Saturday, May 7, 2011

A lovely lady

Last evening, Mr H and I went to a birthday party......
a special one. The lady, Jeanne celebrated her 85th. She is a neighbor and relatively new friend that I hope to have for many years to come. Jeanne is a quilter and just started to find blogs. Who knows, one day you will meet her. I forgot to ask her if I could post a picture...but I will.
Work today...hopefully it is a better day than yesterday......I hear are thinking "she only works a few days", but sometimes even one day can seem like a week.
I stitched on Grace...she now has hands. Grab your cup of ? and meet me at my other place and take a look. I hope your day is fun, relaxing and wonderful....if you do not get to stop by tomorrow, have a beautiful Mother's Day.

Friday, May 6, 2011

A work day today....

Back to work today after 2 weeks. Of course, I have a small headache, but I am sure it will go away soon. Had a nice relaxing day yesterday....most of my days really are. The coyote was back in our courtyard early last night. Decided to stop by to roll around the grass. Not 10 minutes before, my neighbor who refuses to listen, had his 2 small white fluffy dogs out in the courtyard...loose...I hate to think what is going to happen one of these days.
I have decided to think of my change in challenge projects as a rotation....and hope to have it ready to rip and stitch again soon. In the mean time, I did pick up Grace to work on. I just need to get a Krenik braid which I thought I had and a #12 Pearl cotton I misplaced. Join me at my other place and take a look...
Thanks for all the encouraging words re: my thread woes....glad you took the time to visit and comment. Enjoy the day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not indeed

It would be so easy to over look that the threads do not match.....oh, I thought they did. They looked like they did, but I can see the difference and it bothers me. What? You are not sure what I am moaning about? It is my challenge piece. What am I going to do? Oh you know the answer! First I am putting it down for the day. Second I am going to pick up one of the other pieces to work on. Then in between I will pull out the threads and start that section over again. Can't help myself, that is they way I am. So there is no update on that today. Now I am off to the craft closet to choose which of the remaining 4 projects to pick up. Decisions decisions always decisions!
Now aren't you glad you stopped by today???? I know I am....Mr H doesn't listen to these complaints!Have a nice day....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just never know what the day will bring

Very early this morning, Mr H's aunt Peggy passed away. She has been ill so as the saying goes, this is for the best. She is back in Rhode Island leaving a son and daughter. For me, this is the 3rd person since April 28th...they do come in three's.
Yesterday I found out that the IRS did not "find" my tax, copies made and re-sent.
On the good news front.....I did not start the day with a nosebleed. I found a nice black wrought iron 2 tier display tray yesterday. It now holds some of my pumpkin pin cushions....
I have a few that are waiting to be stuffed and decorated and they will be added. I also did some stitching on my challenge piece. Won't you join me over at my other place and see? It was so very nice to have you visit with me. Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TUSAL and ,,,,,

First, where did the hours in this day go????
my TUSAL for May...
a bit of glare...but here it is.
I have been busy today, but not sure with what?! Now to the doctor in the afternoon. I have been having lots of nosebleeds. My blood pressure is high....I do take 2 meds...what next? I did finish a book I was reading.
I finished the front of the small project I have been stitching...

I really like this. Next is to stitch the back side. I did work on my challenge piece and will post that tomorrow. 
My dear friend Ziz did join me for a Wild Hibiscus cocktail yesterday and we relaxed out on the front swing.
It is  nice to have you visit....I hope you have a wonderful day.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A lovely breeze and sunshine

Another beautiful Sunday morning in Arizona....
......This Tropicana Canna just opened...what a lovely color.
My brother Alan is back home in Rhode Island. He will return next Spring for his visit. Yesterday was spent putting the guest room back to my sewing room.I only had to move a few things out and they are now back in place and so am I. One of these days I will post just what this room looks like. Later today I hope to be joined by my dear friend Ziz for a hibiscus drink...she wants to try one...maybe we will have two !. They are smooth and the flower...did I mention that it is edible? is good. A fun drink. Well....did some laundry and of course some stitching....even while Alan was visiting and we sat outside, I managed to work on my La D join me at my other place and see how much I did.
As always I am so glad to have you visit....enjoy your day.