wanted to get going so I can do a few more RAKs. Plans are for Dear Ziz and I to go to The Attic on Wednesday.... back to work for me tomorrow after this mini vacation. I have missed my co-workers.... well most of them! I need the rest. After taking down the Christmas tress and stuff, we rearranged a part of the living room, our bedroom and the second bedroom known as "my room". Nice to have a bit of change. I am still in love with our new car... still look twice in the garage though.... big difference from the PT Cruiser. Well, my coffee and stitching are waiting. I do hope you all have a great day.