Saturday, July 28, 2012

Welcome to my Tea time....

Oh I am so happy to have you join me for tea today....
For me, having a cup of tea anytime of the day is relaxing. I love the first sip the best. Whether by the pot or just a cup at a time, it can be a celebration. So I invite you to celebrate our friendship, not just today, but for  time to come. I offer you White Pomegranate tea, Dragon Oolong tea, Blueberry Pomegranate tea or English Breakfast tea. Please help yourself to a Milano cookie and a piece of See's chocolate. Although I did not bake today, here is a quick and delicious recipe.
Fresh Apple Cake
2 eggs                                   2 tsp baking powder
3/4 cup sugar                        1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup oil                             1 cup flour
2 to 3 apples, peeled and sliced....not too thin
Beat eggs well then add the sugar beating again. Add oil then flour and baking powder. Mix the cinnamon with the apples slices and fold into the mixture. It will be thick. Pour into an 8 inch greased and floured pan...bake at 350 for about 40 minutes. I have also made this with peaches and pears. Enjoy. It was a pleasure having you visit come back real soon. I am off now to sample some tea ... maybe with you!
Note: This grand tour party is being hosted by Parsley at Seasons of my Mind. Be sure to stop by here and find out who else is having tea!~ 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Shades of Lavender

Well, I did not stitch very much yesterday... a few on Yellow Bird. But I did make another bracelet...
in shades of Lavender. I think "Shine" from The Journey's of Grace angel collection likes it too. I really like making these and already have gift recipients in mind. Just to find favorite colors now.
I really did have a lazy day yesterday with a dull headache. As I mentioned in previous post, after the injections I do have a headache. This one was not too bad but I sure had no ambition.
Today is a work day but I think I will add a few more stitches  to Yellow Bird.
In 12 days I will be flying to Rhode Island. I have organized a Cousin's Reunion and am so looking forward to seeing these dear people. For our Family, we are the "older generation". There are 9 of us. Just an old fashion cook-out. New memories to share. I have been fortunate to have wonderful childhood memories. I will not have access for posting or internet for that matter.
There is a Tea Party this weekend. Check out Parsley at Seasons of my Mind for details....I will hold mine on Saturday or do stop in for a cuppa.
I always enjoy your visits...hope you have a great day.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

There are needles---and then there are needles

Now, I prefer to use size 28 when stitching. The needles yesterday were in the hands of Dr. Paul P, pain management. Yes, my right side has been in pain. Part of the problem is the position that I stand when cutting fabric at Jo Ann's. I try to change it, but old habits are hard to break. 12 injections...some of them quite painful. I came home and just rested. No stitching with size 28's for me. But I had added another 100 on Iris...
I thought I would also post the picture of what it should look like... just as a reminder as we know this is going to be a long project. I really don't mind that it is. This may sound weird, but I do enjoy working on it. I am getting behind my schedule to stitch Yellow Bird. Today will be devoted to that...well, I did plan another bracelet. I love Swarovski crystals! They have their headquarters in Rhode Island. Today's will be shades of lavender.
How about an update on Ms Zoe? Well, it appears she is nibbling on her injured toe. So today she is wearing her Puma sock. Well, I am trying to keep it on her.
I told the vet she might touch it... he did not think she could reach it... due to her chubbiness. Right. It looked so good.She is s very stubborn pug and I know this sock will be on/off all day.
Speaking of the day....I hope you have a fun day. Welcome to new friends.... thank you to all of you for always making my day with your kind words and emails. I will try to make up visits for missing yesterday.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Iris and beads...

Finally some color more than blues....
This is 200 stitches more and 37 colors of 90. I like that I finally see more than blue. My goal is to try...note the word try... to stitch 100 at least every other day. Mr H hopes that eventually this will be finished!

I plan to work on Yellow Bird today and Monday. The next stop for this pattern is Mouse. Our monthly stitch group is Monday and Yellow Bird will be perfect to work on there. I made a couple of bracelets. Would you like ...of course you would!
It may be hard to see, but the one to the left is a pale pink and green....the were super simple and quick to make. Then I finished another cigar box... you know how I love these boxes....

I left the outside and part of the inside as it is. I love the fabric that I used....and I left the inside flap so I used it for a pincushion. I love using them for my projects.  I just need to find the right closure for it. I still have at least 4 boxes in the closet waiting for their make-over. I have chosen the fabric, now to think of how I want to complete them.  Mr H asks whenever we are in the vicinity of the shop if I want to get more boxes.... such an enabler! Like I do not have enough started or to do!
Ms. Zoe is still on the mend. Believe it or not, her foot looks almost completely healed. Tomorrow will be her last dose of medication. Have I told you how I get her to take any pills? Why in a piece of Prosciutto di Parma of course. I guess I spoil her as much as Mr H does.
Late yesterday we had another Ha-boob...dust storm across the Valley. The dust is so fine it gets everywhere. The winds were so strong that it broke my lovely glass bird bath top. By nightfall we had lightening and thunder... but no real rain. At one point the storm was just overhead and very loud. Mr Zoe? .. she slept right through it.
Well my friends, I would love a cup of tea and some stitching. Thank you for visiting with me. Have a wonderful day.